Is this … a shark? There are sharks here?

This is a small benthic shark with a body length of more than one meter. It is different from the common large sharks. They like to lie on the bottom of the sea looking for shellfish and slow-crawling trilobites, etc. But what will appear in this place? Fly in from the sea?
Lin tore the shark’s tentacle in half and let the receiver devour it and decompose it.
There’s nothing special about this shark’s structure, Lin. What’s more, it may move on land, but it’s exactly the same as a shark in the sea.
This makes Lin even more puzzled. Since it is impossible for the shark to come here by itself, how did it come? No matter how hard it is, the tsunami can’t throw it to a thousand meters high mountain, can it?
After decomposing sharks, Lin continued to explore Leviathan, releasing some recipients to help explore them, mainly by turning over a large amount of debris at the bottom of the lake to search for the material composition here.
Judging when these things appeared according to the degree of debris decay and the decomposition speed of bacteria here.
While Leviathan went on, suddenly Lynn saw a strange thing appear in the lantern light.
It’s like a stone. It’s very big and round, with a width of about ten meters. Generally speaking, it’s not strange to see a stone, but actually, Lin at the bottom of the lake has never seen any stone at present, let alone such a big round stone. It just suddenly appears in front of Lin, and another similar object around her feels really weird …
When Leviathan was approaching the stone, Lin suddenly felt a stream of water coming from the side. Lin immediately made Leviathan swim faster from its original position, and at the same time, Leviathan came to its original position "boom"-it seemed to be hit by something and splashed several pieces.
This is …
When the debris slowly sank, Lin saw a creature figure, which seemed to be a fish. Its body was flat and about six meters long, and it was quite large, and it was shining like a few stars.
Chapter 57 Flash in the lake
This fish can be called’ eel’, but this one in front of us should be called’ shining eel’. It is shining like stars, and its mouth is full of teeth in the dark water. It seems that Leviathan is not happy to be here.
Lin wants to know more and more why they are here. Did other creatures bring them in? They swam in? Maybe there is a passage to the sea in this lake.
Leviathan’s sparkling eel looked at each other for a while, then it opened its mouth again and rushed over. Leviathan didn’t hide this time, but ran directly into it.
The power gap between the two sides of the collision suddenly appeared, and the whole body of the shining eel was knocked out by Leviathan and removed into the debris pile behind it
Although the shining eel is longer, it is not in the same weight class as Leviathan, which has a ton. Lynn speculates that the shining eel is less than 300 kilograms. This elongated creature is so long but not so heavy.
But Leviathan had a special feeling when he hit it just now. It was like … touching a biological brain.
Lin has decomposed many biological brain bases, and every biological brain has this ability. They release some energy to inform body cells.
It seems to be called”. Lin feels a little strange that the roaring and shining phenomenon in rain clouds is also called flash, and then the weak command energy of organisms is also called them. Represents the same thing?
If it is … it feels like something extraordinary has been discovered.
The shining eel swam up from the debris pile again. Generally, creatures will escape when they know the power gap, but instead of escaping, they swim in circles around Leviathan.
It seems that it doesn’t want to hunt, but simply wants to attack Leviathan. What is the reason? Does it nest here?
The shining eel slowly went around the back of Leviathan, and Lynn found that it swam to the round strange stone square and opened its mouth to show Leviathan its fangs, and at the same time it lit up with a very bright light again.
It seems that it threatens Leviathan not to go near that stone. Does it protect that stone?
Then Lynn will have to go there.
Leviathan once again slammed the water jet and rushed over. The shining eel did not collide with Leviathan this time, but distorted its body to avoid Leviathan’s impact, but Leviathan made a hole when he passed by and released a large number of bees.
This kind of crazy bees have been slightly modified. They can swim in the water. They pour out to the shining eel in tens of millions, but when they approach, these crazy bees suddenly feel a pain at the same time and then die in the water.
Dead? What’s going on?
All the mad bees are floating in the water. They can feel that there are still a few cells in their bodies, but they are almost dead.
