Have you ever been stopped by Inro before you finished saying a few words?

But the meaning in the words is doubtful
Hear Zhao Gong anger three zhangs a Shuang Hu eyes wide open hands iron whip clenched.
Light way "what? Can’t you be original? "
Although the tone is calm, there is a chill. Obviously, if Huli dares to say it out, he will really want to wipe out the dragon cave.
"You …" This time even the black dazzle couldn’t help being angry.
But the three-headed dragon also recognized his determination in his words.
If the Duke of Zhao still claims to be "handsome", it is obviously still when he is a 36-year-old handsome demon army.
But at this time, "being original" claims that it represents more than just today’s identity.
But the Qing people.
It seems that the Xuanmen’s three pulses are now much worse than those of Taiqing and Yuqing.
However, the hidden strength of Qingyi pulse is really not underestimated
There are some thunder, fire, plague, fighting, stars, three mountains and five mountains, rain and clouds, and gods of good and evil in heaven.
Among them, the Lord God of Leibu for nine days should be Wen Zhong, the universal God of Raytheon; Luo Xuan, the main god of the Ministry of Fire, the southern three-gas fire, Dexing Junzheng God; Lv Yue, the God of the Ministry of Blast; The Goddess of Doobu, Kangong and Doumu, the Goddess of Dolly.
All four are Qing men.
In addition, there are Zhao Gong of the Xuantan Department, Empress Sanxiao, the Fairy Fairy, and the four marshals guarding Lingxiao Hall.
It can be said that most of the soldiers who can collect good deeds in heaven are from Qingyi pulse.
If it really annoys Qingyi Pulse, the Dragon Cave will definitely be Yongning Day in the future.
What’s more, it seems clear that only when a mage is a big door, there are few outstanding people.
But when exorcist and his three old dragons are really not necessarily able to compete.
Even with him.
Because Luo stopped the two dragons to Zhao Justice, "Marshal calmed down because the old dragon didn’t want to hand it over. It was really Xueyi who never returned because of his visit to Qinglong."
Old dragon three, who didn’t want to get into trouble, didn’t dare to tell the truth, and now she doesn’t know where she went.
In this way, the marshal will stop his anger and turn to Wudang Mountain first. When Xueyi comes back, the old dragon will surely make him come to apologize. "
"Big Brother?" Huli and Heixuan were shocked and quickly shouted, "Not so!"
The dragon cave is free from external causal entanglements, and in the past, it was mostly to find the dragon blood.
Or going out alone is at most a snowsuit.
At this time, because Luo Rang Xueyi came to apologize, it was almost to expel her from the dragon cave
After all, if not, the dragon sheltered in the Dragon Cave will inevitably fall into the secular crisis.
Because Luo Yi raised his hand to stop the two dragons from shaking his head, he said, "I’ll talk about it later."
Two Longnai, but also know that because Luo was born good at calculation, he must have seen something before he made up his mind.
Inro asked Zhao Gong again, "I wonder what Marshal thinks?"