Ye Hong also went towards the layman in the hall.

When I came to Ye Han’s room and watched Ye Lin’s housekeeper leave, Lengling couldn’t help looking around. A feeling of missing came into being again.
Think about the days and nights after the Singapore Festival, when Ye Han lived here all the time except for the practice of closing, but now he is back, but Ye Han is missing. Suddenly, it is a feeling in Lengling’s heart.
Feeling Yu Lengling came to the window and stared at the stars outside the window for a long time and never returned to my mind.
At the same time, Ye Hong also returned to her room and told Ye Mu the news of Lengling’s return. Naturally, she also told all the news of Lengling’s pregnancy.
Ye Hong, however, has always been afraid to tell Ye Mu why Lengling came back for fear that she would worry so much. He also said that his daughter-in-law would come back because she was homesick.
But he doesn’t know that there are many doubts hidden in this sentence. Since Lengling is homesick and pregnant, why doesn’t Ye Han come back with her?
And Ye Mu really thought of this long ago, but she didn’t ask any more questions because Ye Hong never revealed any secrets.
Now, knowing that Lengling came back but Ye Han heard from Ye Mu, she was a little worried at the right time, so she couldn’t help asking, "Before Xianggong, I wanted to ask you why Lenger didn’t come back?"
"This" Ye Hong also thought that Ye Mu would have this question, but she didn’t think that she would ask again at this time and didn’t know what to answer at the moment.
After much hesitation, Ye Hong finally decided to tell the story of Ye Han’s disappearance. After all, such things are not trivial to hide, and it is impossible to hide them for a while. Sooner or later, they will be known.
Nai shook his head and Ye Hong sighed bitterly for a moment before saying, "Madam, there is one thing I have never told you. I am afraid you will worry!" "
Ye Hong paused and continued to smile bitterly. "In fact, there is another bad news besides the good news that Linger will come!"
"What bad news?" Leaf mother thought that Ye Hong had something to hide from herself, and it was still related to Ye Han, but now she suddenly heard that Ye Hong was honest and had no doubts, so she tentatively asked.
Ye Hong didn’t hide anything, and soon told Ye Han’s missing news department to Ye Mu, as he had thought, Ye Mu almost fainted after hearing the news.
After a pause, Ye Mu forcibly supported her, but her face was not as optimistic as before. At this moment, although she did not faint, her face became extremely worried!
Seeing that Ye Mu’s face was so ugly, Ye Hong shook his head tentatively and persuaded him, "I’ll send someone to the ice sheet to look for it early, and maybe I can get him back soon!"
Hearing Ye Hong’s persuasion, Ye Mu’s face is still very ugly, but it has improved compared with before, and many tensions have eased.
Now that Ye Han has disappeared, finding him is the most important thing. All his worries and worries are unnecessary.
Ye Hong decided to send his most loyal people to find Ye Han at dawn. After all, this is a big event for Ye Jia, and we must not be careless.
Naturally, before he can’t be careless, he has to hide this matter. It’s best not to let others in the family know, especially those with malicious intentions ~
[181] 【 Send someone to find 】
Everything in Xingyuan City still hasn’t been noticed by Lengling, and no one has noticed that Ye’s family has changed so much that not many people in Ye’s family know about it.
In this quiet and peaceful night, the Ye family is shrouded in darkness, and there is nothing unusual, as usual.
However, this kind of scenery remains the same, but it is not the same in a certain room of the Ye family. At this moment, there is a pretty woman staring out the window at the stars.
And look at the patriarch Ye Hongfang, although it is at night at the moment, but it is still lit, just like the owner has not rested.
You don’t have to sleep or eat if you have enough exercise, but one thing is essential, and that is rest.
No matter how strong a person is, he has not cultivated the extraordinary situation, so it is necessary to rest, because they also know what fatigue is.
Looking at the whole vitality, the mainland can do it all the year round without rest. Generally speaking, it will be called an old monster. It is this old monster that no one in the mainland has really met so far.
Ye Hong, although he is tired, sometimes he is tired. Taking care of family affairs has made him tired, but now he is worried about Ye Han’s disappearance.
Naturally, he will be even more tired when the two sides are under attack, but now the night is deep and he has not rested. This is indeed a strange place.
Ye Hong’s room is lit with lights, but there are traces of people walking around. Ye Hong is sitting on the bed and staring blankly at the courtyard outside the window.
And Ye Mu’s mood has improved after being comforted by Ye Hong, but there is no sign of calming down. At this moment, she is staring at the stars outside the window.
Ye Hong’s disappearance gave them a big blow. Although Ye Hong was confident that he could find Ye Han, he lost his confidence when he was calm.
The room was completely silent. Not only did no one say anything, but even the last trace of footsteps never made a sigh.
"Cold son, come back soon!" Ye Mu’s eyes at the window never recovered from the starry sky, but she couldn’t help mumbling.
Compared with Ye Hong, Ye Mu naturally calmed down and sighed. At the same time, she constantly considered sending someone to find Ye Han’s accident.
Although Ye Jia, the patriarch, is supported by another powerful force, Ye Hong is very worried and doesn’t know who is the most loyal to himself.