The surly dark-haired old man grunted, "It’s really something to be the king of the demon world."

"You’re not weak," said the dragon. "You want to be famous-"
Talking dragon eyes a surprised suddenly transverse several zhangs looking back at the route only to see three-headed snake dragon appeared nearby.
The dark-haired old man was also amazed to come to Lengxingyu’s side and picked up his body and whispered, "Whether you can live or not depends on your nature."
Leng Xingyu looked pale and hated, "You are not much better."
The dark-haired old man ignored his complaining eyes and paid attention to the situation of the three-headed snake dragon. He found that it was also staring at the jade, and the grass suddenly had a little understanding.
According to the analysis of the black-haired old man, the three-headed snake dragon appeared in Tianshi Valley and probably came from this unknown grass.
The strange beast in that fireball should be the guardian of this grass.
Previously, the three-headed snake dragon had been provocative to draw out the strange beast in the fireball and take the opportunity to seize it.
Unfortunately, the strange beasts in this cave did not move, and it was not until today that the three-headed snake dragon seized this rare opportunity.
Growling a three-headed snake dragon suddenly approached six eyes and stared at the three people in the cave with a cold chill.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-nine Snake Dragon to show off
The dark-haired old man hesitated a little and finally retreated aside.
Dragon is cold so motionless eyes reveal a warning.
Some anxious three-headed snake dragons sensed the strange beast coming from the rear, forcing them to start before, unwilling to miss this opportunity.
The dragon looks gloomy. At present, it is obviously very difficult to stop the three-headed snake dragon from approaching. Only by restoring its original shape can it be effectively stopped.
In that case, the environment here has greatly restricted him, and it is difficult for him to play his due level.
Just as the dragon is in trouble, the three-headed snake dragon has already rushed to make a big move.
Seeing this dragon, regardless of the instantaneous expansion of the body, a huge dragon is not inferior in size, and the three-headed snake dragon immediately collides.
When the dragon, snake and dragon collided with each other, their huge bodies seemed awkward, and the two sides fell into a temporary stalemate.
Leng Xingyu, a dark-haired old man, is quite amazed. It is rare to see this kind of fighting. It is somewhat novel in my heart.
The three-headed snake dragon roared in the field. It came in at great risk this time. Once the strange beast in this cave comes back, it may be threatened by life, so it is more anxious.
Now the dragon’s efforts to stop it make it difficult for the three-headed snake dragon to cross the line, which makes it resentful and anxious to think about countermeasures
As far as the situation of eye-dragon, three-headed snake-dragon is concerned, both sides have their own advantages. It is impossible to estimate the short-term roots by virtue of their ability.
If you are so incompetent, the enemy will have to outwit the way to solve the key problem at this time.
The thought of these three-headed snake dragons suddenly gave birth to a huge body, and it was easy to get rid of the dragon entanglement and fly towards the jade grass.
Aware of the change of the three-headed snake dragon, the dragon went in the opposite direction, and its body suddenly expanded, immediately blocking the way of the three-headed snake dragon and letting it retire.
Shirley roar a three-headed snake dragon anxious than eyes glared at the dragon body revealed a cold murderous look.
The dragon growled in response to the water king of the demon world. He is not only strong but also proficient in illusion. How can he be afraid of the three-headed snake dragon?
However, at this time, a deafening roar of the cave sounded, which made the field dragon, the snake dragon and the dark-haired old man Leng Xingyu all shake their hearts and souls and have a sense of irritability and fear.
The red light flashes, the fireball approaches the latosolic red flame, with Wan Jun force like an angry beast devouring the territory in the cave inch by inch.
In the face of strange beasts, the dragon was uneasy and quickly recovered its human form. Staring at the huge fireball in front of him, I felt a sense of being in my heart.
The three-headed snake dragon circled his body and made a defensive posture with three heads motionless. Looking at the fireball, he didn’t dare to relax. The dark-haired old man quickly retreated and clung to the stone wall with a stern face.
"Ow-"A roaring fireball went straight to the hot flame, and it was so indestructible that the three-headed snake dragon shrank and dodged from one side.
After a little hesitation, Xiaolong finally chose to avoid the difference and let the fireball sweat like rain.
A crisp fireball rushed to the fire pool and then immediately approached the pool and looked down at the strange visitors in the cave.
It was time for the dark-haired old man to leave the cave with Leng Xingyu in his long arms.
Seeing this, Xiaolong was only followed by a three-headed snake dragon who hesitated, unwilling to leave.
All this restored calm, and the fireball could not lurk out, firmly guarding the small grass, which croaked slightly.
Outside the valley, the double-headed silver wolf saw the black-haired old man Xiaolong appear one after another, and a smile appeared on his mouth. There was a faint loss, but it was well concealed by him.
Li Yu’s evil spirit Yun Tianjun was suspended for half a mile. It was quite disappointing to see this situation. Obviously, this did not achieve their expected purpose.
When people from Cliff Black Tiger Mountain saw the three-headed snake dragon appear in their eyes, they immediately called the mount Hei Hu to fall into the valley again and stopped the three-headed snake dragon.
For the Black Tiger Mountain people, he has been very interested in exotic animals since he learned animal training.
Previously, he tried to tame the monster in the fireball, but unfortunately, the black rattan in his hand did not play its due role
So he changed his mind and tried to tame the three-headed snake dragon in order to challenge himself.
Look at the black tiger mountain people coldly. The three-headed snake dragon is more angry than he was just in the cave. Will he still come to vent? Now he meets this annoying guy. He suddenly gets angry and vents all his grievances on the black tiger mountain people.