….. that’s a star, but it’s still quite far away, and there’s little way to warm the world.

But Lin also knows that this is not an empty star bus, which can no longer be regarded as a wandering roller, and the star bus has stopped at this position, and Lin finds that it is slowly rotating around the star.
I feel stable at present, and there seems to be no problem.
However, Lin also found that several other tumblers also revolve around this star, which seems to be a star with many tumblers, and they are all located near the star and far from the star bus.
It seems that Lynn may go there to see what she has if she wants more resources.
If there is a roller like a fluffy ball, you can find a lot of resources
Although it seems impossible, because they are varied in color, they are not green.
Maybe there are other types of biological forms. Anyway, we have to go there first.
At the same time, Lin has to carry out some tests. At present, it seems that black metal will not follow, but I don’t know if it will last forever. Lin wants some detectors to detect whether black metal has been to this place.
But also to test whether it can be sent to a familiar place here. At present, the baby can’t recognize it, but Lin thinks it is possible …
After all kinds of things, Lin has to prepare a bigger fluffy ball. Although this fluffy ball can fly in the air, it will take a long time to fly so far away.
There’s something else to test before making a new fluffy ball …
Like a star bus organ
Although it can’t be excavated now, Lin Ke’s small arms can drill into all kinds of dirt of the star bus to investigate its specific situation. At present, the star bus is very similar to other creatures that have just died, and its nerves have been damaged by the explosion by about 5%, and almost the whole thing has stopped running.
But don’t hurt the structure, it still remains intact, like sending organs and decomposing energy, food organs, something dirty and so on
Usually, at this stage of life, the whole body will slowly stop running and then rot quickly and be decomposed by microorganisms, but the star bus is very different
The main reason is that its organs can still operate without oxygen and other maintenance materials, and Lin has not seen the biological star bus that can decompose the star bus at present. It seems that the star bus does not have a micro-epidemic, that is, to deal with the fungus epidemic. Lin found that its epidemic is large and suitable for dealing with large organisms.
But maybe Lin hasn’t found harmful microorganisms yet, and this system has not been activated.
Generally speaking, the star bus, a part of the organ, may last for a long time, but it may die out slowly sooner or later, which may take decades.
At present, there are some problems, although its digestive system is still alive, but the number is not enough, and some of them are disconnected from other organs
Star bus has many digestive systems that are responsible for connecting different organs, but a few digestive systems are alive, and the most important thing is that they are not connected to organs.
Now Lin feeds these systems and they won’t eat them. Lin thinks they must be connected to another one.
At present, Lin has one more thing to connect these organs and maintain their vitality.
Those organs that exercise more and consume more may die faster than others. Some organs, such as the digestive system, are in a state of immobility when it doesn’t seem to work, so it may live longer.
And the organ with strong exercise is … organ delivery.
I don’t know what organs should be given once in a long time, but Lin always finds them beating like hearts. Maybe it has another way, but it must last shorter than other organs.
Have to act from here?
Although I think so, Lin hasn’t done much at present, but has been waiting for several days and nights …
Of course, it is still a fluffy ball day and night to calculate the time. Although the star bus rotates around the tumbling, it seems that it takes a long time for a day and night because it is too far away.
No matter whether it is day or night here, I can’t feel any temperature or cold, but this obviously won’t hinder the process of the collapse of the world.
And after several days and nights, Lin successfully made a pompon.
This fluffy ball has a diameter of more than 100 meters. It can fly at high speed and has many detection capabilities. Lin decided to let it go to the virtual space … the nearest tumbling person to the star bus.
Soon the fluffy ball flew off the star bus and headed for its target.
The tumble also happened to turn to a position close to that star bus, and it didn’t take long for the pompon to get close to this place.
Although … Lin doesn’t expect much from the resources in this place.
Because it looks like a rock tumbler, its surface looks almost the same color as a rock …
After flying in the air for a while, the fluffy ball approached the world, and when it approached it, Lin became more convinced that its resources were scarce …
With the energy spewing, the pompoms slowly landed on the surface of the roller.
Lin named this place’ the fifth ball’ because it happened to be the fifth tumble of this star. The star bus should be counted as the sixth, and Lin did not count those’ satellites’ that revolve around other spheres instead of the stars.
This place is empty and surrounded by a wasteland, but it is quite flat, with no protruding structure and a soft feeling to the touch.
I don’t know what will form this kind of environment, but it is quite cold here because it is far from the stars.
The pompoms have released a large number of detection arms’ drill bits’, which have the appearance of worms about five meters long. They just drill into the ground to find resources.
Generally speaking, no matter where it is, there will always be some absorbable resources, and the problem is the density of these resources, such as