"… wow!"

All the year round, the majesty made the riot people seem to have a moment of peace and shock.
"Hum, if you have done something wrong, do you dare to give him some color from your brothers and sisters? Are we ordinary people really good at bullying?" The male voice, who had been leading in the crowd, suddenly sounded again.
Gu Jinxi seized the hidden crowd with sharp eyes, and there were several baskets of eggs and cabbage beside her. Her eyes finally showed a happy smile, but the corners of her mouth were slanted, but it was cold.
"smash him to death!"
Kuang, dang, ka, ka, cha-
Cabbage and egg Qi Fei shouted and cried together.
When did Gu Huai ever see this kind of war? Now I finally understand what it means to attend the trial. Those prefects always like to call those unruly people really apt.
"Kill him-"
"Uncle aunt, look at him. He is a devil wears prada …" Qian was very clever. Before the people’s emotions were mobilized, they had already left Gu Huai and kept crying and embellishing at the moment.
Gu Huai wanted to avoid it, but the man who threw eggs and cabbage seemed to be constantly hiding in all directions. He couldn’t hide from it. When he came with him, he was hit by an egg, dodging his head and hitting the door. The lion fainted directly. For the first time, he felt that he was not considerate in his work. This situation should be reported to the Shuntian prefect first, otherwise these unruly people really don’t know what punishment is!
"Xier, let me out! Let me out!"
Su Yi hands tightly holding Gu Jin sunseeker’s arm, tears in her eyes have already been irrepressible, and she turned to look at Gu Huai’s mess. She kept shaking her head, even though it was heartbreaking in the imperial room, even though she had already said that she should be dead, but she still couldn’t help but feel distressed when she saw him in that mess again.
What’s more, he will do this because of himself.
Suddenly, I never figured out the corner of the street. It seemed to be neat with a dull step. Gu Jinxi’s mouth was slightly crooked, and it seemed to dye a smile. "Pinellia, let’s go."
"Sunseeker, you …" Su Yi seems to have disbelief.
Watching Ye Zhenniang’s toes tap directly from the opposite roof and fall lightly beside Gu Jinxi, Su Yihe and Su Mammy looked at them with a stunned mouth and an O-shape.
"Under …" Su Yi pointed to Ye Zhenniang and couldn’t even speak clearly.
"This daughter will explain to you later." Gu Jin’s eyebrow eye flashed and didn’t hide Su Yi’s meaning. Ye Zhenniang was so because she acquiesced and turned to look at her.
Ye Zhenniang nodded. "The report personally took people to the body-guard and picked five teams to come over."
"Huh?" Gu Jinxi is puzzled.
"The report has just returned from the outside. It seems that Zhen Niang, who is travel-stained, and Yang Guanjia negotiated to borrow someone. When the report heard this, it was delayed by great anger." Ye Zhenniang bowed her head.
Gu Jinxi nodded. When several people walked out while talking, the deafening and uniform footsteps outside seemed to faintly hear the people begging for mercy and shouting outside.
Far away, I saw Gu Jinxi and his party, Du Ruo, hurriedly leading people to greet "What are you doing here, ladies and gentlemen? Just have minions to watch over you. You’d better go back to your room."
Those words outside are really unbearable, and some of them can’t listen to them. What’s more, he is really worried that if the young lady can’t listen to the trade, it may be a disaster for Hengwu Garden.
Who knows Gu Jinxi listened to his face but with a faint smile "door"
"But …" Du Ruo turned to Su Yi "madam this …"
"Door!" Su Yi nodded. She was already nervous in her heart. She thought very much that Gu Huai had ignored her own safety and knew that Heng Wu Garden was in this situation now. She even came to find herself. Her heart couldn’t help pounding with love and seemed to be relieved.
Du Ruo bowed their heads and pursed their lips, turned to several guards and told them carefully what the door was like later. They all had to stand behind the lady and his wife.
I am very satisfied with Ye Zhenniang’s selection and training of these people Gu Jinxi.
With a dignified heart, Du Ruo motioned for two guards to bolt the gate horizontally, and when they hit the gate, Rico’s four guards seemed to hit the gate with a sense of death. Four people quickly went to Gu Jinxi and others and they cast a meat wall.