Takeda Food Co., Ltd. turned on its lights tonight because two people suddenly disappeared late. They went to a bar to drink and never came back.

These two men are the unlucky Japanese fighters’ Miyaichiro’ and’ Shan Ye Xiufu’
These two guys are also Japanese Yamaguchi group. They are the first batch of ten samurai sent by Yamaguchi group to Japan. Two of them are really unlucky. When they first arrived in China, they went to Linyin Bar to drink without knowing the situation, and they also took the opportunity to make trouble. They were rampant in Hangzhou. I didn’t expect that they had been in China for more than a day and were secretly disposed of by Sanjin to help Ivanova.
Ivanova didn’t know the identity of the two men, but it was a mistake, because the samurai of the Yamaguchi group came to Hangzhou to deal with Zhouyi and Sanjin Gang.
The security inside Takeda Food Co., Ltd. is very strict, so it is not allowed to go out at ordinary times, especially after this happened tonight. However, he didn’t know about the deaths of Miyaichiro and Hideo Shan Ye, and Yamada and his deputy Sasaki knew the general situation for the time being.
On the top floor of a small building, there is a hall with Japanese customs. Many Japanese people sit on their knees in front of the coffee table, and there are dozens of Tatsu Yamashiro handles on both sides of the hall.
This is a Japanese custom. They claim that it is worn by Yamato people, and if it is a samurai, it is equipped with a Tatsu Yamashiro. Although the so-called Bushido Spirit Day is not as popular as it was decades ago, gangster organizations like the Yamaguchi group still attach great importance to the Bushido Spirit Institute, which has a high status in the Yamaguchi group.
There are ten people in the hall.
Kneeling in the center of the hall is a man who is nearly sixty years old. He has a short stature and a beard. He is the leader of the Japanese Yamaguchi group, Yamatakeda. He is also a samurai and belongs to the ninja among the samurai.
Yamatakeda’s head is also kneeling on this Japanese man, who is about 350 years old, with a beard on his face. This man’s name is Sasaki, and he is Yamatakeda’s deputy.
Yamatakeda and Sasaki are famous Japanese on both sides, all of whom have martial arts skills.
These people have just been secretly sent by the Yamaguchi group to support the Shanwutian people in Hangzhou for more than a day.
Yamatakeda’s face doesn’t seem to be very good. He has been gloomy.
"Shan Jun, you called us up and I don’t know what it is. This time, I was ordered by the headquarters to bring people here to cooperate with Shan Jun. If you have anything, just ask."
Sit on both sides of the sixteen samurai when the first one said
This man has a tall and straight waist and a strong spirit. However, he is about twenty-five years old and very manly. He has a thick cocoon in his jaws and is a master of knives.
This man is the first secret samurai leader’ Yoshihiro Sato’ sent by the Yamaguchi group to China. He is recognized as the first master in Japan, and Masato’s brother is famous every day. He is a famous killer in the underworld. The Yamaguchi group sent him to Hangzhou to deal with Zhouyi.
This may even surprise Zhouyi that there are not many gangsters in other countries who know it, but it will become a minor celebrity in the future. Even some leaders of the Rishankou Group know that Zhouyi regards him as one of the obstacles that prevent the Yamaguchi Group from taking root in the mainland.
Because the first step of the Yamaguchi group was to collude with the West Lake Gang to unify the underworld forces in Hangzhou, but Zhouyi joined forces with the Sanjin Gang and the West Lake Gang. This consciousness made the Yamaguchi group headquarters send the "Yoshihiro Sato" to Hangzhou through secret channels to help the West Lake Gang deal with Zhouyi and Sanjin Gang.
Yamatakeda glanced at’ Yoshihiro Sato’ and then slowly said, "Thank you very much for coming, Sato Jun. I should let you have a good rest, but something happened and I had to call everyone?"
"Mountain gentleman? What the hell happened? Also ask? " Yoshihiro Sato asked.
"Where did Sato Jun’ Hideo Shan Ye’ and’ Ichiro Miyagi’ go and what didn’t come?" Yamatakeda didn’t answer Yoshihiro Sato’s question but asked.
