JiNa and Qin Sishui waited for argus Tini at the school gate for half a day to see the little girl waddling out of school with a beaming face as if she had been kissed by a beautiful woman and returned him a few hundred dollars.

"Don’t you know? The winner of this intercollegiate championship can be invited to visit the Naples Club and play a training match with the Naples team. It is said that this is the president of Naples, Dellaurentis, to encourage the development of campus football in Naples. ! ! How happy it is that I can meet my idol Dominica and compete with him then! I’m excited to think about it! ! I must win the championship. "argus Tini and Qinan Qin walked like water on their way home. Pedestrians shouted at him with crazy eyes, but he was automatically filtered by argus Tini, who was thicker than the ancient wall of Naples Palace.
Hearing this, Qina almost never fell into a puddle on the side of the road. No way, Mr. Chairman, this is not a problem for himself! ! If Oriental University wins the championship, do you want to play a game with your teammates in Naples? But if you are on the school team, wouldn’t argus Tini not see him? In fact, Qinan has long wanted to tell himself that it is Domonica. argus Tini was born with a big mouth to keep secrets. It is much easier for you to kill him. Qinan wants to tell him this when he comes to Italy after returning home. If he really wants to play against Naples, he must join the school team. Let argus Tini cry first! ! Zena looked at argus Tini, who was there, and laughed more than "sinister"
The semi-final opponent of Oriental University was the second university team of Naples, and the Oriental University came first and won the championship. They competed with their idols in the original friendship, the first game and the second exchange of football cultural purposes. The inter-school league was kicked by two schools and became more popular than the derby in the same city. In the referee’s game, two red cards were produced to stop the violence between the two teams from escalating. One red card from the Oriental University was given to the most angry one in Boluo. Taekwondo-style flying legs hit back at the opponent, and the result was a direct red card. Finally, with argus Tini’s crazy breakthrough in the frontcourt, he caused two yellow cards for the players who specially defended him, and finally the game was tied to one to one. The goal of Oriental University was still completed by argus Tini, who could see his idol. He struggled to cramp.
Qinan looked at argus Tini’s twisted face with pain and wondered if argus Tini had never seen something so serious before the idol charm was so great. This time, argus Tini changed her mind to laugh and laugh. In the game, Qinan tried to tell him that she was a Dominica, but in the end she held back. It’s rare for argus Tini to do something so seriously and let him work hard. This taste is not a way to exercise his will! ! I really don’t know whether the action of Dellaurentis, president of Naples Club, helped or harmed Naples campus football. Today’s game was too violent.
After the game, Comotto severely criticized him for getting a red card. Boluo blamed him for not controlling his temper. The ball that Oriental University lost was exactly what he did not punish. After that, Qina couldn’t support it alone. If it wasn’t for argus Tini’s tenacious performance, Oriental University might have failed. The second round of Boluo’s red card suspension could not make Comotto’s carefully built double waist formation loose. After all, it is very good that there is no one on the school team to defend except him and Qina.
Three days later, the second round of the contest between the two sides was held in a heavy rain. This time, the painter was like a woman who had lost her love and was not stingy with her rich tears.
Reaching the semi-finals of the Oriental University team aroused the students’ enthusiasm for football, and even the president Chilillo personally came out to cheer on the school team with a bunch of members of the board of directors. Italians have always valued football more than life and death, and the pouring rain can’t quench their enthusiasm.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Because of the heavy rain, Comotto decisively changed the formation to 4-1-4-1, and strengthened the interception of the midfield. Qinan played alone in the lower back and let the ball go to the ground as little as possible. Because of the serious water accumulation on the ground, the ball could not be played on the ground. After breaking the ball, the minister looked for Agostinico Mototo, who was in good shape recently, and the change of formation received a miraculous effect. Finally, Oriental University won the opponent argus Tini 2-0 in the refueling of teachers and students, and another goal was given by the opponent. Because of the rain, the football was
Oriental University broke into the inter-school league finals in a historic way, which made the president Qi Lie raki unable to help himself. Oriental University football has never been so exposed. This added a thick page to his record of achievements. After the game, he specially allocated a sum of money from the school’s standing fund to celebrate the school team, and encouraged them to make persistent efforts to win the championship. argus Tini was praised by the president personally because he arranged for the team to score 10% of the goals, but Qi Nan did not attract too much attention from the president. Komoto knew about the school team. The real hero who made it to the final is Qinan, who achieved a success rate of 10% steals and an accuracy rate of 90% in the second round. The ball alone propped up Oriental University, just like Jin Yong’s Gu Longbi, those peerless killers dressed as hustlers and pawns. Only a real expert can see that their muddy eyes and rickety figures are buried with a fatal sword that may be generate at any time.
