In that case …

Baishi suddenly thought, "What if the mask is opened first and then the weight standard is gradually filled?" Can it be made into a normal human body by dividing it into several sections’ by appearance’ and not exceeding 46 kilograms each time? "
Q assistant sat on the screen and listened for a while, then put his hand out of the screen and groped for a cerebellum.
She put her brain to her leg and knocked at the words.
After waiting for a few minutes, the feedback came back
Q assistant took a look at it, so tired that his eyes gradually became highlights.
"How about it?" Baishi wants to see her brain clearly, but the words are too small.
Hongye and Q assistant seem to have special communication channels.
When waiting for the red light, she looked at the screen for a while and explained to Baishi, "But it’s extra."
Chapter 27 Buy one get one free
Didan primary school
Haibara Ai watched Conan check the corridor window in a remote corridor. "Do you really believe those tales of mystery?"
"Of course not." Conan is looking for a convenient place to sneak into from the outside. "But I am very concerned about getting rid of those tales of mystery people-if we leave him alone, it may endanger the students here."
Haibara Ai copied his pocket and turned back to the classroom to go home from school. "You are so generous."
Conan doesn’t want to take care of it either, but if he doesn’t care about the juvenile detective team, the bears will investigate it without authorization. It is better for him to find out the matter first than that.
Recently, Didan Primary School has added several horror stories.
A week ago, a girl came into the art classroom early. She always felt strange in some places. On the way to clean the blackboard, she endured palpitations and looked back and saw that all the plaster statues in the room were staring at her with cold eyes.
In addition, some people say that they have seen the mannequins in the health room come alive and run in the corridor late at night.
If it is true, you can still laugh, but the most terrible thing is that Amy Yeager said that one night she slipped out of the classroom window to see the goldfish on the windowsill, but she accidentally saw a suspicious person.
The man in the classroom is sneaking around with a huge white mask and doesn’t know what to do.
After Amy Yeager escaped, he told the leader that he would help with the investigation.
However, he never showed up at school after that.
Conan thought that it was really dangerous for the leader to live alone now, so he secretly asked other teachers and principals if they knew about the leader.
But the people who heard the question suddenly looked ugly and prevaricated and fooled the question.
Conan is not Conan if he can resist such a series of things.
-Didan Primary School will have guards patrolling the corridor after school every day to check whether the doors and windows are locked.
Conan peeked at the watch and knew that the man who was coming to inspect tomorrow was a careless guard.