This morning, it happened that Tianqiao Glass Sword fell into Aoyue Mountain Villa. Once Jiujiang City fell out for days, the monks went straight to Qiyunfeng to seize Excalibur.

It was Ao Yue Villa who foresaw and strengthened the defensive measures, which made those simple-minded impulsive generations stopped by Ao Yue Villa experts before they reached the mountain gate.
Conflict is difficult.
But Aoyue Villa has a strong strength and sent experts to repair people, and it will shock the monks by thunder.
Such a turmoil has just been extinguished, which makes the good and evil roads near Jiujiang quiet a lot at once.
In the middle of the afternoon, in a valley not far from Qiyunfeng, Master Zhang Tianhong met Yuan Hongyu in nine songs, and the atmosphere was tense with each other.
As far as Yuan Hongyu is concerned, she came on her own initiative and didn’t want to add chaos to the right path at this time.
Yuan Hongyu, who went to the meeting alone, thought that the true gentleman of Jiuqu was a celebrity in the field of repairing faults, and he should not be unreasonable and arrogant about the boundary of Yueshan Villa.
Slightly upon Yuan Hongyu, the look was cool and light. "It’s really comforting for the seniors to come here and hear that it’s the younger generation."
After looking at her for a moment, Jiuqu Zhenjun said, "This girl’s appearance is good. I blame my apprentice for not forgetting her."
Is the thought that she unexpectedly dumped her disciple immediately turned dark and snorted, "Yuan Hongyu, how dare you play with over the rainbow’s feelings and then dump him?"
Yuan Hongyu indifferently said, "Elder feelings cannot be forced.
I started dating him on the basis of mutual understanding, hoping to find a soul mate.
But after a period of getting along with each other, I found that there was a great gap between him and me in terms of personality and temper, so I took the initiative to leave everyone. "
Chapter two hundred and ninety Savior emergent
Jiuqu Zhenjun shouted, "You still argue with the facts. Do you really think I’m a good bully?"
Yuan Hongyu’s face changed slightly and shouted, "Senior, you-"
Jiuqu Zhenjun said, "What’s wrong with me? Is there anything wrong with me? My disciple is wholeheartedly devoted to you, but you don’t take him seriously. You are really a loyal swordsman, so I dare not do anything with you? "
Yuan Hongyu looked at his gloomy face and felt a sense of disgust.
That’s why it’s true that people are really unreasonable and blindly justifying their faults.
Today, I came to see the sample alone, which was very wrong.
But now that I’m here, why can’t I bear with you?
Thought of here, Yuan Hongyu calmly and indifferently said, "Since the elder said that the younger generation also said that it was easy to talk about this matter, since it started with me, it should be decided by me. If the elder has any requirements or conditions, just say it directly."
Jiuqu Zhenjun was upset when he saw her touch like this. He snorted, "What a lofty look! I’ll see how capable you are, over the rainbow. Tell me if you want to punish her."
In the previous step, Zhang Tianhong looked at Yuan Hongyu’s eyes with a complicated look and a bit of hatred and infatuation. "Yuan Hongyu said you would regret it."
Looking at him coldly, Yuan Hongyu replied, "The only thing I regret in my life is knowing you."
Zhang Tianhong growled, "You are crazy and proud, and I will let you know what a betrayal is."
Yuan Hongyu was not afraid to scold, "Zhang Tianhong wasted your appearance, but you were arrogant because of your master’s reputation. Are you really great?"
Zhang Tianhong roared, "Shut up. What are you, who dare to tell me what to do here?"
Yuan Hongyu looked disappointed. She once fantasized about this man spending his life together. Who thought he turned out to be like this?
Fortunately, I finally found it early, and it is a pity that I didn’t do anything to save it.
Turn round and Yuan Hongyu’s tone is as dull as an outsider.
"If you think swearing can vent your unhappiness, you might as well be bigger."
Zhang Tianhong was mad with anger by her expression and shouted, "Yuan Hongyu, I want you to lift your head and live in humiliation."
Yuan Hongyu indifference way "is it? Want you to have that ability "
Zhang Tianhong’s face is twisted and ferocious. "Don’t worry, you’ll soon know if I have the ability, master. You help me escape her. I’ll torture her and let her remember me forever. Haha-"
Jiuqu Zhenjun said grimly, "It’s simple. I’ll take her now."
Speaking body flashed like a ghost, conjuring up hundreds of figures like a flood towards Yuan Hongyu.
A little toe Yuan Hongyu ejected to avoid the first round of attack. After the first round of attack, her body quickly turned around. The sword in her hand was drawn, and a series of swords were broken, forming a defensive shield. Be careful.
"Sneaking at the back is this the excellent system of Bixiafeng?"
"You don’t have to sneak attack."
In the sneer, the half-phantom is instantly combined to reveal that the true gentleman of Jiuqu is located on Yuan Hongyu’s head.
Holding his right hand high, Jiuqu Zhenjun looked cold and arrogant. "If you see clearly that you can take this move, Zhenjun will let you go."
When he said this, his right hand chopped off his palm and there was a strong green light. When he approached Yuan Hongyu’s body, it automatically dispersed like a green net, which bound Yuan Hongyu for half.
Yuan Hongyu, who struggled hard, found that this green optical network was terrible, and it could automatically cut off her body so that she could not struggle.
Gave up the resistance Yuan Hongyu coldly looking at Zhang Tianhong is proud to laugh with a few gloomy eyes.
Jiuqu Zhenjun stood still and said, "over the rainbow people have been captured by you. How are you going to punish her?"
Zhang Tianhong Yinxiao said, "This woman is conceited and lofty. Only by humiliating her can she tear her superficial disguise."
First of all, I will love her, taste her and teach her to be a real woman.
Then I’ll try my best to humiliate her, and then I’ll strip her naked so that heaven and man can have a look at this outstanding brother of Ci Hang Jian Zhai Men, who was so lewd.
And I also want to find some ugly people to rape her in the street and let her-"
"Shut up! Zhang Tianhong, you face beast, I can’t believe that you are so shameful. God is blind. "
Glaring at the ground Yuan Hongyu folded shouted.
Zhang Tianhong smell speech. "What? You’re scared. I said I’d make you regret it forever! Now let me take a look at your lofty chivalrous woman’s lewd body. Haha-"
Looking at Zhang Tianhong coming, Yuan Hongyu was surprised and angry and said, "Zhang Tianhong will not let you go!"
Zhang Tianhong’s immobile face showed her evil spirit and flew to Yuan Hongyu’s side to stretch out her hand to touch her face and chuckle. "From the first moment I saw you, I always wanted to get you into bed and think about what you would look like. Now this wish has finally come true."