I don’t know when this idea is that Ouyang Jun envies his heart.

She remembers that her ex-brother was kind to her. She remembers that he was always kind, regardless of foreign ministers’ comments, saying that he was cruel, tyrannical and cruel.
She, he loves her gently.
Sometimes I heard the imperial secretary whisper that he was cruel to the courtiers, but she knew nothing about the treachery of the court, but immediately jumped out and punished the imperial secretary together
She also told them righteously, "He is the best brother in the world who loves me the most. Who dares to speak ill of my brother again? The princess cut off his tongue and fed it to the dog!"
At that time, she was really a unruly princess, and even the reasons for punishing people could be so handy. It was a reasonable choice. Chapter 389 How do you want to punish them at will!
At that time, she was really a unruly princess, and even the reasons for punishing people could be so casually picked up, which was really unreasonable
However, Ouyang Junjin was very happy to know that he took her to sit next to him and laughed for a long time, saying that he had never been scolded and she would spare no effort to protect him.
She likes to watch Ouyang Junjin laugh. He was born like that. He is handsome and handsome, and his thin lips look good. Bending up with dignity attracts all the women in the world.
However, Ouyang Junjin always doesn’t like to favor his harem princess. He doesn’t see her half the times in January.
Because he said she could see him whenever she wanted!
So, of course, she often goes to see him by virtue of her princess status. When chatting, she goes to see him, pulls him to play with her, and gets something novel and interesting to share with him to make him smile.
She is his sister in her eyes!
As if he were her own brother, she could do whatever she wanted!
I was very worried about this all the time until she played with several sisters-in-law in the harem and heard them say that the emperor liked his own sister only because of the numerous concubines in the harem.
She was angry at that time and went to find Ouyang Junjin’s theory
In his room, she was valiant, and there were two red clouds floating in her little face. "Brother, you see Niansao said that she had gone too far! How can you say you like me! You are my brother! "
Ouyang Junjin’s face changed slightly when he shook his brush hand. He drew Ouyang Junxian to his side and stroked her long hair and advised, "How do you want to punish her if you are not angry?"
Ouyang Jun hugged his arm like a spoiled brat and shook it like many times before. Ouyang Junjin could easily make her laugh with a word. She giggled in her ear. "She just cut her tongue by talking nonsense!"
Say she also vomitted to stick out the tongue toward Ouyang Junjin nifty.
Ouyang Junjin nodded her forehead and replied, "Good."
His answer is as easy as Ouyang Jun’s joke.
Her original Ouyang Junjin said it was a joke to dispose of Nianfei.
After all, it’s the princess’s family background in his harem.
Who knows that when she went to the harem again the next day, she found that Nianfei had really been cut off and thrown into the cold palace, and then she could see the light of day again.
All this because of her joke?
She kept flashing this idea in her mind and kept telling herself that it was impossible!
She is joking with her brother!
How could he really cut Nianfei’s tongue?
When she ran to find him again, she heard the angry voice of their uncle Du Taifu outside the room. "It’s ridiculous that the emperor cut off the tongue of Nianfu and exiled Nianfu people with a joke!"
Du Taifu is old, but he is not old. Because Ouyang Junjin is his nephew, his criticism is not at all polite.
He admired Ouyang Junjin’s young and methodical management of state affairs and expanded his territory to hundreds of miles away, but he was afraid that he would be too ruthless and leave no room for anything.
"A teacher is too old to send a teacher back to the house to recuperate." Ouyang Junjin didn’t even lift his head. He directly ordered Du Taifu to be forcibly taken out of the palace.
Du Taifu was so angry that his face turned red that he even scolded Ouyang Junjin for several words, "The emperor is bitter and stubborn! You are bound to miss the country and the people like this! How can you be so fatuous! "
Du Taifu has always been put out by people and has always been swearing. Ouyang Jun envies being loved since childhood. Du Taifu also likes her to spoil her, but she has never seen a teacher’s uncle and grandfather so excited. He still scolds Ouyang Junjin.
Du Taifu happened to meet her when she was taken away. Du Taifu saw her eyes no longer as usual, but with a little resentment. He pointed to her and said, "Evil! You must have missed me! Wrong emperor forever inheritance! "
"Uncle, what are you talking about!" Ouyang junxian has never been scolded, and scolds her. This person still loves her uncle and grandfather since childhood, and she cries red.
She cried and ran into the hall to find Ouyang Junjin. Ouyang Junjin saw her crying and immediately threw a pen to hold her hand and wipe her tears. "Who bullied you? Why are you crying? "
Ouyang Jun envied the thought of just talking to Du Taifu and felt uncomfortable. She told Ouyang Junjin and sobbed, "Where did I miss you? Where did you miss the country? There is nothing wrong with me being naughty at ordinary times? "
Speaking of this, Ouyang Junxian feels very wronged!
Although she is sexual, she is not that kind of person who does not distinguish between right and wrong.
She is a princess of Chu. Although she is overbearing, she is always allowed by Ouyang Junjin. She knows nothing about the court affairs, let alone get involved.
Besides, she’s not an evil girl who confuses you. Where has she become a curse in Du Taifu’s mouth?
She’d like Du Taifu to tell her what’s wrong with her. What did she do to Ouyang Junjin?
"I don’t care! I’m going to find my uncle and ask him clearly where I hurt Chu and where I hurt you! I don’t! " Ouyang Jun envies stubbornness, raises his little face, cries like a cat, his little face is red, but his skin has a faint luster.
Ouyang Junjin naturally hugged her in his arms and kissed her face with the tip of his nose. "You didn’t mistake my country for me. You are my lovely gentleman. Is it my uncle’s fault?"