Longyou gently shook his head as if he was very disappointed with the rattan project. He got up and left.

And the rattan project? After listening to Longyou’s words, I suddenly felt deep fear. Longyou’s words sounded full of truth, but I never thought about it before.
"Mr. Longyou, you must help me. I don’t have the ability to get his information, but when you give it to me, I will thoroughly investigate this person. Although I will not be a big force as soon as I get together, I still have some. I will definitely find out!"
Longyou gave him a look back a little strange and asked
"You just keep me?"
Rattan engineering once again leng a face of very struggle to see Longyou again, and finally bite the bullet when it turns around. Suddenly, it descended and hugged Longyou’ leg’ directly.
"Mr. Longyou, Mr. Longyou, you must help me. If you don’t help me, I’m afraid I’m really going to die. Mr. Longyou, I beg you, you must help me!"
Longyou some nai kicked two feet and said
"Eldest brother, are you sure you’re not here to play with me? Is black boss really such an idiot? … I’m talking about a reward, your sister! My new pants are dirty for you to touch! Hurry up and get up! "
Rattan project is now as obedient as Longyou’s younger brother, climbing from the ground to ensure that
"Don’t worry, Mr. Longyou, please rest assured that I will give me all the money for Zhongshan Hall!"
"Well, in this case … it’s only a matter of time before the Sun Yat-sen Hall’s face is torn out, but it’s boring to do things with a plan. So you should send someone to the Sun Yat-sen Hall’s chassis to provoke it every day. From the information you gave me, it seems that Xinlong Town is a key protected area of the Sun Yat-sen Hall. You might as well send more people not to make too much noise, kill and set fire, but don’t come and smash the shop first. Let’s just disgust them and make them can’t help but make moves first. Let’s
Rattan engineering even called it a hurry to go out and arrange it, and also sent someone to change the sofa and coffee table for Longyou.
"Boss, you’re getting worse and worse. I didn’t expect so much … So Zhongshan Hall is a hard stone. Can we both eat?"
Answering Xiao Si is naturally a supercilious look at Longyou.
"You are really simpleton. That’s my story about the rattan project. Your ya actually believed it … if you still have his card in the hands of the mysterious boss of Zhongshan Hall, will his rattan project still have a chance before us? If Zhongshan Hall is so capable, can we get here smoothly? I’m afraid you’ll be in trouble when you get on the plane. You’re really full of water, aren’t you? "
Longyou tossed his head, sat on a new sofa, picked up a cup on the coffee table and gently shook a red liquid, which looked very tempting and confusing.
"Wow, it turns out that the boss is so terrible. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, it seems that it’s really white to follow the boss."
Longyou chuckled. Although this flattery is full of "holes", it didn’t say much about what is slightly heavy "songs". This just looked up and looked at Xiaosi and said.
"When you go to Gao Long-machi and keep an eye on it, they won’t be too tight. Give me some information. If you lean on that guy from rattan project, we can just wait for death. And don’t touch the old woman. What * * will be solved when everything is done?"
Chapter 234 Waiting
A listen to this small four leap’ desire’ try expression instantaneous cooling to but still doubt’ confused’ asked.
"What is Gao Long Town, isn’t it Xinlong Town?"
The glass flew quickly, and Xiao Si almost didn’t hide in the past.
"You idiot, I told you that’s my story about coaxing rattan project. Your ya grow a little brain, okay? If Xinlong District is their big son, wouldn’t it just tell people that we have completely controlled their information? You want people to get everything ready and then we’ll fight them, don’t you! "
"Wow, the boss is really …"
"Is your sister hurriedly roll for me! Roll roll! "
Small four ass haven’t export was longyou hurried to do things, but small four root seems not going to start work now, but leaned back to’ bed’ a lie is shu shu closed his eyes as if going to sleep here first.
What a coincidence! Unfortunately, at this moment, the doorbell rang again, and then three’ women’ came in. They were all very pure and sweet. They spoke a mouthful of Longyougen and couldn’t understand the words of the island country, but they knew what they were doing by looking at their costumes. A cup was dumped again and the’ flower’ landed, and the three of them got a fright.
Small four jumped up with excitement, and just wanted to roar, it was in the ear.
"Let them go!"
After seeing off the three girls, Xiao Si shrugged his shoulders and climbed to the bed again. It seems that he intends to really sleep here.
Longyou saw his one eye, then got up and walked to the’ bed’. When he pulled his ear, he lifted him up.
"Small four, don’t you find a’ bed’ in this room?"
Small four pain yi tooth mouth but still replied
"Yes, what’s the problem? Oh, the boss hurts gently. "
Longyou ha ha a smile
"It’s your sister. It’s your sister’s problem. There is a’ bed’. Where do you let the old sleep? Get out of here and get out of here! "
Xiao Sigen didn’t say anything and was directly kicked out by Longyou.
"And don’t sleep tonight, or I’ll let you never touch a woman for a generation."
Longyou’s threat is still very intimidating. He got a chill and muttered something to do.
Long spit out a sigh of relief Longyou looked out of the window at the’ door’ and several bodyguards in black suits stayed in the line of sight for several times.
"I really don’t know how rattan engineering this guy can make it so big. Are his opponents stupid? Alas, it’s a pity that I can enjoy this big’ bed’ and I can’t sleep tonight. "
Sighing for a long walk, I changed my clothes, then walked out of the room’ door’ and went to the toilet, where I was gone …
The next day, the sun just rose, and soon the door bell rang in Longyou’s room, which made Longyou very dissatisfied with hitting the door and throwing a pillow directly in the past, followed by a beating.Seeking network wwwqiushuC
"I don’t know that I didn’t sleep with you last night by letting you disturb my eldest brother’s sleep. He won’t let me catch up and I’ll kill you. I’ll make you blind!"
After a "chaos" fight, Longyou was somewhat Japanese. When he returned to his room, he sat down on the sofa in his pajamas and didn’t good the spirit shouted.
"Come in here if you’re not dead. You still need batting practice, right?"
Familiar with the blue suit or the bald and fat rattan project
But today, he is not as good as Yan’ color’. He came in and looked at Longyou angrily.
"Mr Longyou my brother Xinlong area six hundred people died six hundred people! Didn’t you say let me make a mess? But now that I’ve lost 600 people, Zhongshan Hall hasn’t lost a bit. Isn’t this … aren’t you cheating me? "
Longyou haha laughed
"Yo rattan old ghost, this guy actually knows what a pit is. You are a pit. You are old. You haven’t slept all night. You should feel’ excited’ me."
Just then, the "door" was beaten again, but the fourth grader came in with a pair of red eyes and a yawn.
"The boss stared at it for a night, but I still haven’t seen the so-called boss come forward with that idiot."
"If nonsense is so easy for you to find out that he is still the boss, don’t pretend to be in front of me. Go and make me a cup of coffee and tell me all your observations."
Although very reluctant, Xiao Si did it and muttered something.
"Well, where do you say yes? That guy is not generally cruel. The old ghost said it was really good. If something goes wrong, he will kill people. Even his own people are stupid … terrible."
Of course, this must have been a supercilious look by the rattan project, but Xiao Si was not to be outdone and stared back. However, the rattan project suffered silently because of some concerns
"Things in Xinlong Town seem to make him very angry. Gao Long Town is also moving, but I didn’t dare to stay. After all, the headquarters is easy to find."
"Headquarters? What did you say?/Sorry? Headquarters? "
Rattan project is like hearing yourself jump up from the sofa like Yamamori is a brother, with a big belly and a pair of big eyes staring at the boss as if he were going to eat a small four.