Rogge was obsessed with arguing with the girl. Where do you remember that this is a tree? Unfortunately, Rogge planted it directly at the bottom of the tree, bringing dust all over the sky.

The girl’s belt fluttered gently before Rogge.
Looking at Rogge, the girl with a black face and a swollen face couldn’t help laughing straight out.
Rogge stared at each other with a bitter face and then whined and touched his forehead.
"I’m going to kill you!" Rogge bite a tooth hate way
"ouch ouch! Who is kind enough to wake you up? It’s strange that some stupid people are kind enough to be a donkey’s liver and lungs and don’t understand people’s kindness and thoughtfulness at all. Don’t come over. I’m going to shout, "Guangtian Ri hurts the girl."
"Don’t call me, just don’t come." Rogge stopped to openly commit murder, complaining. "What generation of evil did I create? How could I meet you this demon in the early morning? I’m unlucky. I’m leaving. If possible, I hope you will disappear forever!"
When it comes to the back, Rogge can’t help but strengthen the tone.
Rogge walked a long way, and suddenly he turned back to meet the girl, still sneaking behind him but pulling a little distance.
Rogge roared, "What do you want? Believe it or not, I really finished you! "
Rogge’s threat just now was enough to scare away the girl, but when he walked for a while, he had an intuition that the girl had not given up on Rogge, so she stepped up and slowed down to disrupt her follow-up. Rogge knew that the time was right next to a flower, and he suddenly chased back, otherwise Rogge saw the inseparable female demon again.
Seeing Rogge leaving for her, the girl didn’t dodge. She looked at Rogge with big eyes and a face of expression.
"Well, you forced me. I’m a donkey today. It’s just a corpse."
Rogge raised his palm and went straight to the girl’s forehead, but when the palm was about to reach her forehead, Rogge stopped. Rogge still didn’t dare to really kill him. He was the girl who really hated himself, but it was not as good as the real killer.
"What follows me?" Rogge asked straight.
"I’m alone, I’m afraid." The girl suddenly changed into a delicate and touching way.
"What are you afraid of?" Rogge or straight asked.
"Afraid someone will kill me"
"Why do others want to kill you?"
"Because there are many bad guys"
"Oh, aren’t you afraid that I am also a bad person?" Rogge suddenly put on a face of bad laughs
"Brother is not like a bad guy. I still believe that."
"Well, then you can follow me, but I can’t make sure you know?"
So just now, the killer Rogge was allowed to follow her.
Walking Rogge is not a taste in his heart. I always feel that something is wrong with the girl. Her attitude is too different before and after.
I’m still trying to guard against Rogge’s heart and wake myself up
"How old are you this year?" Rogge asked the girl
"14" girl honestly way
"So small, I also entered Shisha Mountain. Do you know that this Shisha Mountain is dangerous?"
"I know, but there is no way. If you want to go back to the mountain gate, you have to make yourself stronger."
"aye? What do you mean? Someone in your master bullied you? " Rogge speculated
The girl lowered her head, but Rogge guessed that she might have guessed right.
Chapter seventy-one Problem girl
"Hand over the best Jun or else …"
"Or what?"