"Well, what else does it matter to the dead forest?" Xiao Bury obviously doesn’t want this problem to be involved with Shu Mao too much, which will make him sad. Besides, Xiao Bury can see that her situation is not so good. There is her rival in love nearby, which seems to be very strong! That would be cheaper for your enemies.

"Let’s see, there is a smell in the forest of death, but this smell is similar to that of our konoha."
"What’s that smell?"
"Before konoha, there was a three-forbearance, and you should have seen your sister. When you came, the head wrote an oil word" Uncle Wolf ".Both of them were three-forbearance, and the other one was called orochimaru. He can’t live with konoha now because of that hateful hiding. Of course, at that time, he was saved. Now when my sister came to Taiwan, he washed away his grievances and gave him innocence. We are discussing his things now. Nothing!
He used to be a genius ninja. He was tough because he liked to experiment, but later he was forced by the village leaders. Finally, the living came to experiment because of this. Of course, there was an experimental base with him in the once dead forest. At that time, everyone who entered the dead forest could escape and finally he experimented on the platform. This is why everyone doesn’t like this place. "
"So it is! The forest of death is really dangerous! "
"To put it bluntly, that’s it. You see, when Naruto came for the first time before, it took them half a day to reach the waterfall, but now it takes about half an hour to get there. Of course, it’s more important that they are familiar with this place. Who will not be familiar with their own back garden and their own room?
See? Naruto was very happy when he left early! "
"It’s true that Naruto’s brother is really happy that I asked him what he said, and he probably can enjoy the feeling of strength progress again!"
"Yes, now their strength is the best progress. I am almost touching the bottleneck. Now I want to break through without full fighting roots!"
"Brother, do you think we can go back?"
"Didn’t you hear that man that day? Since it’s a family t, if I pass this t, then we can definitely go back! "
"But can we come back?"
"What’s the matter? You’re grow to like that people here? Such a place? "
"It is a bit!"
"Don’t worry, since my family can still put the spot here, I’m sure we can come back after we leave, just like our own back garden!"
Chapter 35 Practice again
Not to mention the slowness, Shu Mao and Xiao Bury all rushed to the waterfall. Of course, because Shu Mao hasn’t arrived yet, he hasn’t arranged for them to clean up one by one. Besides, at this time, he summoned another house because there are more people, and it’s not enough to build a new one
Those kids took the opportunity to warm up. Kai saw them warm up and did warm-up exercises with them directly. After that, he found that he was now in a state of preparation for war, which surprised him very much.
"Where are you going?" Ah Kai saw some kids walking out just after warm-up exercises.
"Of course, go to the waterfall to practice?" Sasuke feels very strange. Isn’t everyone here practicing?
"oh? Do you know how to practice? "
"Of course, if it weren’t for the construction of the top of the mountain, we might be practicing here now! We are still practicing before we continue. I don’t want to tell you. I feel that I can break through a piece of wood. I am going to break through! " Sasuke finished and left directly! With a puzzled face, Kay broke through?
"No, that’s because Brother Shumao made a rule for us that a piece of wood should practice continuously for 24 hours before we can go to a piece of wood to practice Sasuke. Now it’s the sixth piece of wood, and Ningji has reached the seventh one. Naruto is estimated to challenge the ninth one now!" Chi is very kindly explained to Ah Kai
"What is this? Isn’t the stronger the strength, you can go directly to the back wood to practice? " Akai is puzzled.
"You are right to say so, but this is not the rule of Shu Maoge. Shu Maoge values not the level of strength, but our foundation. He once told us that when the strength is accumulated to a certain extent, he believes that we can all reach that level. After all, we are all family elites, and we are the heads of families in the future, but the strength is not the same as the family foundation. Since talent is controlled by law, we will not be weak after laying a perfect foundation.
Even though the difficulty of those wooden sticks can indeed be rushed over at once, he still hopes that we can practice one by one instead of directly transitioning to one. That’s not good for basic practice. Remember that Brother Shu Mao often said that he wanted to run and fly before he learned to walk! "
Ah Kai just listened to Zhi Nai’s speech for a short time, and he thought that he didn’t think about things in the past few days. Indeed, their strength can be regarded as those wooden sticks, and they can also practice directly on the stone platform. But after all, they have never experienced the baptism of a wooden stick and the strength of a waterfall, and I am also a stone. That practice experience can be regarded as inexperience and the foundation can be said to be weak.
Akaiban Kakashi also heard Zhinai’s words and thought of his own shortcomings. This is a new training method for waterfall practice. Anyone can calculate that there is no foundation. If there is no foundation for practice, it is strange that Shu Mao is not angry when he wants to run to the final stage of practice.
"ah kai!" Kakashi shouted a.
"Oh, I know how to practice Kakashi. Let’s see who can do this practice directly. By the way, I don’t know the rules of cultivation yet! "
"It’s simple. A piece of wood can’t stay away from the stick for half a second for 24 hours in a row, right?" Kakashi asked Zhinai.
