The waves smiled and said, "Blue is always good to me. Maybe one day when I am happy, I will give my daughter to me!" "

Elaine Lin also smiled and said, "just dream, that’s impossible!" As far as I know, Blue Moon has never liked a man! "
The waves said, "Don’t be so sure that anything is possible! I’m not going to hit on her mainly because I’m not interested in her. It’s cold and not feminine! "
Elaine Lin said, "Miss Ouyang is feminine. Can you get it?"? You will brag! "
Waves "Ouyang is a famous flower with a heart and a woman. I’m even less interested. I like * *-like you!"
Elaine Lin blushed and said, "Don’t talk nonsense and the two of us. Don’t show it around. If I know, I will kill you!" "
"in what way?" The steering wheel in the hands of the waves came to a beautiful rotation. The red convertible BMW turned a corner freely and drove to another road. "If I can choose, I hope your bed will kill me gently!"
Elaine Lin couldn’t spill her anger when she looked at her playful smile and waves. She said, "Fine, I’ll tie you to the bed and gently kill you little by little."
When the waves heard that Elaine Lin repeatedly stressed not to tell their story, they knew that Elaine Lin had a little desire to have both sides. She was afraid that she was too romantic and unreliable to go back to her former boyfriend.
Elaine Lin has something special about waves. Elaine Lin doesn’t want to lose this chess game. He thinks, "If you want Elaine Lin to help me, let her see the other side of her boyfriend, so that she will be sad on my side. I just don’t know if her boyfriend is really as honest as she says. If it is true, forget it. If that man is superficial, he will show this kindness for the first time. If that man is behind a set of hey hey, sorry, brother, you can’t keep your woman!"
The waves thought that they had a way to cope with it, so they didn’t worry about it for the time being, and they talked and joked freely with Elaine Lin. Soon they came to the door of the General Administration of the Sea and stopped the waves to let Elaine Lin come.
Elaine Lin took the document and said, "Thank you."
The waves looked up at the towering office building of the General Administration of the Sea and said, "Does your boyfriend work here?"
Elaine Lin blushed slightly and said, "It’s a small official."
The waves said, "Do you remember what I said to you?"
Elaine Lin said, "Which sentence do you mean?"
The waves said, "If you give me ten days, if I can’t find Li Jianfeng in ten days, I will cheat with other women behind your back. I won’t bother you again if I can find evidence that there is no good man in this world and Li Jianfeng is not a good man. You have to be my woman."
Elaine Lin smiled and said, "Don’t waste your efforts. He must be a good man. You can’t find evidence."
The waves laughed. "Why don’t you invite him to the Red Chamber tonight and we’ll meet?"
Elaine Lin said, "He has never been to the Red Chamber. He is not always with Lan. Besides, his official position is too small for Lan to reach him."
The waves are a little incredulous and say, "Isn’t Li Jianfeng a tax official? He’s a tax official. How could manager Lan miss him? "
Elaine Lin trembles and says, "Now that you don’t understand it, you’ll know it slowly. Let me tell you this. It’s all the same whether Li Jianfeng’s official position is small or not. Second, Li Jianfeng people are very upright and won’t be bought by General Manager Lan. I’m going in. You should also go to class."
The waves know that they can’t fuck too hard and say with a quick smile, "Okay, I’m leaving."
The waves came to Hongshun Real Estate Development Company according to the address given to him by Blue Star. Although this Hongshun Real Estate Company is a member of the Star League, on the surface, it looks more magnificent than the Red Chamber of the Star League headquarters. Many buildings are as high as 33 floors and luxuriously decorated.
Hongshun real estate development company is Lan Tianxing who put a large amount of illegally smuggled cash into a bank and finally transferred it to his own Hongshun real estate development company Hongshun Company. This money can not only launder money, but also make big profits in the real estate industry.
Elaine has been in a bad mood since she saw the waves coming to the Red Chamber, because she knows best what kind of place the Red Chamber is. The waves will soon leave her behind. She is anxious about being swayed by considerations of gain and loss. On the one hand, she wants to forget the waves, forget what happened, and return to Li Jianfeng. On the other hand, she doesn’t want the waves to forget her. She even thinks that it would be nice if she can keep such a lover with the waves all the time, but she is afraid that Li Jianfeng will know.
Wave Bai Lin Yi Lian, what gave him the cold shoulder? He still went to Yi Lian’s place. Of course, he didn’t want to abandon her now. He smiled patiently. "It’s not like I didn’t pass you as a driver. I am willing!"
Elaine Lin turned red. She remembered that crazy night and glared at the waves. "Don’t talk nonsense in front of others!" Who wants you? Hey! "
The waves laughed. "Why don’t you just take my car? I’ll take you. Where are you going?"
Elaine Lin said, "I’m going to a poster today. Miss Lan matched me with a car, but the driver had a temporary stomachache and couldn’t find another driver, so I was ready to take a taxi to the sea."
The waves said, "I’m just going to Hongshun, and you’re just coming to the sea."
Elaine Lin just sat down to the waves and started a car to drive out of the red chamber compound.
Elaine Lin watched the BMW car with envy and said, "Manager Lan really values you. You gave you such an expensive car as soon as you arrived."
The waves smiled and said, "Blue is always good to me. Maybe one day when I am happy, I will give my daughter to me!" "
Elaine Lin also smiled and said, "just dream, that’s impossible!" As far as I know, Blue Moon has never liked a man! "