The white skeleton dragon community is everywhere, and Susumi has seen these creatures, so it immediately launched an attack on the white skeleton dragon. The white skeleton dragon is taller than the emerald dragon and has much stronger physical strength, but this small community is almost impossible to resist. They were quickly arrested by Susumi, and Susumi found that the white skeleton dragon can easily understand their meaning.

After that, Susumi continued to attack other white skeleton dragons in further places. It tried not to kill the target, but took all these white skeleton dragons back to do more tiring work instead of some emerald dragons.
In this way, the Jade Dragon will have a new replacement …
By the way, there is another word to shape them
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Empire was founded
When the meteorite crossed the sky, time also flowed quickly, and it was several years before my eyes flashed.
Although there is still a long time before Lin waits for the arrival of a month, it is not something to do now, because all kinds of creatures have developed quite rapidly, especially the emerald dragon has formed a huge community, and Lin decided not to just observe them but to contact them
This should be … interesting.
A green creature gently fell to the ground in the jungle in the far south of the dinosaur continent …
In front of this creature is a wall that is ten meters high. It is made of square stones, some of which look old and have a lot of moss on them.
Sure enough, it feels very different when you look closely. There is a spectacular feeling.
The green creature looked at the wall. It stepped back a few steps in a row, then suddenly sprinted and jumped to nearly half the height of the wall.
It is about one meter tall, but it jumps out of almost five meters high, which should be considered as … ordinary.
This creature looks exactly like the Emerald Dragon. Actually, Lin created a simulated Emerald Dragon. Lin wanted to blend into the Emerald Dragon Group by this new’ spy’. Now Lin is faced with a rock wall made by Emerald Dragons. This wall surrounds all the Emerald Dragon settlements in the Dome Stone. Lin has not accurately calculated how wide it is, but it is beyond doubt that the Emerald Dragons will completely isolate their settlements from the jungle outside.
The most important thing to build this wall is to prevent large carnivorous creatures from attacking. Generally, large carnivorous dinosaurs are only six meters tall, but it takes a lot of resources and energy to build this thing … and it is always a problem that small carnivorous dinosaurs can climb in with special claws.
The spy walked along the wall to the left. After walking for about 100 meters, Lin saw the entrance here.
The entrance is about five meters wide. On both sides, there is a jade dragon forest spy wearing dinosaur skin and holding a bone spear. When they come to them, they all look at this side doubtfully, but they don’t make any move.
Their main purpose here is to prevent some creatures from running in from the entrance and seeing that spies are their own kind, they will not have the idea of blocking them.
After entering the entrance, a completely different scene appeared in front of Lin. It can no longer be simply called’ village’ or’ community’ but … it can be called’ city’.
Lin is now a flat road made of pure white rocks, and the sun shines on it, reflecting brilliant light. This white rock road is full of jade dragons going back and forth. Some of them are dragging stones, some are holding meat, and some are carrying ceramics of various shapes on their heads. Every jade dragon looks quite busy. They are like a green river flowing slowly in this urban area.
There are all kinds of rock buildings on both sides of the road. Most of these buildings are square, almost all of them are residential areas, and some of them have different ways.
Lin walked slowly into the emerald dragon stream here, which is completely different from the jungle outside the wall. Although they are as green and full of vitality as the jungle, they give Lin a monotonous feeling.
The number of jadeite dragons is quite large. Lin has not carefully counted it, and there may be more than 100 thousand
The number of words keeps echoing. In the auditory organ, Lin can distinguish every word in detail, but most of them are shouting and quarreling about some meanings.
Just in front of Lin, you can see an emerald dragon whose feet are covered with a piece of ceratosaurus skin, and some ceramics and dried meat are placed on it. This emerald dragon puts out its own things and then sees who can trade with it, but Lin finds a little emerald dragon sneaking up, and then the ceratosaurus skin takes a piece of dried meat and immediately turns and runs away.
The Jadeite Dragon noticed the escaped little Jadeite Dragon, and it immediately ran after it and kicked it hard, and took back the dried meat.
