Director Zhao nodded. He always felt that these scientists were like ghost captain who deliberately left a communication bridge for gardeners.

"Well, it’s a good thing to see it when it’s too ladder! We have prepared for such a long time before, and I believe we can take the lead in the competition!
By the way, how are they doing recently? I mean, physically … "General Hu suddenly turned a topic and pointed out.
It’s amazing that Yun Nie has extended his life span and rejuvenated himself. It’s amazing that the florist has been fermenting for a while, so he is eager to know if there is any vice.
Of course, Director Zhao said that his face was a little weird. "Er, it should be … good!"
What do you mean, "should be very good? Make it clear! " General Hu dissatisfied way
"Ahem! According to their own, now … Now it’s a long body time, except for a big appetite, it seems that there is no vice … "Director Zhao said with a strange face.
"Uh …" General Hu was startled.
A group of old men are growing up? He thinks the world is a little mysterious …
"In addition to good health and brain seems to be … better!" Director Zhao paused and added
"brain?" General Hu has some doubts.
"well! Those people have become quick-witted, I mean super-quick!
When I came across a method to overcome technical difficulties, I took a design and asked the old man Liang for advice. After reading it for less than 3 seconds, I pointed out the mistakes and omissions in my drawings and directly gave five ways to improve them … "Director Zhao smashed it, and his mouth was pale with pain.
Even the gap between the old-timers is so big that it is quite worrying. I already feel that I am not a species …
"psst! Less than 3s? !” General Hu gasped.
"well! Less than 3s! "
"How big is your drawing?"
"Almost as big as A2 paper …"
"This ….. scanner is not so fast? !”
"alas! Who says it’s not? It says that they not only have a far higher level of scientific knowledge than I do, but also have an unknown brain strengthening. That’s not a 16-year-old bachelor. It’s a 16-headed monster … "
"psst! So in the old, they should also have a similar physical strengthening to the Ghost Knight. ghost captain’s biotechnology feels stronger than mechanical technology … "General Hu is inexplicably chilling.
Possessing such terrorist technology is simply playing with the human body at the palm of your hand. Is it the imperial city?
He has a sense of panic and urgency that natural persons are about to be eliminated …
"Well, I really think this is probably about the medium-rise brain hair technology. It is said that when the brain hair reaches 1%, it can be directly turned into a god without saying anything. Their estimate is almost 3% …"
"Er … why haven’t I heard of it?" General Hu is startled. Is this technology so awesome?
"Oh, the science fiction film says so." Director Zhao, please believe me. I have done my homework and I am confident.
He didn’t notice that General Hu, who was opposite, was still excited by a black line and analyzed it by himself.
"As far as I can guess, ghost captain may be started with biotechnology! Think about it. What does the study of science and technology depend on? By the brain!
If you have this brain-boosting technology or drugs to develop a large number of advanced technologies, is that a thing? Look at their present state and you will know that this is just like hanging up!
Even they are already so tough, so you can imagine how amazing the big BOSS ghost captain’s brain will be. I think … 5, 6% less should be there!
This brain research for hundreds of years to send out a bunch of black technology rushed out of the earth … Is it difficult? "
General Hu "…"
Lie in the trough! Is this guy trying to tell me that ghost captain has become a god and the road is getting farther and farther?
Whether it is true or not, it is estimated that the parties will be busy again when they go out to ghost captain for textual research.
I’m afraid a "biological super brain theory" will be added after the "ghost captain origin theory" such as "the young heart theory" and "the lost battleship theory".
White House of America
"You are too ladder … no matter we are shocked, it is already there! And it’s a position we don’t want to see!
The seats are all elites, and you should all be able to understand what a huge impact and impact it will have once it is put on the ball situation, especially if it is too developed in the future!
We must race against time to lay out the layout and seize the opportunity immediately! "Defense minister a face of serious, pointing to the satellite images.
"ghost captain really put too ladder? Does he seem to prefer to be alone in his performance? " Someone holding a lucky way
"That’s before! The virtual helmet will be on sale soon, and now he has built a ladder. What does this mean? It means that ghost captain has freed itself from the binary war to prepare to get involved in the earth!
And that ship … it shouldn’t be said that Taigang is the headquarters of Atlantis company. Do you think ghost captain has specially set up such a company to play house with himself? "The defense minister broke the crowd this a fluke.
"Yes! The virtual world subverts the Internet and guards the throat of the industry, ghost captain. This is to control the future lifeline of the earth in a two-pronged manner! " Someone sighs.
"Ahem! This is not a bad thing for us, but also a crisis opportunity. If we can seize the opportunity, we can accelerate the development of science and technology and continue the glory of the country! "
"Difficult! The virtual world is a complete reshuffle of the internet, which will have a huge impact on the physical industry, and our accumulated scientific and technological advantages will swing. Everyone is at the same starting line. Can we pray that our wealth will still be there?
Taiti not to mention that it has promoted the development of the surrounding economic circle. There is no doubt that the distance between the United States and China is a little far … "
"Virtual world, Tethyan, even before the Europa War, ghost captain used the same means, that is, absolute scientific and technological strength to create a framework for our countries to compete hard in this framework!
If we want to crack his technical advantage, we can obediently abide by the rules of the game he made! "
"It’s too difficult to crack the technical advantage …"
"ghost captain temporarily irresistible! He never shows up and rarely interferes in national affairs, which is more like a mysterious symbol, so I suggest that we focus on ensuring our country’s leading position in the ball for the time being!
We have joined earth defense force. Without the big stick, the international status of the United States has plummeted. If the scientific and economic fields are overtaken by other countries, the status of a big country will soon be lost! "
"well! I agree with this strategy. I am proud to ignore ghost captain’s strategic layout for the time being! Then our biggest rival at present … is the florist!
The florist’s recent development momentum is amazing. This is a piece of information just compiled by the intelligence department … "
Chapter three hundred and thirteen The Earth Express
From a few months ago, florists traded iron ore and steel resources through Chu’s Atlantis Company.
Low-priced iron ore resources and bulk steel purchase agreements have greatly improved the problem of excess capacity in the steel industry chain of flower-growing countries and accelerated the merger and reorganization of China’s steel industry.
Affected by this, the international iron ore price is slowly falling, and the four major mining groups have been greatly affected.
In addition, the precision of industrial processing in flower growing countries is rising rapidly, and the number of finishing equipment imported from abroad is slipping, and there is a tendency to get rid of external dependence, and it is suspected that high-precision industrial mother machines have been obtained.
What is even more surprising is the development of the other side’s science and technology field.
In the virtual world of science and technology tree, florists and scientists have shown amazing digestion speed of science and technology, and various new technologies have emerged one after another, and many major breakthroughs have been made in chip technology, pharmaceutical field, engine, display panel and semiconductor.