Lin Qing smiled. "Maybe I can give it a try."

It was not a secret for Brother Taihua that Lin Qing instigated the thunder robbery at the base of Taihua. Later, he released news to the outside world that he had secretly given Lin Qing a magic weapon that could grow and easily attract the thunder robbery before the incident came back.
He Zhenjun is the only brother Leilinggen in the mainland of mountains and seas. He gave his disciples a treasure to attract thunder. Others will not have any doubts. Although most people are envious, the magic weapon will be struck by lightning. Not everyone can afford it without the protection of the master.
"You mean your magic weapon is almost advanced?" Qin Qian asked
Chapter 3 Shoot at me
"Well, almost." Her voice sounded like a cold world of mountain hot springs.
Qin Qian’s expression is a little serious. "It is very dangerous to provoke Lei Jie when he is advanced."
Attracting natural forces is no small matter. How many people die? It is best for Taihuamen to be advanced and protected by a master.
Lin Qing also knows the danger. Her eyes are quiet and dark, and there is no fear at the bottom of her eyes. "We have been trapped for so long. This is the only way I can think of."
Song Qi’s eyelids droop. This is indeed a method that can be tried. Maybe she can also … She looked up and saw Qin Qian and Lin Qing’s eyes and swept far away the two true gentlemen practicing Yao Bufan’s heart and sighed …
Qin Qian was silent for a long time. He said, "Okay, let’s give it a try."
Since it is decided to work hard in this direction, it is necessary for the three of them to cooperate, and the representative of Qin Qian will inform the two true gentlemen and Yao Bufan of their plans.
"Lead the sky and thunder?" Jing Min Zhen Jun and Rui Heng Zhen Jun were very surprised after hearing this. They all looked at Lin Qing and thought of Hehe and felt that nothing was impossible.
See Lin Qing timid two people can’t help but sigh with emotion and dust itself. It seems that he also received a not simple brother.
It shouldn’t be said that three young players can survive many crises. Like the two Yuan babies, they didn’t drop a layer and make it into a sandwich array. It’s not easy to keep people regardless of their ability and opportunity.
There are many things I have thought about when I live to their age. Generally, it takes hundreds of years of penance to want to advance in infancy, and in these hundreds of years, I used to crawl, and maybe one day you will surpass my expectations.
Can talents suppress genius and suppress it?
It’s all chance, it’s all fate
Don’t bully the young, don’t feel ugly when you are old, and the turn of time may one day change your position.
Yao Bufan was very shocked by the three-person proposal of Taihuazong. His shock was not that Lin Qing had a magic weapon that could cause thunder robbery, because he was afraid that it would be more shocking than Lin Qing’s opportunity to say it.
He was shocked that someone could reveal such a secret to others.
It’s not easy to activate the magic weapon of thunder robbery. Isn’t she afraid that they will get up?
He looked at Lin Qing strangely.
Yao Bufan doesn’t know whether this Taihua is a secret or not. For Taihua’s younger brother, it is strange that he is a maverick and peerless genius without a mysterious treasure.
Seeing Yao Bufan’s eyes in a trance, Lin Qing pulled out a sealed round bead, which made people unable to see the order. It was very mysterious. She approached Yao Bufan with malicious intent and asked, "Is it Yao Daoyou who wants it?"
"You this … hum I will want your things?" Yao Bufan was so angry that he didn’t think too much about this woman’s way … It’s not playing cards according to the rules!
Lin Qing thief thief smile away.
This round pearl magic weapon is the last achievement of the ancient secret realm, and it is the highest treasure of the 25 secret treasures. She chose it at that time because it looks like a pearl and is a spiritual weapon. It would be perfect if it pretended to be a pearl in case.
It is this round bead that she has studied for several years and concluded that it is a ghost thing, which is simply tailor-made by ghosts and ghosts. For the time being, she is not kept in the sumeru ring.
Lin Qing can be so "calm". Rui Hengzhen thinks that they can’t live up to the younger generation’s letter and take the initiative to say, "Lin Xiaoyou’s secret is waiting for you to keep your mouth shut."
Both true gentlemen said that Yao Bufan could also follow Nai’s promise not to reveal the secret.
After six people worked out the plan carefully, Lin Qing left Lingshi to feed Zhu day and night.
In a flash, when January passed, her lingshi finally bottomed out.
