This kind of thing is different from zombies. It is a good choice if Wang Jialai makes a royal god. Although we Zhuge family just handle this thing, it is not so simple if the Wang family wants to take it.

Do you remember the second master’s treat? At that time, a disappointing disciple of his old man’s house was married, and the old master shyly found Master Xie and Grandpa Luo to intercede with him. It was almost a result, and a desperate guy Tian Gou was killed! It is clear to everyone that I didn’t give the farm dog to Master Wang anyway, and as a result, he always left without buying anyone’s account …
I don’t care about it, master. Do you think this is an offence to the master?
If we give the corpse to the Wangs and let them refine the imperial gods, it will probably be unpleasant for the Wangs. In this case, the master estimates that the possibility of agreeing is very small-no wonder the Wangs have this trick!
I nodded to myself that this should be the case, suddenly I felt my armpit tightened and Sang Yu chuckled. "Why are you nodding and giggling?"
I quickly explained that "it’s okay, it’s okay, but I want to understand a thing …" Just here-
A huge explosion suddenly came not far away!
It’s like popping out of the ground. There are a lot of people shouting and calling to help save people. Everything feels more lively than the countryside. The sentry at the door also rushed out. What happened to several people?
This is action, right?
Want to also don’t want to let’s start work-Sang Yu put his hand in the fly claw a Yang shout a fly to the opposite tree around a few laps, she stretched out his hand and tried to feel then immediately nodded "well go.
Taking Sang Yu’s word, he quickly grabbed the rope and climbed over. That move called a flowing civet cat to take off its rabbit. In less than a minute, it firmly landed on the opposite side. "Hey, hurry up!
How fast did you call me, not to mention carrying a dead little black on my back-I didn’t go until I climbed across the rope with a long face … I snapped a turn and became a sling surface!
This matter … Alas, I can’t help thinking of what Uncle Wang has just done-if only this soft rope could be hardened!
Behind the little black pedal hard flustered call "be careful, you little smelly don’t drop me-ah, ah, ah, be careful, this just remembered that the wire but through to drop the little black myself.
Immediately, my arm shrank toward the surface, pulled myself up a few inches and gasped for breath … After I calmed down a little, I tried to climb to the opposite side, but I couldn’t feel the force.
"Hurry up!" Sang Yu shouted at the top of his voice. "The guard outside seems to be coming back."
This made my heart tighten and I made a double effort to climb over to the opposite side. Blackie kept clamoring in my ear, "Hurry up …" "Be careful …" "Something else …"
I can definitely say that I am no match for climbing a rope, but I managed to reach the other side after two minutes, just before the anger in Sang Yu’s eyes gushed out-I swear that I will never climb with animals again, because this fact is so lame!
Before I can catch my breath, the midline has come to Wang Xiyin. "Cough, brother Liu, hello, comedy, ya Xi, a smile." Are you’ Let’s paddle? "
"I hate cursing your sister." Too much nonsense-have you settled your own affairs? "
"K Wang Xi gloated." We would have gone in if we hadn’t waited for you to act together … Forget it, it’s no use talking to you-did I act? "
Headphones immediately to Sang Yu decisive voice "all right.
I want to cry! After the first humiliation, everyone decisively transferred my command to Sang Yu …
We haven’t found the whereabouts of several ninjas in the lair of the Ghost Road, but that doesn’t mean that ghosts are not here. On the contrary, because this is their lair, maybe there are other guys who are better at hiding in the dark-so we can’t make the royal gods scout the news and check them one by one by themselves.
Taking advantage of this chaos, Sang Yu and I quickly touched a side door. She used the master key to get this old-fashioned door lock, and then they quickly dodged in and the noise outside the door continued and vaguely heard the sound of fire engines. It will continue for a while.
All right, hold on tight
Another side door came to shake the light and shadow ears, and at the same time Wang Xiyin came. "Well, we came in." As we talked, we saw that they came in there. At present, it was Wang Xi-the goods came in and smiled at me. "Look separately?"
"Nonsense! We checked the first, second and third floors from the fourth floor. "I’m one point behind schedule." Whoever finds it will say one. "Not much to say, and Sang Yu will immediately move along the stairs.
I didn’t feel it when I climbed to the third floor, but I just arrived at the fourth floor-suddenly a very unpleasant feeling caught me, just like playing mahjong, and I was nervous when I was ready to call. Er, it was a sense of crisis.
There is a famous saying in Sichuan that the three sad wives in life are unfaithful and unfilial.
Think about it. Is it good to have this feeling coming? I was just about to speak, but when I turned around and saw Sang Yu’s face full of astonishment, she seemed to feel the same thing-she hesitated. "It seems that it is not quite right to make a cloud."
When she spoke, she didn’t. Instead, she was trying to understand this feeling. She looked pale and patted her on the shoulder. "Don’t feel it-you can’t feel your four-poster pure yang." I explained, "Don’t make yourself out of order."
After listening to me, Sang Yu gave up feeling this ghostly atmosphere and tried her best. I said, "How do you feel?"
I grinned and sneered. "I don’t know, it’s not a good thing anyway-you’ll know."
Sang Yu didn’t notice the little black-ya has bowed, and it’s not too much to stare at the door leading to the fourth floor, saying it’s nervous, just like an explosive hair!
But fortunately, after I spoke, Xiaohei did react. His body relaxed a little, and his expression was still serious. "If there is a problem, he raised his paw." There is a mystery in it. "
"Can you come out?"
Blackie shook his head. "If you don’t come out, you can feel that there seems to be a kind of unspeakable hatred inside. It’s like a calm lake. The deep end of the water is always ready to come out and bite us-are you sure you want to go in?"
"Yes, I sighed." Come and go. "
Having said that, Sang Yu and I have already shook hands with each other, saying that it is not too much for us to be auxiliary armed. Then I walked to the door and pushed it so gently-
The door should be slowly knocked inside, and it feels like home-but I found something abnormal in it instantly!
Because I didn’t see ordinary buildings, but I saw a piece of flowers and birds in the building!
Have a Doraemon? If you have a random door connected to the original forest, you can feel this feeling. When you push the door, the whole world is very different. One side is the reinforced concrete city and the other side is the original forest …
It sounds like a forest here. There are many trees and flowers planted in it. There is a dozens of square lakes in the wall. There is a wooden house at the door of the lake, and there are a few plants scattered beside a stone chessboard. They are lazy, tired and peaceful, and their feelings of world struggle are doubtful.
The whole pastoral scenery!
At this time, I didn’t notice that the walls around here were obviously piled with rocks, and then the surface was covered with creepers, vines and vines. An unknown light source emits soft light, which makes everything enveloped in softness and charm.
The setting sun shines in the late autumn pavilion, which is beautiful!
Sang Yu was obviously more surprised than I was when he finally said, "It’s so beautiful …"
I nodded. "It’s really beautiful …"