"Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ This doom wave is not enough!" Tongtian leader’s face was laughed at by Yuanyi Ruyi, but his eyes were unusually cold.

"and see me to add a fire.
Zhu xian! ! ! "
Clashing heard four swords ringing, and suddenly I saw a rainbow light rushing out of Penglai Island Biyou Palace.
Yuan Buddha four people can’t help but face changed when they see this.
Even the Nuwa Empress in Fuxi, Shennong and Xuanyuan san huang Nuwa Palace in Huoyun Palace couldn’t sit still and got up.
Yuan Buddha roars a "tongtian, dare! ! !”
Without other hurriedly grabbed Pangu complications with a shake, a firm but gentle cut straight to Tongtian hierarch.
Too old gentleman also somberly will Tai Chi figure a shake into a golden bridge pressure to Tongtian hierarch.
Lead Taoist priests to dance and dust, and allow Taoist priests to sacrifice and bless the pestle.
"Ha ha ha ~" In the face of the siege of four people, the leader of Tongtian was fearless and laughed. "My sage is the number of days."
Look at me! ! ! "
Immediately give up the body to resist the green ping sword, purple hammer, fishing drum and other magic weapons.
Qing Ping Jian Yu Gu beat back the Antarctic fairy cloud and wrapped the Notre Dame Dolly and the Notre Dame Turtle to punch the announcement.
Kong Xuan was tired of being a virgin when he restrained himself. How dare he stay when he saw the saint do it himself?
Immediately, I turned into a colorful divine light, dodged two magic weapons, and didn’t pursue them. I wrapped the Virgin together and collected it halfway through the sky.
Hit the road flyover Ling and others all the way to the battlefield and collect five people.
The purple hammer fell and fried a purple ray beside Lingqing, which drove Xuandu exorcist and others to pull back hurriedly.
That Lei Guang was wrapped in Lingqing, wrapped in three virgin Yunxiao, Lingren and others, and the green ping sword and fishing drum were combined.
Hit one and then sink into it.
Before he left, Lingqing turned to see four swords coming down in nine days.
The tip of the sword rotates slowly, and every rotation evokes the destruction of the whole world.
That poor war spirit shattered this period inch by inch.
Several phantoms overlap but converge in this direction.
This is the number of days that may be forcibly set by the sage, the leader of Tongtian.
At the same time, four saints, such as Yuan Tianzun Tailaojun, attacked and landed unceremoniously in the body of Tongtian leader.
For the first time, Lingqing saw the blood of saints.
Every drop of blood seems to contain a poor world.
Then he saw a hint of purple gas pervading the world.
Whether it’s the four swords of the immortals or the actions of your saints, it seems that they stopped at that moment
But as the passage closed, he lost consciousness at the moment.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty Time changes
When Lingqing woke up again, she was already in Jingbiefu.
At this time, it looks exactly the same as when everyone was preparing to benefit from the "slightest possibility" to seal the gods.
If it weren’t for the absence of six senior brothers, such as Sun Tai, he would feel that everyone had not left yet.
Remembering the scene before coming out, he suddenly stretched out his hand in front of him, and a golden bell sounded, which would still wake up the sleeping Taoist spirit and others.
When they came back, they looked around, and it was also a shame to see themselves in Jing Biefu.
Then react and look at Lingqing together.
"Dear brothers and sisters, let’s go back to Yu Yutian first." Lingqing did not guess at random but said to the people.
However, he has found that the array of immortal swords sacrificed by him has disappeared.
"good!" They all got up and went out of Beppu Fuyin’s paddling door, turned around and entered Yu Yutian.
There was a crane boy waiting at the door and said, "Master summoned."
"Brother Lao!"
When the children entered the hall, they saw two figures sitting in the temple besides being a mage.
One is gentle in a white robe, and the other is dignified and pretty in a dahongpao.
"I’ll meet the master!" Ling Qing and others bowed their heads and worshipped.
Before they got up, they heard the lady in red say with smile, "Your nephew is here."
Ling Qing and others bowed again, "I’ve seen Uncle Shi!"
In the sight of this woman, everyone has seen Nie Yinniang in the fairy world.
At this time, she is openly appeared in Yu Yutian.
Another well-known one is the Three Fairy Islands, Yunxiao Niangniang, Lingqing and others who followed suit.
After getting up, Ling Qing couldn’t help but ask, "I wonder if Master and Uncle might help me solve the problem?"