"Tu Yuejun!" Tian Youqi can’t help but call out Zhu Jia and stare big eyes with delight.

Although she just showed that she is not afraid of death, the young girl is not greedy for beautiful life.
"Who are you!" Tian late autumn didn’t respond for a while and couldn’t help drinking and asked, "Who let you in!"
"Didn’t you let that black QiJun invite us?" At this time, Xie Cunguan walked slowly into the hall, followed by Ma Baoer, and Xie Cunguan walked and said, "We are here, but Black QiJun obviously can’t come back!"
"What?" Tian late autumn can’t help but be surprised that there are two people in the other side, and Kurosaki brought someone. In the past, that person was a leader in training camp.
"Do you want me to beg for mercy on my knees and crying?" At this time, Xie Cunguan slowly pulled out the five-type army stab from the back waist. When he applauded just now, his temporary general stabbed in the back waist. "Don’t let me see your means?"
"Kill him!" Tian late autumn hand knife raised again.
"Kill-"Next to several samurai immediately pulled out the broadsword and rushed in first.
While others rushed to the wall with weapons and guns and sticks.
It turns out that most of this training camp is a martial arts training country. Besides Tatsu Yamashiro, weapons are also unfinished.
Chapter sixty-four Those who stand in my way die
At that time, the whole hall was in a mess.
Tian Shengji has run a total of ten training camps in Hokkaido, ten of which are mainly in some cities for preliminary training and talent selection. Because what they are doing is not agreed by every Ri youth, it is very important to choose talents, not only for martial arts, but also for certain militarism.
Of course, some talented people in martial arts Tian Shengji will also send people to try to assimilate him.
People’s minds can be changed in many times, just like German soldiers in World War II. Certainly not every soldier hates Jews, but with the progress of the war, it has become a consensus to kill Jews gradually.
And once this consensus is formed, it is as if we all take eating pork for granted now.
Only those who are gifted in martial arts and have militaristic thoughts will be selected into this mountain training camp, and the outstanding people in these mountain training camps will be selected into Tianjia Black Dragon Warrior to receive knowledge training including firearms and espionage.
Because Tian Shengji is in Otaru to do things, he usually regards Tian Late Autumn as his assistant training center, and his intention of leaving Tian Late Autumn one by one becomes the boss of the whole training institution.
Tian came to this mountain training camp after staying in the training camp in the city in late autumn.
As a result, Xie Cunguan was provoked.
Xie Cunguan actually came to Hokkaido in addition to traveling and honing Wushu, just to see what it’s like to compete with the headquarters of the Black Dragon Club in Tokyo in a field province. However, he was slightly disappointed by the early encounter with Kawasaki and others. Actually, the strength of those people is quite good objectively.
However, on the whole, there is no comprehensive combat power, that is, there is no cooperation with each other
At the moment, looking at these rushing people, he feels the same cold weapon fighting. If they don’t cooperate with each other, it is generally unbearable. This is why Qi Shaobao said that boxing is superior to fighting skills! Because no matter how good a man’s martial arts is, he can decide the outcome of the war.
Thousands of people come to the roots, and there is no room for flashing.
Once the two sides fight, one side loses like a mountain. At this time, the personal Wushu can only be brought into play. Therefore, when the war is in chaos, the battlefield is paved, the Yan slayer makes meritorious deeds, and the fleeing person has to escape. Only when the two sides are extremely martial, can they have a chance.
The individual martial arts are suitable for disorderly fighting but not for group fighting.
However, Tian Shengji training camp is to train a group of high-skilled Wushu people rather than soldiers. If we bring the young Chinese people who fought bloody battles in the strip of Surabaya City, these people may be less skilled than these people, but the same 100 people will deal with them, even 100 people will deal with them, and 200 people will be doubtful.
When a knife blows like the wind, Xie Cunguan’s body meets the knife and rushes in directly from the general of the man’s arms and pierces the opponent’s throat.
If you hesitate or don’t belong to the enemy plane, you will die if you rush there.
As the saying goes, when a brave man meets a narrow road, he wins thanks. The sense of function rushes at the long knife without hesitation. This is the courage of the fighters. In fact, many times, our usual martial artists are greeted by sticks but are injured by long knives, which is the lack of life and death.
The first emphasis of all martial arts is not technology but courage.
In Qi Shaobao’s Ji Xiaoxin, I summed up the Tianquan method, The Essential Chapter of Boxing Classics. I wrote that I am lazy to tie my clothes, and when I go out, I will change my situation.
If you are brave to the enemy, look at yourself first! That is to say, the courage to fight in the cold war is not enough, and the predecessors say that the eyes are hard to beat, the hands are hard to beat, and the heart is hard to beat. These three hard words are bold and dare to hand in popular terms.
I often hear people say that artists are bold, but in fact, it can be said that bold people are skilled! Generally speaking, the more successful the fighter, the more successful the winner.
Xie Cun loyalist pierced the first man’s throat and pulled out the army thorn. At the same time, he stepped directly like a plow and stepped into the man’s legs and hit his head with a spin, then knocked the man out and flew to the crowd behind him.
A few people were blocked at the moment when they were rushing forward. A stupidly grateful officer had rushed to the front.