The strong gods and the strong men of the same rank will be cautious before fighting, because it is rare to choose if they can come to this step in the world and are not very strong for a while.

But Sula Wong is out of the public and Agana play.
Maybe Agana will refuse in another place, but it’s a pity that if the two armies confront each other, the consequences will be unimaginable. Agana is also very confident in herself and is very aggressive with the army led by King Hag.
She’s guilty of fighting. Isn’t she brave enough to fight her alone? Immediately, I didn’t get angry and turned my face into a proud face. "I heard earlier that Wang Za, the hag, had reached the pinnacle of cultivation and was called the enemy of water warfare. Since Wang Ya, the hag, was so interested, also wanted to see all the winged gods who were badly off the water tactic quit one hundred miles away."
The hag king saw that she was fighting and her blood was boiling. With a wave of his hand, the huge army retreated like the tide.
Soon there will be a hundred miles left, far away from the hag king and Agana.
At the same time, the two peerless strong men have no scruples about bursting out their breath. The breath wrapped around the hag king is pale blue, cold and moist, while Agana is pure white, which is comfortable and quiet.
From the appearance, one of the two forces is water power and the other is light power. It seems that neither of them is a lethal force.
However, the actual water can also make people fly into oblivion.
Those seemingly quiet and gentle forces contain terrorist lethality.
No one talked much, and the battle started at the same time. The Hag King waved the golden trident, turned pale blue, gasified the water, and soared. The dragon bared its teeth and growled at Agana. The momentum was like a mountain collapse, and there was no other color in the sky.
In ordinary people, I’m afraid I can’t think of making moves in front of the hag king. However, Agana Hag king is a strong man of the same order. At this moment, he is fearless of dancing with a wide-bladed sword and conjures up a series of white but firm but gentle dragons that are tangential to the green dragon.
Boom ~
The green light and the white light are intertwined in the sky, and even the people of Hag and Wing God, who are hundreds of miles away, can feel the huge B-wave breath produced by the collision of energy, which is both exciting and dignified. No one wants his own king to lose.
"big light cannon ~"
Agana jiā denounced a white and destructive light beam when her hands were folded. This is a very lethal move in the wing protoss. The power displayed in her hands is very terrible. Once the monks of the same order are hit, they are also unlucky. This move is not even enough to send out thirty percent power when dealing with throb and others. However, this time it is a battle to defeat the hag Wang Yiju!
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine Great prophecy
However, is it easy for the hag king to wave his trident in the sea and conjure up a huge shield to block the fierce artillery fire and roll out a waterspout to counterattack Agana with a bang, and the waterspout turns into a water arrow all over the sky.
"light guardian"
Agana whispered that the whole body was covered with a layer of white light shield in the surge of white light, and the white light sword flew and danced in its skill, and the white light blade was killed away.
No matter how many people come and fight, it is thunder and lightning. I don’t know how many creatures can escape in the sea. They are smashed to pieces in various energy strangulation.
After half an hour, the onlookers have already hid in 150 miles away, but they can still feel the fierce impact on the struggle of the strong, which is really terrible.
This kind of strong body does contain huge strength, which is close to the sky compared with some low-ranking monks. However, every move and style they fight is consuming intense strength.
Up to now, the two men seem to have been a little tired. The hag king is avoiding a sword of light and not being cut red-handed. His body couldn’t help hanging out and revealing a huge flaw.
How can there be half a silk coming and going when the masters compete?
"Big light cannon" Agana’s eyes lit up, her hands folded and she tried her best to blast out a big light cannon. The horrible speed of the highly condensed light beam instantly hit the stumbling hag king.
"Agana, you are still too tender." A flash of the Hag King suddenly appeared directly in Agana’s trident, and it was covered with golden light.
That flaw just now was just that he deliberately showed it to lure Agana to be fooled.
The powerful and powerful light cannon just hit the hag king and conjured up a ghosting image. It was blown into the water and broke out all over the sky. huā scorching light energy instantly evaporated several seawater and transpiration white gas.
"God says ~ the power of light is unbreakable"
Even if it’s better than Agana, it’s hard to walk away in the face of a fierce blow from the hag king. However, to the hag king’s surprise, Agana’s sexy lips spit out such dignified characters
At the same time, Agana picked up a semi-transparent arc-shaped white in front of her, and the energy was so rich that the shields were as light as gold, and the mysterious runes were constantly flowing, full of solemn and majestic power.
The golden light of the trident was like a storm, and it kept pounding on the boat, causing the shield to ripple everywhere, but it was broken and struggled to support it with the support of the golden rune.
The hag king saw that the plan didn’t succeed, and the waves flashed far away. The fountain-like water column condensed on the sea. He stood on the dark and ugly face and showed a particularly dignified color. "Great Oracle, I didn’t expect Agana to be so qualified?"
Great prophecy is a very powerful method of wing protoss, which can distort and change the law to some extent. Great prophecy is flexible and changeable and can be used in various fields.
When this technique is cultivated to the highest level, it can achieve the state that words follow words.
This is somewhat similar to the magic words of the ghost emperor, but the difficulty of cultivation is the same. It is not just that the magic words of the ghost emperor are so terrible that the powerful people in the same order are terrified. Things that can be ordered to distort or even change the law are always frightening.
The strong can understand the law to a certain extent, but that is only within the scope of the law and the scope of their own understanding, and there is no way to change the law. The two are not the same in exaggeration.
This level of magic can no longer be called magic, but is a magical category.
The essence of a man who can change the law within a certain range is God. If he wants to be in other fields, he is what he says.
Of course, whether it is the mantra of the ghost emperor or the prophecy of Agana, the cultivation conditions are very harsh, and both of them just have mastered some fur, which is very pure. Agana doesn’t even have the fur.
"It’s a pity that you haven’t been practicing the Great Prophecy for a long time. If your strength is only like this, then Wang Youwu is sure to let you fall on the spot." Wang Hag smiled coldly and the surrounding light blue breath became more and more dignified.
It’s also very expensive to display the magical power. A simple prophecy greatly strengthens her light guardian defense, but at the same time it consumes several times more than her big light cannon. Rao is a strong person at this level. After the operation of the immature prophecy, she is a little breathless, and her posture is a little unstable, but her eyes are particularly firm. "I admit that you are unexpectedly strong, but you want me to fall, but Agana is 100% sure to let you lie on the bottom of the sea and heal for a hundred years."
"oh? Is your fur not a big prophecy? " The hag king laughed at it, but slowly put away the trident. "In fact, you and I both dare not do it because of the terrorist forces behind you, but if you really dare to fight with the forces behind you everywhere, sooner or later you will suffer. You have to leave first."
Say the hag king passed away and disappeared on the spot, and the monstrous water column also turned into rain and fog. It was beautiful and left some dull Agana. In this world war I, she lost some wrong theories. She was not worse than the hag king, but she was greedy and aggressive. Finally, she was forced to cast out an unskilled prophecy and spent a lot of real money.
But she had to admit that the hag king was sophisticated and at the same time put away his pride in his heart and dared not look at other races in a high state of mind.
After leaving, the hag king is also a little scared. This Agana is beyond his expectation. You know, he has all the water to drive and squander at home, so he can be sure to defeat and kill her. If it were purely in the sky or on land, I am afraid there would be a fight.
What’s more, Agana is so young that she has cultivated the great prophecy of wing protoss stunts. Although even the fur is now, what about the future? Hundreds of years or even thousands of years later? King Hag had a hunch that Agana might really be at the peak of this world if she didn’t fall, and her achievements would surpass those of the strongest people such as the Ghost Emperor.