Volume II
Chapter 70 Scouts from Piacenza
A few days later, Naples drew a draw against Lazio away from home, which was not bad because Catania didn’t win either, and they also got a draw. With three rounds left in the league, Naples led Catania by five points, which can be said to be relegation worry.
Oriental University also ushered in the inter-school league final the next day, and their opponent was the University of Naples, the largest university in Naples and the most famous university in Naples.
In Naples, the University of Naples is the leader of all schools, and its position is just like that of Shaolin Wudang in Jin Yong’s novels. Compared with it, Oriental University is at best a talent-withering Huashan school.
Naples is the national university of Italy, which was founded in 1224. It is one of the most famous universities in Italy. It is the best school in Naples in terms of scale, number of students and quality of education. Of course, football and the University of Naples have won the inter-school league championship for three consecutive years.
The final of the inter-school league tournament was played in a neutral stadium, which sounds like playing the European Champions Cup. Actually, it can’t even compare with the Champions Cup. The final was played in the home stadium of Naples for the first time, and I don’t know what the organizer did. Everyone didn’t know that it was the stadium of Sao Paulo, and the venue of the inter-school league tournament was the initiative of the president of Naples, Dellaurentis. Of course, a large part of the reason was that he saw Dominica’s school enter the finals.
School-level league matches are all open to the public, and the finals are no exception. You can come to see the venue if you want to see them. Today, there are many people in the audience besides the students from two schools. There are at least 20,000 people together. Of course, the students from the two schools are out between people, and there are about 10,000 others who are ordinary citizens in Naples.
This intercollegiate league doesn’t have any ceremony. Now the two teams have warmed up on the court for 20 minutes, and then they are preparing for the final.
Qinan squatted down to loosen his shoelaces and found a pair of legs beside him trembling and looking up, only to find that the owner of the legs was argus Tini.
"Very nervous? Argus tini "asked Zena.
"Qi don’t you nervous? Do you know where the foot turf is? It’s Sao Paulo Stadium! ! Oh, my God, I’m now on the turf of Sao Paulo Stadium. You pinch me to see if I’m dreaming. "argus Tini said more and more, and she felt incoherent.
This is the third time I’ve stepped on this field. How can I be nervous? Qina secretly said, of course, he won’t tell argus Tini.
Qinan got up and looked around, and his teammates found that they were more or less nervous. After all, they were playing at the St. Paul’s Stadium, a holy place in their minds, and there were more than 20,000 spectators watching them. They were ordinary students and players, so it was difficult to be nervous, but he thought that the situation of the University of Naples team would not be much better than that of the Oriental University.
The final is held in the afternoon, and the sunset is scattered obliquely in the lively and boiling Sao Paulo Stadium. The sunset in Sao Paulo gives people a solemn and beautiful Naples. The afternoon sun is soft and suitable for lying on a shallow turf. Unfortunately, at such a beautiful moment, two universities have won a championship.
Regardless of Qinan’s feeling that the final of the inter-school league match between Naples University and Oriental University was on time ten minutes after the game, the audience saw that the game was not good-looking, except for the mistakes, which were still mistakes because the players on both sides were too nervous. You can see how nervous they were when you look at their stiff faces and mechanical movements of muscles. Of course, this does not include him. In the ten minutes after Qinan’s game, he had the most profound influence on the audience. In his face, you could not see a trace of panic, a trace of nervousness, a calm snatch, a calm foot shift, as always,
Emotion can be infected. Seeing that Qinan is calm and leisurely, the nervousness of teammates is gradually relaxed. After twenty minutes, the overall strength is in the wind, and Oriental University has occupied the competition wind.
On the other hand, the nervousness and anxiety of the University of Naples made their skills completely deformed, but they were not as calm as Qinan. People set an example for them, and nervousness spread like a plague to greatly reduce the level of the University of Naples team.
The first to recover, Oriental University finally took the lead at the end of the half-time. This goal was still argus Tini. He once again picked up Qi Nanchang and scored a single goal. This is the always offensive means of Oriental University. Qi Nanchang looked for argus Tini and then argus Tini scored. This model goal almost accounted for 90% of the total goals of Oriental University.
At halftime, a middle-aged man in his thirties was talking in a corner of the South Stand of Sao Paulo.
"Is that Edno? I’m Nassoko. I think I found a good football player. Isn’t Piacenza short of a good back? I think I found that this can be completely won by him. I saw Pirlo Lei Dongduo is an Asian, or at least an Asian from his appearance. I think we need to do it quickly, because now he is still a student of Naples Oriental University. It shouldn’t be difficult to sign him. Well, that’s all. I want to see his half game. You should prepare the contract and see how I bring a Piacenza Pirlo back. "The middle-aged man let go with a look of joy and a look of determination."
