The closer to the canteen road, the more students there are.

Many people have noticed the combination of Chen Yi and Lin Yuan.
In the unified camouflage military training team, it is difficult for girls to show their advantages by relying on clothes.
On the contrary, a girl like Lin Yuan, who doesn’t rely on looks but is attractive, can still attract boys’ attention without makeup.
Yu Chen Yi was originally the focus of Jiangning University Forum, but now the heat has dropped a little, but he is still recognized by some people.
Lin Yuan else was about to say when he chased him from behind, laughing and patting Chen Yi on the shoulder. "It’s not easy to see you young!"
As if two people are familiar with each other.
It is enough to serve Lin Yuan alone, but Chen Yi is too lazy to deal with it any longer.
He took out a bottle of energy recovery potion from his trouser pocket and drank it, blocking his mouth and not talking.
Yuan Linyuan joked and politely said to Chen Yi, "What do you want to eat?"
"Wrap it up." Chen Yi hesitated that he was actually not very hungry, wondering if Yuanqin had some wrong objects.
In fact, people really didn’t express their wrong feelings
The goal of the careerist’s core politician is actually that the prospective politician has no time and interest to fall in love. He brought Chen Yiduan a bag and porridge and laughed. "I don’t know if you like Bao porridge or bird’s nest porridge. Try it casually and add pickles. It’s simpler and more exquisite."
Lin Yuan eyes DengYuan.
Finally, I didn’t continue to be attentive until Chen Yi took two sips of porridge before saying, "I think you didn’t come to the second party. I think you probably don’t like crowded occasions, but it’s a pity that classmates don’t get together. I’m going to invite everyone to play again on weekends, so I won’t run far near the school."
Chen Yi looked at him suspiciously.
Far thick-skinned, like a tofu building, there is nothing embarrassing to say, "I want you to help invite Liang Yu and them to meet together."
It seems that Liang Yu is too lazy to ignore him.
Family brothers sound like a group, but each has its own interest circle.
Liang’s family has made up his mind to sit tight in Jiangning. In this case, there is a certain conflict between the family and the family. It is the latter’s center of gravity that gradually shifts to the central government that prevents the conflict from erupting.
In this way, it is very unlikely to get Liang’s help.
Liang Yu ignored him about this consideration.
When Chen Yi thought about it, he simply said, "Your surname is not enough. Do you have to drag Liang’s family?"
After all, my father has been promoted for three years, but it will be seven years after I graduate.
He thinks it’s really long-term
But as far as its thinking is concerned, it is true
It’s not enough to drag Liang Yu into the circle and spend a few more bags until graduation and then want to borrow Liang Jia’s banner gold bag.
The students at the same table felt stupid listening to their conversation, and then they felt stupid-it was really not their own world.
Chen Yi hesitated.
As he did in that kingdom of San Chio or in new york.
In the eyes of Lin Yuan, Chen Yi is really inscrutable.
Keep an eye on him and Stanwich, too
Recently, Japanese handsome guys have not slept well.
In common parlance, it is insomnia.
It’s okay to read the Bible. Stanwich is deeply worried about his situation
The so-called "magic disease" of the Vatican and the so-called "heart disease" of China are about the present situation.
Chen Yi is his own "magic disease"
Only by overcoming the magic disease can you continue your own practice.
If you want to overcome the magic disease, you will definitely make great progress in your own practice.
Stanwich suddenly got up, and the strange eyes of the students around him "banged" on the floor and went to the magic disease.
He wants to challenge Chen Yi like a medieval knight.
Chapter ninety-seven Tea class
Chen Yi suddenly sensitive to look to the right.
At that moment, the quarrelling department around him gathered into a ball at any time.
The magic net seemed to wake up.
Farther away, it represents the energy of the magic net, and the gas center is tumbling.
In the world without wizards and knights, almost people have moved the magic net. The energy is pure and pure, without interference, rich and powerful.
If the great magician Timothy is present, he will feel that the earth is blessed.
A place that has been accumulated for hundreds of millions of years but rarely consumed is like a virgin land of magic net energy, which has not been affected by the seal of the mage, imprisonment of the circle and other collateral effects …
All energy changes are as exciting as the general standards of education.