She doesn’t understand that everyone is from Xique. Why is it so good and so lucky …

On that day, when the Queen Mother saw Feng Shao being beaten, she really said that she even had such a vague mood that she was so spoiled by the emperor. Is it good or bad? Look at that karma. Didn’t it happen when the emperor left?
Although there are some reasons why Feng Shao suffered this robbery, after all, if it weren’t for the jade bird, if it weren’t for the back of Feng Yang Palace, the main maid said that she had seen the jade bird, there would be no so-called witness that Feng Shao might not have been beaten so badly …
But then when the emperor appeared, she didn’t think so.
Is that waiting for the honor to let the emperor put aside the ancestor worship and come back to save a woman?
If so, she would like to be beaten like this once!
I still have something to get the emperor’s heart!
It’s a pity that this good luck may not fall to her in this life.
Hanging eyes glanced at her hands, and her eyes narrowed slightly, with a hint of gloom in the deep complexity.
After such a long time, the phoenix is shallow and now it is a day, and the phoenix palace is recuperating. She has no way to step in and touch it.
It seems that it is impossible to proceed according to the original plan. The only way to do this is to …
The next morning, it was clear and sunny.
Belonging to the increasingly strong and dispersed breath of spring, the palace is full of flowers and everything is full of vitality.
On this day, after Jun Mo’s shadow of the early dynasty, some men did not deal with it and went to the imperial palace instead of directly returning to Fengyang Palace.
After his deliberation, the little eunuch outside came in to pass the Queen Mother’s side and pity Aunt Sunseeker.
Li Detong saw the emperor’s eyebrows frowning slightly.
The emperor didn’t want to see her. Li Detong was hesitant to let the little eunuch go out and go back to the pity emperor, but at this time he said, "Let her in."
Li Detong looked at the emperor in surprise.
Imperial Palace and Longyin Palace are almost the same. In the past, emperors were not allowed to enter these two places, especially imperial houses. After all, Longyin Palace is the place where emperors don’t like it, while imperial houses are the place where the harem is not allowed to intervene, which is more serious.
Li Detong voluntarily retired after the flow of sunseeker came in.
To tell the truth, there is nothing special about the emperor’s treatment of this pity, at least after he ascended the throne
Even though they are cousins, in general, Hsieh-hsi doesn’t come to complain to the emperor or beg for mercy. For so many years, she has been waiting on the Queen Mother’s side, and the emperor never seems to care about her cousin.
So today, it’s strange. What on earth is pity sunseeker doing?
Today, the tenth watch is over. It’s still ten days. Chapter 37 Don’t you understand what I’m saying?
Flow sunseeker low head dragon sitting in front of the first case is that she is looking for the emperor today.
At the moment, the other party is looking at her without saying a word, with no emotion in her condescending look.
Flow sunseeker lips pursed up and bowed "handmaiden see the emperor"
The emperor should give her a "grace"
But there is no text.
Flow sunseeker smiled bitterly. Her former emperor seldom asked her "what’s the matter" or "what are you doing here", but it happened that there was no such simple question.
When did they become like this?
"Huang handmaiden recently …" She bit her lips more and more tight and weak, and her eyes were full of delicate and touching meaning, but she didn’t look straight at the yellow figure, but flickered and I felt pity.
"Handmaiden body poison … seems to be more frequent. I wonder if the emperor will tell me the antidote now …"
She didn’t say anything more, but at this point, she believed that the emperor should understand her.
The poison is more frequent. She needs an antidote.
If there is no news about the antidote, she will suffer a lot.
Jun Mo’s eyes became deeper with her words. Cutting the facial features just showed a sharp edge, but soon he folded his eyes and lowered his eyes, making people unable to see what he was thinking.
Flow sunseeker so half lifted her head to pay attention to all the details of his elegance and beauty, even if she frowned, she suddenly found that even if she understood a person’s expression, she might not be able to understand what the deep meaning of this expression was.
This man is a person who can’t understand
"For the time being, there is news that hasn’t been found yet." Jun Moying’s eyes are low. "I will let people give you some suitable prescriptions. If you send them again, you will come to me with the medicine."
Pity, leng leng, suddenly smiled and looked pale. "Where dare handmaiden go to Fengyang Palace to find someone except when the emperor is waiting for the shallow princess empress?"