Chapter 1 Tenants

Next, the most popular career posts are not gunner or captain, but lookout and boatswain. It is acknowledged that gunner and captain are indispensable occupations of the team, but if personal interests are taken into consideration, lookout and boatswain are the most suitable occupations for everyone to choose. The most important reason why gunner is the least popular is that the fighting capacity of gunner is too low after leaving the ship.
There is also a comprehensive analysis that gunners are not optimistic about their careers, but a ship can be equipped with two gunners, which will be a very good job hunting career. In most people’s eyes, a ship is like a team, so that it can avoid the employment difficulties caused by professional problems. Compared with the gunner career, it is much easier, because the captain can have one gunner and a ship needs two, but because of this, many people do not choose gunners. In this rebellious era, there are all kinds of people.
According to the survey of a trade union, the most popular and short occupations of doctors are followed by lookout, boatswain, craftsman, gunner and captain. The most short occupations are captain, craftsman, gunner, boatswain and lookout. Except for doctors, the popularity and shortage are positive and negative.
Then came a post of foreign players with a high click-through rate, which analyzed hidden occupations and possible changes in career promotion. Wu Xin looked at career promotion, which was nothing new, and it was similar to everyone’s guess. The analysis of hidden occupations was very interesting. It was recognized that every country may have a hidden occupation with its own characteristics, which may be a title or an extra skill. It is less likely to have one more occupation, but it is more likely that the crew will have a hidden occupation at the same time. If you go to the boatswain this logical analysis, it is most likely to get a hidden occupation.
The owner of the post is an uncle from Sam who analyzed that the United States may hide professional cowboys! It is bold to assume that cowboys can ship horses, revolvers, or lassos, etc. Because cowboys belong to fighting skills, boatswain, a fighting profession with sufficient data, is very likely to get a hidden profession and become a dual profession. Wu Xin wiped the sweat, but fortunately he was not a superman, otherwise China could play nine swords alone.
Then there are China players who play games with posts, and people who are diligent in watering. Some people speculate that China’s hidden career is a knight, others think that God shoots even crossbows, some people think that Chinese medicine is a hidden career in China, and some people think that the craftsman’s promotion may be a hidden career, and Mo Xie people block the killing Buddha.
After all, it’s only been running for an hour. Everyone can’t have too much data to chat about. The only thing Wu Xin can see in the post is that he is a junior professional ranking. Don’t think that he has been a little hurt, and then he has to make up a knife again. The ranking of PK ability is a bit unexpected for Wu Xin. Half of them support the captain as the first PK master. Everyone is convinced that he has to pay for the boat, decorate it and take the boat to take risks. Poor career-the captain will always be a little superior.
Others think so. Wu Xin, an expert, knows that the captain is really likely to be the first master of PK, afraid of swords and hooks. Both martial arts practitioners are almost the same. It is hard to say that China archers have always been a military profession, not a martial arts profession, but after all, it is a game skill. It is hard to say whether the boatswain will be the most powerful profession. Everything is unknown. As the official claims, there are no most important occupations and players.
"Drop …" The doorbell rang.
Wu Xin propped himself up in a brain chair and rolled to the front. "Who?"
"Excuse me, is this Mr. Bai?" A woman said, "I called early to see the house."
"Oh?" Wu Xin said, "Wait!" I rolled my foot to my brain to watch my mobile phone. Sure enough, there were two missed calls and a text message was sent by Bai Wen when I was running. At about half past one, a Miss Hua went to see the house. If the other party had a legitimate career and bad hobbies, it would cost 1,000 yuan a month.
"hey!" Wu Xin rolled to the edge and said, "Miss Hua, please!" Locking the door, Wu Xin is so cautious, not for fear that any bad guy will touch his room, but for fear that the salesman will touch his room.
Bai Wen’s house is the lowest price in the economic crisis. The total price of buying a second-hand house for three years is 1.1 million. Bai Wen’s parents are responsible for the down payment of 30% of Bai Wen’s own house. For 20 years, Bai Wen’s monthly salary is more than 5,000 yuan, and the monthly bonus can barely reach 9,000. However, Bai Wen’s expenses for raising another car are still tight. This is what it takes China people 20 years to earn a hundred square houses.
However, Bai Wen’s intention to rent a house is not to reduce the burden, but Bai Wen’s mother, Wu Xin’s godmother, strongly urges Bai Wen to be born when the moon is cloudy and the sun is cloudy in the cloudy year, and to be a hospital. The popularity around the local work office must be prosperous, especially if the more people live in the place, the better. Wu Xin was forced to drive for two hours every day to spend the night with Bai Wen, but there was a great reason to stay in trouble.
