But at present, it is weakening, and the virtual civilian firepower has not disappeared.

The powerful machine gun is still shooting wildly, and many thrown balls are shot into powder by it.
But …
"There are more and more creatures coming! Now the firepower can’t stand it! " Com virtual people exclaim rang continuously.
"Hurry up and close all the doors! Let the troops solve those things that have been drilled in! "
Listening to them, Yin Lin’s troops have drilled into all parts of the Drift, and at the same time, Lin in the Mountain Research Institute is looking at the structure of the’ Drift’ department of Xu Min.
Lin moved most of the things in the original western continental ships to the Institute of Continental Mountain in Dongda University, which allowed scholars to continue their research on these things and to show some images of these things, such as wandering signs …
"It’s not so much a city as a prison."
But this is what scholars say about Drifting …
The structure of the whole drifting horn can be seen perfectly in the stereoscopic image.
The huge body has created the complex structure of other departments, which is very beneficial to saving. The whole drifting department is full of complicated roads.
Virtual citizens can lead to a place through these roads, but if they don’t bring maps and automatic guiding devices, they will definitely get lost in these channels
In addition to the passage, it is full of various buildings, such as colleges, research institutes, factories and so on
"This place is different from the city seen from the data," the scholar said. "You can’t see the sky or the ground, but the prison in Hutchison data is very similar …"
Some virtual people think this place is very boring, and they like to take some people out to explore.
Most virtual people live like machines, and the eaters keep repeating these three processes during their breaks … Although there are some’ entertainment facilities’ in them, they seem to talk for a long time.
Seeing this, scholars can’t help but say that it was only after coming to the pompom that it found such a wonderful world, but most virtual people didn’t feel it.
And now their lives have become exciting …
"Ah ah ah!" Virtual people screaming accompanied by weapons shooting sounded a channel, and several virtual people weapons frantically shot at the creatures that rushed in front of them.
This creature is like a huge beetle metal warhead, and its shell keeps popping up and sparks are scattered all over the place.
"We can’t penetrate its armor!" The two imaginary people retreated while shooting, and the beetle in front of them suddenly accelerated and hit the imaginary people heavily.
"Ka …" With the armor broken, the whole imaginary people flew out and fell to the ground.
"Area 11 has been invaded!" "Area 31 has been invaded!" "Area 5 has been invaded!"
Lin, the director of Drifting, listened to the operator’s report with the virtual people.
A large number of creatures invade from everywhere, and they will catch the imaginary people, tear them apart and devour them, creating more troops, because they are scattered in large numbers, and the imaginary people are scattered in large numbers to deal with them.
At this point, the base has been difficult to return.
But the virtual people obviously don’t want to give up.
Commanders are trying to command the troops and the virtual people everywhere. There are many command rooms, but now commanders seem to have gathered in the main command room to command the ship war.
The commander commanded hard while the infantry fought hard, but the captain didn’t know where to hide.
Drifting has a’ chief captain’ who owns everything in the ship and has the profit to command all the troops.
Lynn wants to find it, but it doesn’t speak at present. It doesn’t seem to be here …
Judging from the structure sent by scholars, Lin has arrived at the entrance of the captain’s room.
When other places were constantly at war, some of Lin’s arms’ floating souls’ reached the core of the Wandering.
After climbing from an object called a ladder, Lin arrived at a special place where the corridor was different from the surrounding area, and even the ground was covered with a blue carpet.
There are many decorations on the surrounding walls, and there is a metal door at the end of these things …
This door is not sealed, but it shows a little gap through which floating souls can get into the room and enter the back of the room …
Lynn didn’t see anything
This is an open place, except for a bed, there are no large objects left, just a lot of debris scattered everywhere.
These crumbs look like some creature plundered here or the captain hurriedly moved everything here …
Lynn thinks the latter is more likely. The captain seems to want to escape from here.
But since this is already the headquarters, the captain’s only escape route is … to escape to the cue ball.
There are some large ships with delivery function, which means that the current captain should be close to the dock.
There are neat’ docks’ around the disc-shaped body of the Drift. These docks are like a pair of metal tongs with virtual civilian ships parked in them …
From the outside, it seems that some docks are not parked with ships, and some are half parked, which seems to be under construction.
However, Lin still saw some finished ships, and a ship-shaped giant ship was parked in the dock. These ships are real’ warships’, which are different from excavation ships. However, hanging weapons is not the point. According to scholars, there are a large number of various explosive bombs in these warships, and these warships are made by cleaning.
There are five such warships, but they didn’t start when Lin attacked. I don’t know why.
But they are … ships to send.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Escape
Bang bang bang-dadada-‘
The darkness is lost. There is a bullet hitting the wall in the tunnel. Sparks only light up in this darkness occasionally …
"Kill it!"
Several virtual people kept shooting at the front in the dark passage, and several metal warheads beat a reptile with four limbs to a pulp.
"Is it solved?" A virtual citizen intends to observe the back before, and the virtual citizen pulls it and says, "Don’t confirm! Go! "
A new creature in the flesh and blood smashed by them suddenly jumped out of it and instantly grabbed the head of the virtual people closest to it.
"Ah ah ah!" The captured virtual people screamed and the virtual people around them immediately raised their weapons, but they were afraid of hurting their companions, so they shot.