Zhuang not far still shook his head.

"It seems … I’m too old to be a guard …" Scaly sighed deeply and his head hung down.
What can I say if Zhuang is not far away?
He carefully sat down on the back of the old six-armed dragon.
The old six-armed dragon man got up steadily and ran forward in small steps.
Not far from Zhuang, I realized that I really underestimated the old man. For the six-armed dragon, this small weight of human beings is really negligible.
But the scaly back is so hard that it doesn’t even have some meat. It’s not far from Zhuang … It hurts.
Scaly pale with Zhuang not far away, running faster and faster, generally not tired at all.
And he asked Zhuang not far as he ran, "My Lord …"
"Don’t call me an adult, call me the Lord Zhuang."
"Master Zhuang, have you ever studied the Six Arts and Warfare of the Manor Master?"
"hmm? What’s that? "
"Sure enough, besides guarding the manor owner, we Hexaposaurus have the duty to teach the new manor owner to learn the art of war. Although I don’t live long, I can do my duty at least. You can do your bit …"
"Uh …"
Zhuang suddenly had a bad feeling not far away.
"What is that fighting skill?"
"The art of war is the six arts and one fighting skill of the manor owner. Because of the strong attack on the four leaders, every manor owner must master the basic fighting skills, including ten weapons, 49 different unarmed fighting skills, and 531 leading tactics. If you can’t learn them, you will be deprived of the manor owner’s identity …"
"Er …" Not far from Zhuang, his head suddenly got big. "Can you not learn this?"
"No, it’s the responsibility of the manor owner, and you must not relax now that you have a strong enemy."
"I really don’t need to learn that the times have changed now, and the Industrial Party has long since lost its place …"
"No, it’s the duty of the manor owner."
"I don’t …"
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly want to slap myself.
Who insisted on looking for the six-armed dragon!
Oh, my God, my God, will some fairy give me another dragon amber and let me put it back?
Unfortunately, the sky didn’t give him a dragon amber.
Heaven gave him a sign.
"Congratulations to the benevolent manor owner. You have revived or awakened three manor owners and brought them back to this world to complete the main line-the manor owner’s revival achievement rewards the mysterious egg (not hatched)."
Zhuang is not far away from one leng, but he is not accomplished by himself, but becomes speechless … When did he become kind again?
Chapter 1257 Defend Master Zhuang’s sleep to the death!
At four o’clock in the morning, a huge and magnificent figure appeared at the door of the master’s house not far from Zhuang.
Then a loud voice rang.
"Master Zhuang, it’s four o’clock in the morning. It’s time to get up and practice Wushu! You only learned one trick yesterday and disappeared. Today, you must learn ten tricks! "
As the voice scales pale figure appeared in the master room.
I have to say that the physique of the six-armed dragon is really good.
I have just arrived at the manor, and my scaly figure has almost recovered in two days.
At this time, he could hardly see that this was an old man except that the first two corners were gray.
He came to the village not far from the master’s room and shouted a few times. He knocked on the door without hearing anyone answer. "Master Zhuang, I’m coming in! As a young manor owner, you must study hard or you can finish your martial arts study tomorrow? "
Then he went to the window not far from Zhuang and reached for the bed. "Master Zhuang, get up quickly. Those four little guys have been practicing in the martial arts field for half an hour!"