This phenomenon is actually very common here. Lin believes that it is the result of uneven distribution. The original Emerald Dragons raised their offspring together. However, Susumi and some high-ranking Emerald Dragons believed that their offspring should inherit their status, and their habit of raising their offspring together changed to that of Emerald Dragons raising them alone. Some Emerald Dragons could not exchange enough resources for their own work and other problems, so they could raise their offspring and abandon them. This is how these little Emerald Dragons were born.
And they are quite numerous.
After the change, jade dragons are usually raised by a female and a male, and they also live in the same house together, but even if two jade dragons are combined, it is sometimes difficult to obtain enough resources.
Lin, who was kicked into a ball by the little emerald dragon, can feel its extreme sadness. This phenomenon is really … strange
These jadeite dragons have formed a country of their own, and they are isolated from danger by high walls, but in it they quarrel with their enemies and hurt each other. There is always competition for them, which is not over yet.
"I have to change two pieces of skin!"
"Two pieces? One piece is already too much! "
Just as Lin was thinking about it, she suddenly saw a pair of jade dragons arguing on the side of the road not far away. One was holding a ceramic thing in his hand, while the other was holding a lot of turkey skins.
They seem to have a dispute because of the transaction. At this time, the two jade dragons became more and more quarrelsome, and the one with the ceramics seemed to be about to start work.
At this moment, an emerald dragon with a weapon came along. At this moment, two emerald dragons immediately stopped quarreling and left with their own things.
You can often see some Emerald Dragons walking around with weapons. They belong to the’ well-paid’ Susumi’ guards’. They are mainly responsible for everything and fighting. Generally, they will also stop other Emerald Dragons from quarreling or fighting with each other. Moreover, some Emerald Dragons with serious troubles will be captured by them. Because their territory has been increasing recently, they need quite a lot of workers.
Generally, jade dragons will run and stop quarreling when they see these guards, but because of this, their minds are always full of fear, and many of them often have to endure hunger and other pains.
This is indeed a big problem. A species has finally developed into a’ top creature’ without being bothered by the cold environment of various carnivores outside, but it has become more and more painful.
However, the jade dragons should not die as slowly as the mad scorpions did before. After all, their numbers are still increasing, and their systems will continue to change. It is hard to say whether the jade dragons can live a better life, but at least they can keep them stable.
But it’s hard to say if they meet their real rivals.
The spy continues to stroll around the emerald dragon city, and the surrounding area is still busy with green figures. Is there a single species in a large area? It seems that all the species that made this phenomenon were almost extinct by Lin.
But it’s not static here. Green Lin now sees a white figure in front of her. They are dragging a vine with a big stone tied to it.
There are several guards with weapons, the Jade Dragon, who are passing by the Jade Dragon on both sides of the stone.
These white figures carrying stones are all white skeleton dragons. They are usually about two meters tall than the one-meter emerald dragon, but the nearby white skeleton dragon community was defeated by Susumi and many white skeleton dragons were brought back as slaves.
The white skeleton dragons tried their best to drag this stone past the spy. They have always been asked to do this kind of hard work. They are the most painful, but they can’t do anything. Some white skeleton dragon communities outside have noticed the Susumi attack and gathered together in a scattered state, but the number is too small. It is difficult for them to do any effective resistance.
Lin walked slowly behind these white skeleton dragons. Lin wanted to see what they were building. After a while, an emerald dragon guard suddenly turned around and said, "What do you want to follow?"
The spy replied, "What’s the problem next?"
"Don’t make trouble." After saying this, the guard turned and walked on.
Some jadeite dragons will try to snatch the guards’ weapons, which is also the reason why they are nervous, but there is nothing they can do if they don’t do anything.
The white skeleton dragons dragged this multi-ton stone and kept pushing forward. One white skeleton dragon seemed to have reached the limit and fell to the ground. Two jade dragon guards immediately went over and dragged it away, while they continued to let the remaining white skeleton dragons continue to haul stones.
At first, the Jade Dragon treated the white skeleton dragon badly. Generally, if it fainted, they would wake it up and continue to work. But later, many white skeleton dragons died and the number of white skeleton dragons was small, so the situation became better. If it fainted, the Jade Dragon would let it recover and continue to work.
But this is just a little better …