It felt like a heavy blow, but it was super-fast and covered all over, but the shell was not damaged, and it seemed to be attacked by some kind of instantaneous penetration.
Lin hasn’t seen this kind of attack, and it feels much more efficient than poisoning and exploding.
At this time, the shining eel suddenly rushed in, and its longer body wrapped around Leviathan and lit up with shining light.
Lynn knows that it can release some kind of special attack!
Leviathan instantly retracted all the olfactory tentacles, auditory tentacles and so on outside the shell, and the shining eel attack seemed to penetrate Leviathan’s carapace, and Lin vaguely felt some tingling sensation. Leviathan’s shell was made up of a variety of shells, and maybe a shell isolated it from this penetrating attack.
It seems that this attack method is not perfect, but Lynn will definitely break it down anyway
Seeing the attack effect, the shining eel soon let Leviathan escape, but it still refused to go far. When Leviathan re-extended his eyeball tentacles, Lin saw that it was still around the stone.
What’s the secret of that stone? Maybe it hides its young.
Anyway, there must be a lot of these shining eels, and it’s nothing to kill them. If they are rare, Lin may catch them alive and study them.
Bang! Leviathan muzzle Zhang shoots several high-speed sharp needles from it, because it is made of pure shell, so it is not afraid of that strange attack.
The sharp needle instantly penetrated the skin of the shining eel, which did not have scales like ordinary fish and had a thin skin like a salamander.
The toxin contained in this sharp needle will automatically flow into the blood of the shining eel and eventually accumulate in the body oxygen circulation system to drown it.
The main reason for this method is that Lin doesn’t know which organ of the shining eel can release the toxin that can’t cause much damage, but it can cause damage and kill.
The shining eel didn’t feel it yet, but after the toxin was introduced, it struggled to get oxygen from the method. It swam desperately. Lin thought it might want to swim to the surface to inhale, but the shining eel didn’t swim very high and sank again.
Now living things are too dependent on oxygen. Although oxygen can make them move faster, is this really good? Lin has seen many oxygen-free environments, and this feeling is to limit her range of activities in disguise.
Lin thinks it should find a way to move quickly without oxygen …
Now let’s break down this shining eel and see what’s its secret and what can release this strange attack.
The shining eel is not dead, but temporarily in a coma due to lack of oxygen. Lin can give it oxygen and keep it in a coma so that she can study its living body structure.
Lin first released some tiny explorers to drill into the shining eel to study its structure
This is really interesting …
A large number of small pieces of meat were found in the eel body. These pieces of meat are directly connected with the brain. There seems to be a little energy in this structure. Lin tried to create some pain or stimulation. Lin found that when the pieces of meat were stimulated, these pieces of meat structures would release a little energy. This should be it. These will lead cortical cells to shine.
Although the energy of a piece of meat is very small, there are tens of thousands of pieces of eel with this kind of meat shining, which can release powerful force when they are gathered together.
Lin believes that the shining eel can release this kind of fish to kill underwater targets.
If this ability is thoroughly studied, it may gain great power …
Chapter 50 Late summer
Lin now built a’ cage’ made of shells at the bottom of the lake to put the shining eel inside and study it all the time. Lin kept the shining eel in a coma, but directly delivered nutrients to its cells to keep it from dying, so that it could observe the activity of its somatic cells.
Lin found that there are many disc-shaped cells in the meat slices of the shining eel. These disc-shaped cells can store energy and connect with nerve wires. When they receive nerve signals, they will send out blows.
This kind of cells and brain cells are very similar, and they all have this ability to release energy. Lin Yuan is here to input signals to the body cells. I didn’t expect that they could be released to attack if they were strong enough.
Lin doesn’t have brain cells. It may be difficult to imitate this kind of cells, but Lin once made a brain reader. Although the brain reader can’t play it, its somatic cells have some special designs to accept the signals released by the brain and then interpret what this signal is for.
Although we can’t know the thoughts of other creatures, brain readers have been able to analyze most of the signals sent by other creatures’ brains to the body through long-term research.