They hold a ceremony called "Prayer Ceremony" every two days and nights, which is different from the one Lin saw before. This ceremony is relatively simple, mainly because they get together and read some strange words …

Lin found that the language they read can be called’ ancient white skeleton dragon language’, that is, they made the language’ ancient white skeleton dragon language’ quite different after many generations of changes, but you can still hear some meanings in it after careful listening.
When the spy first came here, he saw them holding the ceremony, which was called the "revival ceremony" for the revival creator. It was said that it could be held at a special time, but it was said that it would take dozens of days and nights to do it again after being interrupted by "out of sync"
Obviously, these white skeleton dragons also worship the creator, but they worship in some different ways. For example, they make wood. Besides the wooden stick with strange marks on it, the prophet also makes other wooden objects.
These white skeleton dragons, especially the prophets, should they worship anything other than the creator? They think they are the white skeleton dragons favored by the creator.
"Those stupid things who live in the city have long been abandoned by the creators. Only a few of us who have been inspired can really hear the voice of the creators!" The prophet said these words many times.
Lin found that the way they hear’ sounds’ is mainly by splitting brain waves. The split brains don’t release brain waves but occasionally release them, and the prophet can perceive some kind of information every time they release them.
There are common split brains with crystalline shells, and their brain waves will affect the white skeleton dragon, but the brain waves released by these split brains seem to be felt by the prophet. It seems that these split brains communicate with the prophet in this way.
And some white skeleton dragons seem to feel it here, but it’s not as clear as the prophet, but that’s why the white skeleton dragons gather here
As for these brain forests, several of them have been broken down for investigation. They are not much different from the common ones before, but their tentacles and muscles are more developed and their bodies are slightly larger, which means they are more energetic, and they can move and eat on their own.
In order to feed these brains, it is more troublesome, just as Lin thought before. The prophet is to’ feed’ them as white skeleton dragons.
At some point, some split brains will crystallize, and it will form a layer of crystalline shell around itself. At this time, it will enter another state and release brain waves.
The influence of this brain wave is not large, and the radius is about 30 meters. At this time, a white skeleton dragon will take it out to some quarries to dig the white skeleton dragon, which may be attracted by brain waves and then brought into this abandoned mine.
The white skeleton dragons brought in will be tested first to see if they are qualified to be inspired by the creator. Lin has seen them bring in a batch of white skeleton dragons, but all of them are considered’ unqualified’, so they are all killed and fed to the split brain …
The way to judge whether they are’ qualified’ is to see whether these white skeleton dragons in the mine have any special reaction after being subjected to brain waves. It seems that they will not be affected, while ordinary white skeleton dragons will enter a state similar to’ drunk’.
White skeleton dragons occasionally eat some plant juice to make drinks, and they will also fall into this state. However, influenced by the split brain, when they enter this state, they will involuntarily enter the mine, and then they will be arrested by the prophet and the white skeleton dragon inside …
They think that these impressionable white skeleton dragons are not strong enough to be inspired by their creators.
It’s the same with the white skeleton dragon who gets lost occasionally at ordinary times. It’s called "returning to the mine by law" here.
However, if the prophet often brings the white skeleton dragon in, it is easy to be noticed. It seems that the split brain knows this, so these split brains don’t always need food. In fact, they often go into a deep sleep to reduce consumption. They can stay in a deep sleep for a long time without eating.
The prophet also has the ability to feel some white skeleton dragons who are entitled to be inspired by the creator by communicating with the split brain. They can even use the split brain to determine the target position.
At the beginning, some white skeleton dragons arrived in the mainland with split brains and found black pepper bitten by brain-building monsters. These white skeleton dragons are obviously here.
But how do they reach the mainland? Should not be with crystal crazy them …
Lin thought about these white skeleton dragons, and felt that they were controlled by the split brain of the Yates, which controlled the prophet and helped them worship the creator to do all kinds of things by themselves.
Sending some information to their brains and making them believe this information … This kind of thing is quite simple.
Divided brains come together in large numbers, and they may have reached some kind of connection. Lin believes that the Yates can’t be the’ creator’. The creator should be a more primitive … powerful creature.
The revival ceremony of the former creator is also suspicious. They should be "reviving" something, but they should not be the real creators. And where did these split brains come from?
Lynn decided to let the spy make a structure that can accept the split brain information to see, and at the same time, she also wanted to dig them up and hide something.
Speaking of digging … something interesting has been dug up in the salt field.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Buried salt
The white land is still full of salty and dry wind, and the dragon has given this place many names, such as "First Sunlight Land", "Wool Ball Plain" and "Flavor Paradise", but Lin usually calls it "Salt Land".
This used to be a glimpse of white, but at present, this pile of white is scooped up by large pieces, which is the only place that mainland Lin approves to dig at will.