Otherwise, he didn’t develop in vain in the past ten years. He thought that when he developed for more than two years, he would have been able to kill the sixth order for ten years. Even if the gap between the sixth order and the seventh order was big, Qin Mu Ye could kill it with all kinds of unscientific knowledge.

The first 7-order terminator came out to resist a wave that failed to stop, and then a huge iron curtain emerged. This time, it blocked the remaining artillery. This iron curtain was also crumbling, and it was obviously hit hard. I am afraid it would have burst if it had not been repaired by various gray-white nano-robots.
"It seems that the other side transported a large number of war machines, otherwise it would not be so slow. Even the sixth-order terminator would have already come out at this time." The black hand relayed the heroic words of a staff member
"I can’t understand this situation if they look at it," Qin Mu Ye said directly.
There is not much intervention in commanding Qin Mu Ye because he does not have much insight in this respect.
If you specialize in professional things, you have to let professionals do it.
Soon a volley broke out, but this time it was not a level 2 fire mode, but a top level 3 fire mode.
When a magnetic interference bomb first fell behind the iron curtain, whether it was the iron curtain or the nano-robot being repaired was the same, it was attacked by magnetic force and crashed.
If it is general magnetic interference, there is nothing for the Iron Curtain and the nano-robot. Qin Mu Ye developed a magnetic interference bomb, but it is not general magnetic interference, but increased the abyss force and combined with strong and weak nuclear forces and magic energy technology to form super pollution.
The iron curtain burst to expose the whole passage.
Count the fire pouring in, but no one can stop it this time.
A large number of movements are broadcast from the time channel, and the naked eye can see that the whole crack-like time channel is distorted, as if it were a method to withstand the fire coverage just now.
But it was quickly stabilized. Obviously, Skynet is not so easy to bully. This round of fire coverage may be fatal to the 7 th order and even a threat to the order, but it is obvious that Skynet does not belong to this category.
When the channel is stable and efficient, it is much faster than Qin Mu Ye imagined. The other party is definitely not a nano-robot when repairing the iron curtain, but a more powerful technology
"When the connection is changed at the wrong time," Qin Mu Ye looked abrupt.
When the dense terminator rushed out, the channel faced a lot of firepower and was not afraid of direct magnetic field rotation. It was torn and sent directly to the outer mystery of the abyss.
A lot of monsters fight for the first time
Qin Mu Ye saw the problem at a glance. Just now, when the channel changed three times, it was connected.
The first time is the seventh-order terminator, and the magnetic field rotates to form the energy canopy. The second time is the nano-robot and the solid iron curtain.
And just rushed out of the terminator is the third time to transform the connection.
Every time this connection is converted, the farther in the future.
Science and technology are needed to precipitate, and the future Skynet timeline is naturally the culmination of science and technology. Therefore, the further this time channel connects with the future, the worse it will be for Qin Mu Ye.
In this regard, Qin Mu Ye also found the defect of the other party, that is, there is no way to directly connect to the time when Qin Mu Ye can crush the future and rise to the future step by step.
Otherwise, directly connecting to Skynet has pushed all technologies into a strong future. Just give Qin Mu Ye a time channel every other time, and he won’t need to take his time.
You know, this is not a game, but a life-and-death battle. Who would be so stupid to play a cat scratch game, or even worse, a powerful artificial intelligence? The other party must solve the hidden danger in an optimal way
More importantly, the other party seems to have restrictions, which can be directed at him now. Otherwise, the channel has just arrived here and he has absolutely no counterattack at that time in this world.
What’s more, the passage of time to this world has just been born, so it has solved everything directly from the root.
Judging from this list of actions, Skynet has been restricted in some way.
Qin Mu Ye guessed that this might be the help of the Lord’s Era to fix everything, otherwise he would have no chance to win at all.
"The Age of the Lord" is a bit pitted, but at least it will leave room. "
No matter what the activity is, the Age of the Lords will not publish the conditions for death, even if the ancient gods were revived at the beginning, and all lords will be defeated if they don’t realize the true intention of the ancient gods.
Even if the revival of the ancient gods failed, the doomsday clock was put in the limited-time activity to buy the vouchers so as not to be destroyed.
At the beginning, the world was upgraded, so there was more room. Just kill the lords of other weapons. After all, all six weapons are in the same stage.
It’s not a small problem that the obtained time channel is connected to the time line that can kill my future time and solve the problem of closing the beam.
He knows that he still has a chance, but he doesn’t know where this opportunity is and whether he can grasp it. After all, the situation has been turned upside down now.
Now even the golem-level mecha have come out. This group of terminators is naturally beaten by pressure and arranged. Although the terminator has a magnetic field rotation super power, its physical strength is mostly 6 th order mixed with a small number of 7 th order.
There is no difficulty for the goblins to kill the sixth order in Gargoyle armor. What’s more, the artifact equipment endows the territory with special characteristics. The seventh order can deal with it, and then the number of people will pile up.