Wu Xin is a good friend to help Bai Wen lighten the burden, or Bai Ma relieve her worries. He wants the highest price to negotiate the business, and he will never charge you 9 thousand if he dares to pay 10 thousand.
Knocking at the door outside Wu Xinmen is a young woman who has tied her hair. She is very beautiful and energetic. A female professional suit is definitely a high-end product. It is even more obvious to practice Wu Xin. Visually, this suit is worth about 1,000 yuan. Shoes are also famous brands. At least 3,000 purses are women’s symbols. The girl is not here to rent a house. It seems that she is here to play.
The female hair has two small blots of dyed white hair hanging down her forehead, which is particularly eye-catching, and one looks at her like Wu Xin. She also looks at Wu Xin with a western shirt, which is tailor-made by an Italian famous teacher. It is quite successful. It is hard to say the price of the shirt in a male suit. It is normal that no one wears leather shoes at home.
"Miss Hua?" Wu Xin reached out
"I’m Dr. White?" Miss Hua shakes hands.
"My name is not Dr. Wu Bai, my friend and guest." Wu Xin let me in and asked casually, "What would you like to drink? Tea? Coffee? Coke? Beer? Mineral water? Pure water? "
"White water will do." Miss Hua looked at the height of the room. "Can you show me the house first?"
"This way!"
Chapter 9 Small
Wu Xin showed Miss Hua around. She was still satisfied with Miss Hua’s speech and manners, and Miss Hua didn’t have an aversion to Wu Xin’s house. So the two sides discussed the price of fishing. Wu Xin casually asked, "Where is Miss Hua?" Look at professional black hands
"Oh!" Miss Hua handed Wu Xin her business card.
Wu Xin looked at the business card and the Samadhi in Dantian was burning. Wu Xin, a lawyer of Hua Yingying Law Firm and a special commercial lawyer of Yang Tuan, asked, "Miss Hua really has something to do, but she is still a special lawyer of Yang Tuan."
"Mr. Wu is joking," Hua Yingying said. "I got a lawyer’s license for just over a year. My senior hung me up with the Young’s League to earn some fame. It’s easier to do things. Mr. Wu, why don’t we get to the point? I’m very satisfied with the environment here. Can we talk about the price?"
"Well, three thousand a month," Wu Xin said.
"…" Hua Yingying paused but asked with great self-restraint. "Can you repeat that?"
"Three thousand single make public toilets, water, property, sanitation, and bring men back to fool around. You must first inform them that the noise should not exceed 7 decibels …"
Hua Yingying said angrily, "I’ll sue you for sexual harassment."
"Ha, as long as you are wrapped like a dumpling and have no protrusions, you should thank your ancestors for their spirit."
Hua Yingying is also angry. "Wu is your pervert!"
"I abnormal my heart" Wu Xin refers to the door "get out! Audi! "
"Hum!" Hua Yingying grabbed the bag and left angrily.
"Dr. Bai, what do you mean by your friend?" Hua Yingying’s vernacular is "like a mad dog, he turns his face and talks bitterly."
Bai Wendao: "Miss Hua, my friend is not a gentleman, but I find it hard to believe that he can be mean. Do you have any misunderstanding?"
"It used to be good. As soon as I showed him my business card, he turned against me."
"What business card?" Bai Wendao: "Could you please read your business card?"
"…" Hua Yingying read it again. She felt stupid and was driven out. She also wanted to get justice, and she pinned her hopes for justice on her mad dog friend.
Bai Wen said with a wry smile, "Miss Hua, I apologize to you for my friend, but please understand that Yang Tuan, especially Yang Tuan’s lawyer, is the most disgusting creature of my friend. Otherwise, I’ll invite you to dinner at noon to apologize. You can’t suffer such a big injustice for nothing."
Wu Xin felt sorry for Bai Wen when he drove people away, so he posted a bunch of rental news on the same city network and then entered the game.
Novice village people are less likely to enter the game for the first time. Generally, gamers are veteran players, and they can leave Novice Village almost overnight. Wuxin is six levels different from others, and he still has no business experience. Although he also buys and sells a basket of embroidery needles, he can’t be regarded as experience because he has no profit.
Character experience is the sum of business experience, adventure experience and combat experience. Another source is, for example, Wu Xin has taken another anchor to salvage and break in the sea. Because of the different roads, Wu Xin feels like playing a stand-alone online game and always playing with a bunch of NPCs, but he doesn’t think that NPCs are not happy with so many NPCs. You are the only one who has to answer your questions, chat with you and accompany you to do it without taking a little experience. It is the image of a player’s public servant.
However, it’s good to hang out with NPC. Like this, the lower-level NPC is not worried that they will cheat your feelings. You can tell them what’s on their minds and vent their dissatisfaction.