That is to say, in the past, Jiang Tai and Cai Guo were forced to make it once on the way to Cai Guo, but only once was Lu Yangsheng known?

Lv Yangsheng stopped talking, but a fierce warrior riding a panther behind him sank. "You are willing to accept Chen Liudi and Chen Liudi, so thank you soon!"
"What?" The elders of Chen immediately nu call way
Chen Yi and Man Zhong are also staring.
Chen leave cold eyes staring at the military commanders.
On one side, Man Zhongma said, "Your Majesty’s name is Tian Jiang. He used to be a descendant of Chen’s royal family. Now Qi assists Jing Hou, but his heart is strong and careful!"
Chen Liu stared at the Tian Jiang. "Are you also a descendant of the Chen family? I am Wang Chen, so how can I learn from a duke of other countries? "
Tian Jiang laughed coldly "Chen? When my ancestor Chen Wan was forced out of the State of Chen, I was no longer a State of Chen. Besides, it was your luck to accept you! "
"Hum!" Chen Liuyi cold hum.
Turn to Chen Liu and look at Lu Yang. "Lv Gong, I respect what you just said on behalf of Qi. I’ll pretend that I haven’t heard of it. Otherwise, you’re representing Qi and Chen!"
"Ha ha ha ha!" Lu Yang suddenly burst into laughter. "
"Bad? You deserve it? Can you still call the country Chen Guo now? More than half of these 30,000 troops are Wu Jun, right? " Lv yang sneer at a way
Chen Liu pulled out his sword, and his eyes were cold. The elders of the ancestral temple pulled out their swords one after another. Obviously, Lu Yang was furious.
Lu Yang stared at Chen Liu, especially at Chen Liu’s forehead, revealing a hint of greed. "The public rarely accepts disciples. Since they have spoken, they will naturally not take back what they said!"
Speak Lv Yang whole body momentum suddenly released.
Around the center of Luyang, a strong wind blows in all directions.
The momentum of terror came towards Chen Liu’s oppression.
This is the first time that the elders of the ancestral temple face a change.
Man Zhong said with a sigh, "Your Majesty, be careful of Lv Yangsheng. He is ruthless and vengeful. Besides, it is also reckless for Qi to have the support of Ji surname. I think he wants to accept your brother as an excuse, but his real purpose is to get your magical power."
"What?" Chen left a facial expression.
"I don’t know what secret method Lv Yangsheng has, but I have seen him rob Qi of a powerful avatar and incorporate it into himself. Be careful when you are a brother!" Man Zhong said
"Noisy!" Lv Yangsheng a cold hum.
Aside Tian Jiang immediately shot.
Hand a handbreadth toward full zhong.
"How dare you?" Chen’s eyes a stare.
An extreme cold towards the palm of your hand.
In an instant, Tian Jiang’s palm was frozen and cracked.
"Oh?" Tian Jiang face a heavy.
"Elders, please escort Chen Wang to retreat quickly. The three leopard riders behind Lv Yangsheng are all extremely strong!" Man zhong cried
"good!" The elders should way
"Want to go?" Tian Jiang’s eyes are cold
"Boom!" Tian Jiang suddenly broke out in the whole body, and it was like Tianwei gas falling from the sky. Even though there were 30 thousand troops in front of Tian Jiang, it was just like Shaqi’s heart.
The Chen suddenly felt a feeling of boredom and panic.
"It’s been a long time since Bodhisattva walked deep and prajnaparamita!" Suddenly a Buddhist brother in the army read the Heart Sutra.
The Buddha’s Dharma reveals a faint golden light covering itself to be able to stop the terrorist oppression.
"Since the Bodhisattva line has been deep in Prajna paramita for a long time …!" At present, more and more people in the Chen army have read Buddhism.
Chen yi’s face sank.
"Justice is to trap 30,000 Qi troops in disregard?" Chen cold way
Lv yangsheng laughed coldly and continued to stare at Chen Liu.
"Extreme freezing!" Chen Yi’s long white hair jerked off.