"… what imagination can leave?" Brain spirit continued to ask, "Is this … a joke?"

Does it even know the word joke? But Lin continued to say to it, "Don’t act quickly or it will really collapse."
The brain is separated from the spirit
Brain spirit is still confused, but it still leaves here, as if it really did what Lin said.
Lynn also wants to see what it is going to do …
But Lin didn’t cheat it either. Although the test was not complete for a long time, Lin had roughly understood what was going on in this place and what was the intelligence to control it.
In fact, it has a great connection with all the residents here, relying on the imagination of the residents … It can really fly.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and sixty-six Fantasy and takeoff
"Now all residents please note that our city is on the verge of collapse! But don’t worry! Because this city has the ability to fly! It is actually a huge transport ship that will take us away from here! "
The whole city echoed with all the brain machines that were frightened and hid in the earthquake … This moment stopped to listen to the radio carefully.
"Can we fly?" "I seem to have heard what this city is …" "How is that possible? A city can actually fly? "
Some residents in a relatively safe place are talking about it. They obviously doubt whether it is possible …
Boom! ! !’
However, they don’t have much time to doubt that the earthquake makes the city more inclined. At the edge of the canyon in the west of the city, several stones can be seen bursting from the rock wall and falling into the dark river at the bottom.
Every time a stone touches the black river, the river gives off a strange roar and a huge …’ Water column’ bursts from the river and rushes towards the canyon.
Lin has a fluffy ball. Look at this picture here.
Every time something falls into this fractured river, it will erupt, and its explosion form is very different from ordinary splash sputtering.
What it sputters out are black objects with different shapes, sometimes spherical, sometimes water column … sometimes like a giant dinosaur.
These black objects will fly to a high position and then fall back again. Sometimes they will stay for a while and come back. Sometimes they will fly a little askew and hit the west wall of the city on the edge of the canyon.
If you are touched by a black object, a large piece of the wall will be cut off.
This is really an extremely dangerous thing. Lin is looking for a way to study it, but … before that, we have to fly Cannao City out of here.
Originally, it was impossible for the city to fly out of here, because Midgart would take care of this area, which banned all communication and prohibited the possibility of things escaping here.
But now everything is not so strict … The communication sent here may be received by the outside, and it is also possible to get in and out of here through some methods.
Lynn only recently learned these things that Midgart’s tomb is a way to escape … This rule is actually taken care of when Midgart is awake.
At the same time, the city … is also possible to fly and hope the residents here.
"The city can fly! The flight procedure has been started now! " The brain spirit is still trying to say it in a good way. It doesn’t directly ask residents to imagine that the city can fly, but tells them that it is ready to fly.
This will make all residents in the city naturally feel that … this city can fly.
But will it be so smooth?
"Ahhh-!" Lin saw that most residents of the city fled in horror, especially those who lived in the west because they could see the darkness surging from the bottom of the canyon
These darkness have rushed to a higher school than the city, and some will fall back after a while, and some will hit the city.
Everything they touch … instantly turns to powder, which makes those residents have no leisure to think about running for their lives and foreign affairs.
Only those residents in the security zone have leisure to imagine whether it is possible to rely on them so much.
"We have started the flying device!" Brain spirit said, "Now we are moving! The process will be very bumpy. All residents must find an safe place to stabilize their bodies and prevent various accidents such as falling apart! "
The brain sounds and the shaking of the city continue, and many residents have made their own "stable" movements according to the requirements of the brain.
But …
The city didn’t fly and the dumping became more and more serious.
"Can we really fly?" The brain spirit mixed with panic sounds sent it out, and after the broadcast, it quickly hit a screen around it, which showed … the position of the metal bucket before the reduction was studied and detected.
"Are we flying now?" Brain spirit questioned the pompoms in the screen.
"Of course …" The fluffy ball said, "It didn’t fly."
"No … not to say that you can fly?" Brain spirit immediately said, "What didn’t fly? Is that you can say … "
"They still doubt you," said the pompom. "They don’t fully believe that this city can fly."
"They …" Brain spirit tone suddenly became … quite lost. "How can they immediately believe that this city can fly … most of them don’t even know the history of this city …"
A violent vibration caused the lost midbrain spirit to fall to the ground.
"This is …" The brain spirit quickly got up, moved to the exit of the house and knocked on the door, looking out from the top of the city.
It can see and feel that the city is moving at a high speed.
But instead of flying, I fell back to that high-speed movement
The western canyon wall seems to have completely exploded, and there is no rock to support the whole city … and it falls towards the canyon.
Because the city is too big, it will not completely fall into the canyon, but after a while, it will hit the cliff opposite the canyon
The ensuing violent impact may smash most of the city and fall into the canyon Heihe River.
"Here is flying! Hurry up and recognize flying here! " Brain spirit immediately replied to the room after learning about the present situation, shouting at the broadcast picture almost incoherently.