"Well, that’s true. I don’t know if we practice you!" It is also true that Chi Nai’s speech is still to the point.
"Then let’s try?"
"Ok, let’s try it!"
Ah Kai then told the news to other people. Anyway, Shu Mao hasn’t come yet, so try to practice first, and then sit on the roof, and the old ape will see several children sitting on the waterfall and practicing a group of adults sitting on the most wooden stick. Of course, those people’s clothes are blocking the bottom wooden stick. From a distance, it looks as spectacular as those people are suspended.
When Shumao and Xiao Bury arrived, it was almost noon. As soon as Shumao appeared, he saw the ape appear and threw his prey to himself to show that he wanted to eat barbecue.
"Are they challenging for 24 hours today?" Shu Mao saw a group of human beings and asked to be silent.
"Well, Kakashi just said that they should follow me. If I hadn’t waited for you to come, I would have strengthened my strength. Gang Shou said that our medical ninja is the strongest team, not only to treat teammates, but also to be a burden to teammates. I also want to practice with them."
"Well, then you go!" Shu Maonai said
"It seems that you are left to eat with me today!" Shu Mao said to Xiao Bury that he saw it just now, and even the two of him, Hum and Ha, went to practice (Yamato and rubble). It is estimated that he will not come for a while.
"Brother, please help me put my things on the first floor. I want to look at them while you are cooking."
"Today, I’ll have dinner for three people, and I’ll come and see how your design is!"
"All right!"
Shu Mao went into the house with Xiao Buried to study bicycles.
On the other side, the three generations became chatting with Gang Shou. Did Konoha Ninja do it but didn’t practice? After all, everyone thought that the atmosphere of Konoha’s cultivation in the next test could be described as unprecedented. These two people are chatting now, and Gang Shou has also divided a member to cultivate Mudun. Since she got Mudun, she hasn’t stopped to study medical ninja because she didn’t have the talent of Mudun. I didn’t expect that a study would become all medical ninja Wei’s existing Mudun. She just wanted to make sure that those kids didn’t give up a chance.
"This kid is really chatting without a leaf!" Three generations smoked cigarettes and looked at the leaves of the foot wood.
"Brother can’t feel konoha has become cold and cheerless! There are few people in Muye Street now, but even civilians are working hard to repay the village! " Gang Shou looked at the clouds not far away.
"Yes, what I like most about Shumao is that he doesn’t forget his feet when he improves his ability. Many people know how to improve their ability or work hard to improve their strength blindly, but when their strength is high, even their former friends can’t play with them except their family. Because of their strength, they can’t play together!"
"It’s true that the strength class difference is really great. There are tolerance circles, tolerance circles and tolerance sites, and the two of us are the most lonely!"
"No, we are the least lonely. Although we are Huo Ying, our families have become more. Those children, those people, those ninjas, everything they do is a village. On the contrary, everything we do is what they do. We are not the most lonely." The third generation said and took a cigarette.
"Before the most shares is Tibetan? By the way, speaking of teacher Tuanzang, I want to ask you what happened to Xiaochun? "
"Toona, she knew she had made an irreparable mistake. I didn’t give her to Shu Mao, otherwise she would be dead. I left her with me. She told me that he didn’t want to do that either, but she was threatened by the enemy. If she didn’t cooperate, she would kill him! Hey! Poor parents! " Real three generations feel very bad.
"The old man, are you okay?
I know you must be very sad, even more sad than when orochimaru rebelled, right? After all, there are only three of you left in your team. We were waiting for Yingwu as a team!
I think it’s probably only after his death that we can compare it with this matter. "Gang Shou pointed to the four generations in the distance.
"Indeed, Watergate is a very great ninja! At the beginning, I wanted to keep our "golden flash" if it weren’t for the collusion. At first, I was very angry when I learned about the orochimaru experiment! So I acquiesced in Watergate. Of course, there is no denying that he did a good job! Watergate is really an excellent ninja! "
"Watergate is a battlefield killing god. I left the front line and went to Saudi Arabia alone to take over my position. Jiraiya, the water country of orochimaru, guarded Yunguo Watergate alone. I know that he must have had a hard time at that time, but he survived and finally completed a brilliant counterattack with the help of the pig, deer and butterfly. At that time, the whole forbearing world was discussing it, saying that Konoha had another great talent."
"Konoha never lacks talents. Konoha environment is the most suitable for trees to grow. Look at how many talents we have in Konoha? Not to mention the two families, Uchihiro and Thousand Hands, even his family is full of talented people. At one time, it was the most glorious time, but Konoha had three forbearance and white teeth! Double in the world! "
"Said three endure we three real? We were left in that war, but we still didn’t kill that demigod. Do we really deserve that name? Actually, I never liked this name. It was because others forced us to wear hats instead of being recognized by the whole forbearing world like Watergate White Teeth.
Of course, after I fought with that man, I had a hunch that that man was really not a good man. Maybe his idea was to destroy us, but it was a joint name of three people. But what would others think after he said it from his demigod?