Suolin is going to ask another question.

"Then change the topic," said the fluffy ball. "Brain spirits … do you know their parasitic range in detail?"
Of course, the mood of the "fluff" creators has returned to its normal state, that is, they are slightly proud. "They try to parasitize the target, including me. They want to talk to me directly, which directly affects my spirit and drives me crazy, but it is too late for them to notice the difference between my fools."
"So … you killed them?"
"There is nothing simpler than killing a wandering light mass. Fluffy hairs are as fragile as meat pieces in captivity." The creator said, "I should have told you this. Fluffy brains are suitable for parasitizing those fools."
The pompoms said, "Is there any way you can get them out of the fool’s head?"
The creator said, "fluff, you know those fools worship the inexplicable sounds in their heads, and their temperament will not change even if the sounds disappear."
"That’s not true," said the fluffy ball. "It’s only necessary to have a way to get it out, so you can do a lot of things."
Chapter two hundred and ten Floating out of the tight encirclement
Floating … Floating … How long will it take?
An imam creature with an alloy spider is floating slowly in the water.
No, the former imam once succeeded in getting a brain monster to tell it something informative.
Its main method is to pierce a crystal into the brain of the brain-creating monster and send a strong signal to the brain-creating monster itself.
That kind of crystal can hide a certain brain wave signal, which will be sent to the stabbed creature if it penetrates into the skin.
Usually, the brainiac can make his own brain waves resist the brain waves of the dean, which makes it difficult for the dean to influence it. However, if this crystallization is made, the brainiac must resist the crystallized brain waves and try to’ distract’ against the brain waves of the dean and enter a state of leisure.
So this method succeeded in forcing the brain-maker to tell how to get off the ground, so the brain-maker went out of this place …
One river after another
The water in this river is not very urgent. According to the brain monster, they all come from this river to the depths of the earth
It is possible that the brain monster is a aquatic biology institute. The imam speculated a little about the possibility of cheating and then it jumped into the water.
And drift deep along the current.
That’s right. The brainiac said that he could only go out with the current instead of going against it, but the teacher felt that it was more’ convenient’. He needed to jump into the water and let the water take his alloy spider with him.
But …
Drifting has been going on for a long time, imam. Looking on both sides of the water, you can see the dark cave wall. Can it reach the outside here or is this a trick of the brain monster?
If it’s a scam, the brainwave is surprisingly powerful
The imam thinks that the brainiac can’t have such a powerful brain wave. It can’t crystallize and attack itself. He also thinks that if he deceives the imam, he should believe that he can get out here …
"Wow-"When thinking like this, the imam heard a burst of water and water flowing faster and faster …
"There’s a waterfall ahead …" The imam already knows what will happen ahead, which makes the spider’s legs gather together and prepare for it …
"Hua …" The sound of water is getting louder and louder. The imam can feel that it is a huge waterfall …
With the current, the imam felt that he had flown into the middle of the river and then fell down. Through the eyes of the alloy spider, the imam could see a huge waterfall surging in front of it …
But what attracted the imam’s attention was the waterfall, which leads to a lake.
And this lake … stands a large number of cone-shaped stone pillars, all of which fall in the direction of the imam. If a normal creature falls like this, it will definitely be pierced by these things.
However, the imam admitted that he was not an ordinary bio-alloy spider, so he kept this posture motionless and soon fell into the water of two cones with the "dong"
"It seems successful." After falling into the water, the alloy spider climbed out of the water along the cone stone, looked at the waterfall behind him and looked at the lake environment.
There are a lot of fungi growing by the lake here, and some kinds of them are brain-creating food.
Brain monsters have not finished eating their brains recently. They also eat something else to supplement them, and the most important thing for these fungi is that some of them must grow sunlight.
Although part of it is in a cave, it is connected by hyphae and the other side is sunlight.
Usually, the distance between these two parts is tens of meters. Here, it should be possible to go outside. It seems that the brainmaker is not cheating.
The brainiac may have come from a waterfall in some safe place, but where is the exit from here?