"They seem to have gone out for a drink. These two people like to drink and wander around. They heard that Hangzhou’s nightlife is good and the weather is fine tonight, so they went out together and haven’t come back yet."
Yoshihiro Sato replied.
"Hum, they come to China just for pleasure? Don’t we think about the great cause of the Yamaguchi group? We Yamaguchi group will take root in the mainland, but if everyone is like them, it will be difficult for us to do things. "
Yamatakeda’s face became more and more gloomy. He snorted and said that he didn’t give’ Yoshihiro Sato’ a little face to the young man who became famous in the underworld.
"This old thing gave me a bad look as soon as I came." Ichiro Miyagi "and" Xiufu Shan Ye "just went out for a drink, even if they were wrong to find them. They actually had to call all of us not to face the Buddha’s face. My master was" Masato ".I didn’t think of you but didn’t look at me."
Saito Jiayang thought that he was the first master in Japan, Masato, the younger brother of the Yamaguchi group. His position was not low, and others were handsome. The Japanese underworld had the title of "pink face husband". He was very popular with the yakuza bosses. Although he was young, few people in the whole Yamaguchi group dared to give him a face. After all, his position and strength were there.
"Shanjun, I will discipline them when they come back."
However, "Saito Jiayang" is not like a conflict with "Yamatakeda" because of this trivial matter. He bowed to Yamatakeda and said that after all, Yamatakeda is the head of the Yamaguchi group in the mainland. He belongs to Yamatakeda.
"I’m afraid you won’t have this chance to teach them a lesson?"
Mountain takeda face a heavy way
"What did you say, Shanjun?"
The first white-bearded warrior who sat in Saito Jiayang was about forty years old. When he heard the horse, he asked in utter amazement. Chapter 89 Severed Finger Punishment.
This samurai is called "Jintian" and is the master of "Ichiro Miyagi" and "Hideo Shan Ye".
"’Miyaichiro’ and’ Shan Ye Xiufu’ are already dead. They were killed and thrown into the West Lake. Even their bodies sank. How can you teach them a lesson?"
Yamatakeda said with a sullen voice that he had just come to ten samurai to support him. He didn’t expect to be killed by two people before he made moves. He was naturally very depressed and had an impulse to kill people.
"What happened to Shanjun?"
Saito Jiayang’s face also changed. He hurriedly asked that he brought MiyaIchiro and Hideo Shan Ye, but he was killed only one day later. This is really bizarre. It is reasonable to say that MiyaIchiro and Hideo Shan Ye are not weak in martial arts. It is difficult for ordinary people to kill them unless they meet a master.
"These two guys went to Linyin Bar to drink and had a dispute with Sanjin gang in the bar. After being defeated, they were secretly executed. It is said that the cause of this incident at Zhouyi was that’ Miyaichiro’ and’ Shan Ye Xiufu’ tried to grab Zhouyi’s seat, and Sanjin gang came forward and solved them both."
Shan Wutian paused. "Lin Yin Bar is the site of Sanjin Gang, and Sanjin Gang is an ally of Zhouyi. These two guys went out to Hangzhou before they figured out the form, and they deserved to die. If I hadn’t arranged an informant in Lin Yin Bar, we don’t know how these two guys died."
As soon as Yamada’s words came out of the hall, the Japanese samurai began to talk about it.
"Sanjin gang is too arrogant to dare to kill our Yamaguchi group."
"This Zhouyi is just a teenager. Is it really that powerful?"
"We must avenge this, and we will kill Zhouyi with a bloodbath."
Some Japanese samurai are so clamorous that they can’t wait to kill Sanjin to help’ Miyaichiro’ and’ Shan Ye Xiufu’ to get revenge immediately.
"I’m responsible for this, but I didn’t discipline them well."
Yoshihiro Sato got up and took a Tatsu Yamashiro from the knife rest and said to Jintian, "You are their two masters, and you must bear the responsibility. Today I will break your hand to instruct the lesson."
After Yoshihiro Sato finished, Tatsu Yamashiro swung a knife and the horse was sheathed, just like he just didn’t pull a knife at all.