Each of the six arms holds a magic pestle, nine pagodas, jade ruyi, sword, lotus flower and alms bowl.

"You are my blood and my future. I can give birth to you and kill you, and you are no exception!"
Buddha’s hand III-the Buddha came to the world!
The third order of qi and the second order of spirit.
A hundred feet steep roar six magic Buddhist when staggered a huge bergamot toward Zhao Fujia stung down.
The earth suddenly sinks.
Zhao Fujia’s body trembled and blood foam flew everywhere, and the whole person was directly smashed into the ground.
But for a moment
"Going …"
Solidly, Shen Yuan rushed out of the ground and tapped his hands. Behind the eyebrows, more than 10,000 firm but gentle waves quietly emerged towards Zhao Fujia.
Wanjian tactic!
Like artillery shells washing the ground, the firm but gentle crazy bombing completely submerged the golden giant Buddha.
Zhao Yuan’s figure flashes close to his hands.
The swordsman-crack day!
For decades, he has never been under the pressure of golden creatures, and his cohesion is far beyond others’ imagination.
But also to find their own way from that book of Qi Huang.
Give up the body!
Practice the magic sword tactic
Temper one’s mind into an indestructible sword, which will not only cause physical damage, but also be impossible in the world.
Just like now.
In the loud noise, the verve III Buddha leaned back and Zhao Fujia fell to the ground again.
However, it seems that he became more and more brave in the Vietnam War. Once again, his explosive power turned out to be one point stronger, which forced the III Buddha to stumble and retreat.
Zhao Yuan’s eyes suddenly burst into a powerful bergamot in a condensate, and the ground crashed and fractured in a condensate.
A quiet in the field
Zhao Yuan breathed heavily and stared at the ruins in the field.
"Click …"
In his almost desperate eyes, Zhao Fujia was born again, and his breath was twice as strong as when he first arrived.
How come?
"Zhao Fujia!"