The diameter of the disc is ten meters, and the height of the disc is more than two meters. The appearance looks like several pipes connected with UFOs.

What is a UFO? Anyway, this thing is of great research value
This thing feels a little small to hide food, so there should be another way, so you can’t just destroy it.
Lin let the crazy bees fly over to secrete the solution, and the disk eroded into a cave. It was easy to get into it, and the inside was spherical, and many holes could be seen around it, which should be the crystalline pipeline passages, but Lin noticed that it was a new creature here.
It’s a creature that looks like a white oval meat ball.
Chapter 33 Art Ending Brain Discovery
There are many fungi around the meatball. Are those Chibucha worms feeding it? What’s the point of this?
It’s strange
Lin decided to take this meatball to study and see if it is not too big to fit in such a large crystal disk.
This kind has a lot of pipes connected to the crystallization disk, and there are two of them. Another Lin also went to see it, but there is just a lot of fungi in it.
Now that the whole place has been killed by Chibucha insects, it’s time to go.
Lin asked the bees to dissolve the pipes connected around the crystallization disc, and the pipes broke, and the whole disc fell to the ground because it was very low, and there was not much damage when it fell.
Lin asked the troops to dissolve the disc and drag the meatballs out for the shredder to carry.
So it’s time to go
Looking at the trampled corpse of Kibucha bug, Lin felt that she had done almost enough. This battle was quite simple. This opponent is quite weak. Actually, Lin prepared more arms and troops to ensure victory in the battle.
However, Lin’s real idea is that it never thought that 1% of them would enter here successfully. Before entering here, Lin didn’t know the strength of Chibucha insects, nor did she know their number and various information. Lin also tried to detect many fliers or infiltrators, but they would be found out and killed every time.
The fight against Chibucha is all about fighting unknown enemies, so it is difficult to guarantee the odds, but Chibucha is a threat that must be solved.
Although it was easy to win this time, Lin still learned a lot. Before the battle, she should not think about how to build more powerful arms, but should have better means of investigation. After seeing the opponent’s information, she can easily build the ability to restrain her opponent.
After a brief summary of the battle, Lin intends to leave here, but there are still some things to do before that.
Lynn has to make sure that none of the Chibucha bugs are alive except that it took the meatball.
There must be no such thing as "future trouble"
Thinking of Lin, let the troops disperse into his channels connected to this crystal worm cave to find out if there are any Beech Bucha insects.
With Lin, the receiver in the rear of the army came to devour all the bodies of Chibucha here, and Lin made a thorough study of this cave.
Crystal wormholes are covered with pipes, which obviously transport food. It’s nothing strange. The most important thing is that the whole crystal cave wall has been emitting light, which is enough to illuminate the whole cave.
After research, Lin found that the cave walls were inlaid with a large number of crystal balls with a diameter of about 10 cm, and these balls would emit light. Lin speculated that maybe Kibucha would take these crystal balls to the surface to absorb the light and then take them in to take photos.
The hardness of these crystals is similar to that found in Qianlin seabed, but they all have shortcomings.
Not all solutions can dissolve crystals, but Lin can make many kinds of solutions. Usually, without giving them a name, one of them will have a very strong corrosive effect on crystals, and many other creatures will secrete Lin and do not intend to put these crystal armor.
In addition, almost all the caves on the cave wall lead to the surface, while some lead to places with water. Kibucha relies on this pipeline system to introduce water into the crystal worm cave.
A few Chibucha insects were found in these caves and were easily solved.
Besides, there is nothing special about this crystal wormhole. Although Chibucha is an interesting creature, it is a pity that they regard Lin as a threat. There are many species that will retaliate against Lin. I have seen Chibucha so far.
Everything that has to be disposed of.
The receiver can’t eat up the Chibucha here. There are too many reasons. If Lin doesn’t take the receiver enough to clean it up, there may be Chibucha alive …
So Lin specially made a kind of arms.
It is said that the arms are actually a large explosive bomb. The spherical diameter of this explosive bomb is about three meters. It is full of explosive mixture and has strong muscles that can compress into a large amount of gas. Although it moves by body, it can move by attaching limbs.
In fact, there is no limit to the size of this kind of explosive bomb, but the bigger it is, the more it will be consumed and it will be difficult to recover it. Usually, it will not be too big.
However, this is the most powerful explosive bomb made by Lin at present, so it is named’ art creator’
Lin let the’ art creator’ go to the center of the crystal wormhole and let the troops retreat to the cave.
Then prepare to detonate …
The huge explosive bomb continuously compresses the bulk gas to raise the explosive power to the highest level.
It’s better to fry the crystal Lin here.
Normally, Lin might build a base here, but Lin wants to kill this species completely this time.
But when preparing for the explosion, Lin felt a feeling that she had had a long time ago …’ compassion’
What is this? Lin is a little white. It seems that when you kill a species, you will have this kind of mood with each other, okay?
That is to say, after the artist explodes, the Chibucha bug may be extinct here.