The middle-aged man’s name is Nassoko, and like sabatini, he is a full-time scout of a professional team. His professional team is Piacenza, an Italian second-class team. It is because he has many means to find good football players from college leagues. Piacenza doesn’t have a lot of money to squander like a first-class team. They can find suitable players from Italy or find good seedlings to cultivate themselves. Today, he wants to observe a player of the University of Naples team when he has been betting for a long time, but he has discovered this good seedling, Qinan. From his professional perspective, Qinan is definitely a material. His consciousness of distributing the ball calmly and reasonably beyond his age has made Nassoko shine. Nassoko has not found such an outstanding young man for a long time, but it can be said that such a low back is rare in the youth training camps of those giants.
Nasoko held back his excitement and thought about how to contact the Asian midfielder of Oriental University after the game.
Volume II
Chapter seventy-nine Drunken Spring Night
After half-time, Oriental University made the defense almost desperate for the University of Naples. After the game, the head coach of the University of Naples said that the defense of Oriental University was too shameful.
The concept of Komoto’s football is that the result is more important than the process, which is what he learned from Reggahar.
At half-time, the state of the University of Naples team recovered, but it was far from the best. Just like a martial arts expert was blocked by several meridians and retained seven successes, he met the Oriental University, which was able to make the defense watertight. They didn’t have Yang Guo’s indestructible darksteel epee, and finally they were fascinated by the fallen sword.
The final result of the one-game match is that the one-game Komoto tactic has worked again. At the whistle moment, Sao Paulo Stadium has become a sea of crazy celebrations of Oriental University.
Comoto was thrown high by the players again and again. argus Tini was so happy that she cried because he finally saw his idol and competed with his idol Domonica. Boluo held the trophy, sang and danced, grinned, and made his face look even more ferocious. The ecstatic smile appeared on the faces of every school team member, and even Qin seemed to be all reserved and everyone hugged him one by one. Finally, she hugged Qi Nan, Qin seemed to be like water, and buried her head in Qi Nan’s broad and strong chest, smelling his body mixed with sweat. The unique taste of men was intoxicating.
The unprecedented win of the university-level league championship by Oriental University made the president Ziliello overjoyed. This championship will definitely make Oriental University famous, which will certainly be of great benefit to the development of the school. Ziliello said on the spot that he would reward the team with 10,000 euros. Ten thousand euros is enough for a school. Ziliello is famous among all the presidents of Naples University for his diligence and thrift.
When the last ray of sunset died and sank into the western hills, it was like the sun coming back to light, and then it became a sunset, and it came quietly.
The biggest celebration party in recent years is being held in the playground of Oriental University to celebrate the school football team winning the inter-school league championship. The directors of the principal’s school returned to the members’ department to attend the performance of the strong music shocking the drum school band members, which made everyone who participated in the celebration feel that there was a fire burning in their hearts at this time. At this time, no teachers and students have the same laughter and the same passion and wild.
Every member of the school team is warmly welcomed by the teachers and students of the school like a hero who returns in triumph. Since ancient times, beautiful women love heroes, so the school girls have shown crazy pursuit for the members of the school team. They are tall and handsome, and scored a total goal of 10 percent. argus Tini naturally doesn’t say that even Boluo, who looks fierce and suitable for slaughtering industry, has three beautiful women around him, but there are no Italian beautiful women around him because he always follows a tail-Qin is like water.
Qin Yishui seems to have specially dressed up tonight. She is dressed in a snow-white dress with a pair of exquisite purple high heels. This simple dress does not hide her peerless elegance at all, but sets off her graceful figure like autumn waters. In the dim light of the playground, people can’t help but draw a strange curve, and their hearts beat faster and their blood swells. But there is a detached and random charm that people can’t bear to blaspheme. This unique beauty and dignity is contradictory but harmoniously combined, which makes people unforgettable. Seeing her in the human brain will make people feel amazing for the first time.
In front of such a water-like Qin, which is full of oriental classical charm, no Italian girl will not feel ashamed. They have shown their enthusiasm to the members of other school teams.
Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. In Italy, where there are Italians, there is wine. Italians love wine and good wine. Of course, wine is indispensable for such parties. Italian schools are not as stuffy as China schools. Students drink properly. It will not be banned.
Beer, champagne, and drinks Qina didn’t know how much was poured this night. Anyway, by the end of the celebration, he didn’t know the day and night. argus Tini was almost the same as him. Finally, Comoto had to send two strong classmates to help Qin Sishui transport them back.
Back home, argus Tini has her own Qin Yishui dopted mother, Mrs. Delis, who takes care of Qinan personally and arranges it herself.
Qin Yishui’s beautiful eyes stared at the drunken Qi Na’s eyes, showing tenderness and infatuation. He slept like a child and smiled as pure as a baby. He didn’t know what he was mumbling. His stiff face seemed to have a soft and kind glow. At this time, Qin Yishui had an unusually calm and happy feeling. I hope this beautiful moment can solidify into happiness forever.