The first man in the cavalry was majestic and didn’t hide his face

Because it is unnecessary
He is the first tiger in Xuzhou secretariat of Yim Ho account, Bai Shu, and the descendants of Qin who have been killing gods for many years, together with superb martial arts, have developed the style of people.
This time, the 30,000 elite has no pressure on the other 30,000 ordinary foot soldiers.
I just wanted to ride my horse to a fight, which will dampen the opponent’s spirit.
But see each other out of a person in the array.
Cold-faced, holding a double halberd and wearing a black armor, the dark horse roared, "Newcomer? But come to die! "
Despise! Absolute contempt!
So arrogant in front of his descendants who killed God and Leitian!
It’s like a man just about to kill a chicken, but the chicken is provocative and giggles, "giggle, are you here to die?" Giggle "
So this man is not angry to death?
How dare your sister take such a big breath?
Thought of here, Bai Shu didn’t feel angry, but smiled with a metal gray face and shouted, "Yes, I’m here to die." Then he raised his pike and killed Dian Wei.
His goal is!
Break the enemy!
Two horses intersect.
Light Shi Huo white natural and unrestrained haircut just now that absolutely solid each other die.
Ji Fan is a little sprayed.
Two people didn’t look at one of the enemies, so they put up poss, which made the audience laugh.
Horseshoe comes from behind Bai Shu.
Bai Shu’s face became embarrassed, and he heard that the other party didn’t seem to be dead.
However, he is confident that the other party will die even if he is not dead.
I turned around and saw that my eyes were splitting, and the other party was actually safe and sick.
How is that possible?
Bai Shu stayed.
He stayed, but Dian Wei didn’t
Dian Wei waved a double halberd to strangle his head.
Bai Shu hastily waved a pike to fight.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
At that time, the two men played inextricably.
JiFan some surprise don’t see this SAO Bai Shu there are two.
Ji Fan smiled insidiously and decided to be a scumbag again.
Chapter 21 Back to Yecheng
Ps is the first to arrive! There are two more! Ask for a ticket!
Ji Fan rode furtively towards the field.
At the moment, Bai Shu was entangled in this Dian Wei and didn’t notice someone behind him.
But Xuzhou 10 thousand cavalry won’t be so stupid to see JiFan sneaking around and know what the other side has in mind
The cavalry suddenly a loud roar.
"White adults beware of villain sneak attack!"
One of the cavalry shouted
The warning signs in Bai Shu’s heart are better than empty shakes, and a gun forces Dian Wei to retreat. Looking back, it is Jifan who stabbed with a sword far away.
Bai Shu just wanted to disdain to ridicule a sentence or two, but it was a pike rung of consciousness
Qiang Qiang!
Dian Wei pursued the hip dark horse with a roar and a heavy sweep of the double halberd.
Bai Shu desperately resisted the pike flutter and then stabbed Dian Wei straight, intending to force Dian Wei to withdraw his hand.
Dian Wei is ignored and swept away.
At that moment, Ji Fan waved his hand decisively.
Bai Shu’s head tumbled to the ground and his eyes were unwilling and unbelievable.
Bai Shu died!
Ten thousand cavalry looked at each other and didn’t know what to do
The leader of the 10,000 cavalry group quietly retreated with 10,000 elite foot soldiers when they were in chaos.