Only to see a tiger with a faint green mist is raging in the camp.

Scream and scream
But there were no monkeys in the whole camp, and people scattered in an orderly way. The former patriarch led a group of people to shout around the tiger.
Women, children, the elderly and the weak were quickly taken to the shelter.
During the long life, wild animals broke into the camp from time to time, and apes had their own set of coping methods.
Unfortunately, today’s opponents are too strong and obviously different from the past.
An ape-man was bitten in two by a tiger.
The ape-man is also fierce, knowing that he will die and struggling to put the bamboo tube in his hand into the tiger’s mouth.
A deafening sound started.
Apes cheered.
The giant tiger stood still, waiting for the flame to die out, and then shook his body again.
It is safe and sick, but it gradually exudes more intense murder.
Although apes have more than 600 kinds of blessings and various means of writing emerge one after another, after all, it is too short to be the opponent of this tiger.
The former patriarch drank a lot and grabbed the step. His fists were like hammers before hitting the tiger’s forehead.
The tiger still did not move.
It didn’t even shake a tiger.
-it is quietly staring at the former patriarch with open eyes, and the eyes gradually reveal humanized contempt.
The former patriarch can feel bad and want to retreat, but he finds himself unable to move.
The green mist on the tiger’s body climbed his arm and spread towards him
The tiger shrank and opened its jaws and bit the former patriarch.
Hearing "dong", the tiger flew out like a shell, knocking off several trees along the way and disappearing into the jungle in the distance.
Gu Qingshan took a look at the whole tiger body lying dozens of miles away in the wilderness and had been smashed to powder.
Just now, it was the feather that blocked her father from punching him.
I saw her turn around her father and read a spell in her mouth.
She patted her father on the shoulder.
The former heads of families immediately moved again.
Apes cried loudly.
Feather was not excited at all, and her face showed panic. She jumped a big stone and looked out of the camp.
However, seeing large tracts of forests, the field of vision is getting wider and wider, and the visible places are getting wider and wider.
"No …"
Feather absence way