Although she was given pearls in Lingshi Mine and other ways, she suddenly returned to the liberation and thought that she was poor again. Lin Qing was depressed as if she had broken a big hole.
She rolled her eyes and shouted at several people in the distance, "I have something to say about that."
"Is it time for school sister?" Song Qi flew in with surprise, and others surrounded him.
"Ahem, it’s not that she wrinkled her nose." It’s that my LingShi has run out of round beads and I’m still short of aura … "
That’s what it means to let them show their aura …
This kind of unknown situation …
Others are difficult Qin Qian first took out a bag of LingShi handed it to her.
Lin Qing, take a look at your eyes. Local tyrant, Uncle Qin!
Two Yuan Ying Zhen Jun also gave her a magic weapon with aura.
At this time, Song Qi also contributed a big pot of Lingquan.
Yao Bufan looked suspiciously at Lin Qing’s heart. Is this Lin Qing cheating?
Seeing that Yao Bufan’s eyes are all in the shape of a kitchen knife, Lin Qing is just "considerate". "Yao Daoyou, if you can’t bear to be less generous than others, it’s enough for you."
Yao Bufan suddenly had an impulse to pour dog blood on her. He endured it and finally pulled out a piece of purple spar and handed it to her with a sneer. "I hope Lin Daoyou won’t disappoint me."
"This is easy to say." Lin Qing gave a hand and looked at Yao Bufan with a "kind" look. Yao Bufan is really worthy of the "magic weapon king"
After a round of searching, Lin Qing went into practice again.
Day after day, half a year passed quietly.
On this day, Jing Min Zhen Jun and others were discussing how to break the law, and suddenly it was gray and dark.
Qin Qian and Huo Ran turned to look at Lin Qing’s cultivation direction. "It must be that Lin Qing’s magic weapon is going to be advanced!"
Yao Bufan got up as soon as his scalp was fried.
Talking Lin Qing is running from a distance
"Come on, Lin Xiaoyou, you are in the first position!" Jing min Zhen jun Dao
In recent months, they have discussed and rehearsed the procedures for breaking the array many times.
Lin Qing ran to the vicinity of the first eye with good advice and will prepare a magic weapon for defense for many years.
China’s coercion is getting heavier and heavier, and it seems that it will be so depressed at any time.
Six people in the array dare not slack off. It has been nearly three years since they entered this array. This is the most promising opportunity to break the array!
At this time, the dark clouds outside the law are madly knotted.
In the past three years, the array method has expanded to the south for ten feet, which is close to the summer level.
In late autumn, ten pieces of red leaves rolled in from the south and flew all over the sky. The whole robbery was like falling into the sky.
Tang Ruan in the maple forest stopped practicing and got up and even asked the monk Qingyuan beside him, "Is it true that Martial Uncle has made a movement? Is it very much in love with her …?"
Qingyuan looked at the law and his eyes flashed. "There is movement in the array. This is Du Jie elephant."
"Brother, do you think Uncle Qin and Sister Lin are still alive?" Lu Yuance and others have been trapped outside the array since Qin Qian and Lin Qing were involved in the law enforcement. Three people agreed to stay in the law enforcement court for five years. If they hear from each other after five years, they will return to Taihua.
Zhang Haoxuan sighed "difficult to judge"
Li Ziyan gave them an oblique look. "Don’t worry about others. I dare not say that Lin Qing is definitely not dead. If she had died, Chen Zhenjun would have come to Dongshan!"
Her aunt had intended that she should go to the snowy area with Lin Qing, the true king of dust, and that if Lin Qing’s soul lamp weakened, even if the law could not be broken, how could she not come to see it?
At the forefront of the wind, Huang Lirong’s forehead kept beating for nearly three years. The array didn’t say a word, except for the expansion of the array. If it wasn’t for Ruiheng’s soul light, they would have entered the array in despair, and people were already killed.
In the wind and cloud, Huang Lirong’s eyes lit up with light. "The good opportunity from heaven is bound to break!"
Is it people who triggered the apocalypse? Is it Rui Heng?
Brigitte month cases of female practitioners see visions flying from the door in succession. Summer Shui Yuan autumn snow Yao looks at the sky and brews thunder. Hold on to Zhu Re’s precious hand and keep asking, "Could it be him? He must still be alive! "