Ding Qiunan is pregnant with two, and that’s what he thought. This time Yuanyuan is pregnant with two real hammers.

Off the crowd Li Chu some dry mouth took the tea table in the living room big tea urn to drink.
"hmm? Huihui, why don’t you go back to your room and rest and sit here? "
He didn’t notice that his daughter was sitting on the sofa with her legs curled up when she put the tea urn in.
At this moment Ding Qiunan came out from the sanitation. She smiled and said, "You wrote such a beautiful song for Wenxuan’s marriage. Your daughter is jealous."
After listening to his wife’s words, Li Chu looked at it in astonishment and found that it seemed really interesting.
This made him a little in distress situation. No wonder he just came in and Wen Hui sat there without saying anything.
"Huihui, what’s so jealous about this? I wish I had sent you a song when you got married!"
At the same time, his head has started to rotate at a high speed, desperately remembering whether there are any songs suitable for the couple.
"Really? What song, Dad? "
Pawn! When the mother and daughter!
Where is there a trace of jealousy here?
Twist a head to see his wife aside Wu mouth smile Li Chu some nai.
"I said that you mother and daughter are enough. So play me, Huihui. When you get married, you just don’t say that I will definitely give it to you!"
"What if you forget?"
"How could this be forgotten? You can forget such a big thing? You girl! "
Li Chu stretched out his hand and poked his daughter on the forehead.
"Dad, will you sing it to me now?"
"I haven’t decided yet. How can it be so fast?"
"Just one sentence can be" said Wen-hui Li, who is still unwilling to give up. She also gestured with her thumb and forefinger to sing a little bit.
"I really don’t have the heart to think about it!"
"oh, dad ~"
Wen Hui simply sat down beside her father and took hold of his arm, using the coquetry solution.
Ding Qiunan sat there and looked at the father and daughter with a smile. She knew that her man would eventually compromise and hum a few words no matter what.
"Yi Huihui, don’t talk with your voice between your legs, ok?"
Li Chu, who was called by her daughter, felt his hair stand on end.
"I don’t care if you don’t sing for me, I’ll always call you dad ~ dad ~"
"Stop screaming, stop screaming and let me think." No way, he can raise his hands and surrender.
"Yeah …" See the eye reached Li Wenhui happily waving a small fist.
"Don’t worry, go back and take a shower first and let me take a shower. I’ll think about it while I borrow this."
"Dad, you don’t want to send me away, do you?" Wen Hui looked at Dad suspiciously.
"Ouch, can I hide from the sky today?"
"Well, mom, watch my dad for me. Don’t let him go to bed."
"Go, go, go. Your dad still speaks letters."
When Wen Hui walked out of the living room, Ding Qiunan smiled and asked, "Do you have any songs?"
"Where is it? Isn’t that what I want?" Li Chu said with his hands spread out.
"Come on, go take a shower, wash and think slowly. Don’t think about hiding, or Huihui will definitely grind you. You can’t sleep tonight."
"What are you hiding from?"
Mouth said as he walked to the bath.
Ding Qiunan looked at her husband, and she was also very much looking forward to it. Now she has no objection to sending a song to her man’s wedding.
But she didn’t expect it to be her own man, and now her mind has changed.
Everyone’s opposition made Li Chu realize that sometimes it is really not too different, but it is better to share the same dust.
You don’t have to give your children and daughter-in-law songs on your wedding day.
Just sing to them one day when they are all family members, as just now. After all, there are outsiders on the wedding day.
But now is not the time to think about how to deal with my daughter.
Shower Li Chu has some headaches.
He felt that he might lose his black hair if he went on like this.
Even if the washing is slower for more than twenty minutes, he still has to come out
It’s a pity that he can’t figure out what his daughter should sing on her wedding day.
He thought it was suitable for singing that day. He just sang the song for you but for his daughter, but he remembered one
In the living room, Li Wenhui sat on the sofa with wet hair and muttered something to her mother.
When she saw her father coming out, she vomited, "Dad, my mom said that you usually take a shower for only five minutes. Today, you took a shower for almost half an hour. You are too procrastinating."
"I can’t think about it. I’ll just fool you. You’re happy!"
"Dad, you can’t be partial. You want that song to be so good when you hear me. You can’t just fool around."
Well, it’s really shooting yourself in the foot.
Chapter five hundred and sixty Pressure
"Huihui really wants to say that she is suitable for singing on her wedding day, then I can think that she did sing that song just now."
Just here, Li Chu saw that his daughter was a little JiYan, and he quickly raised his hand to press one.
"Don’t worry, I have a song here for you. Do you want to hear it?"
! ! !
"really?" Li Wenhui looked at her father with flashing eyes.
"Ahem" Li Chu opened his mouth to sing without clearing his throat.
"Baby, did you hear that? I spoke to you gently.