Lan Chengye was shocked by the ice. The answer was beyond his expectation.

He grabbed the bag in the ice hand and strode forward. He would rather help her with her things than let her keep calling him "woman". If the gangsters know that he is still hanging around?
Ice looked at Lan Chengye’s mouth unconsciously raised.
"You are really a special girl." Ouyang Jun said that he was a little ice-bound. Since he could let Lan Chengye do things, his brother had never been treated so well.
Ice shrugged his shoulders and smiled gently without answering.
Lan Chengye kept walking in front of the ice, bulging with gas. They snickered behind them. Lan Chengye turned around and looked at them with displeasure. They immediately tried not to laugh, but their shoulders still stirred up. He looked at the ice more and more angrily and complained.
Bing tilted his head and didn’t look at him, but he happened to see a familiar figure. The whole person became nervous. "I still have something to buy. You should go first." After that, I quickly pulled a person away after crossing the road.
Everyone is curious, including the snow, but just now Lan Chengye happened to see the man with blue hair, and his mind flashed a figure and chased him.
Bing pulled the man to an alley and looked at him. "Why are you here?"
Cold and depressed "ice, this should be what I ask you."
"I, I have an appointment with Xue to come out to play together."
"Is it Lan Chengye?" Asked coldly.
"That’s not true, but you can say that."
"What do you mean?"
"We have an appointment with Lin Lan Chengye and Ouyang Jun."
After listening to the cold, although I was still a little uneasy, I never asked again.
"Now it’s your turn to answer my question." Bing asked coldly.
"Well, I got a message that Zhijian seems to have received a VIP back a few days ago. I was curious, so I ordered the department to check it, but I couldn’t find it. I felt suspicious, so she came here tonight."
"VIP? What does she look like? " Ice seems to think of something anxiously asked.
"I don’t know what happened to her wearing a hat and sunglasses. Ice "cold" also feels that ice is wrong.
"Nothing" Bing answered casually. Is he suspicious?
Cold complex looked at the ice suddenly heard footsteps "someone".
After listening to this, Bing quietly poked his head out and saw that Lan Chengye was coming in his own direction. "It’s Lan Chengye who is cold at night. You have to stay here and don’t come out. I’ll lead him."
"Ice …" Cold mouth want to say what "ok!" Finally, I didn’t say that I didn’t trust to look at the ice and it left …
Bing looked at Lan Chengye and dragged him away without giving him a chance.
"Hey …" Lan Chengye shouted at her, but Ice Pack couldn’t hear her.
Lan Chengye was really angry. He was looking for cold information about her, but now she caught him. His anger burned and he shook his hand violently.
The center of gravity of the ice was not steady, and the face and expression were twisted into a ball with pain.
"Are you all right?" Lan Chengye held out his hand.
Ice took Lan Chengye away with one hand and limped back to the original road with his hand.
Lan Chengye watched the ice limp and walked back, feeling guilty in his heart, and grabbed the ice arm before he left.
"Put" coldly say.
However, Lancheng Night listened to the ice words and picked up the ice ice. Suddenly, I felt that my body was hanging in the middle and didn’t react.
When the reaction came, people who saw the street were amazed and felt uncomfortable. "Let me go."
Lan Chengye didn’t
"Let me go" This time, Yinbei increased everyone’s attention to them. They had a glimpse of Lan Chengye’s handsome face. Of course, some anthomaniac still looked at it with drool and sweat!
Lan Chengye ruthlessly stared back and calmly faced the ice. "If you make any more noise, I will throw you away."
"You …" Bing wanted to swear or hold back. She didn’t want the street to be thrown away by him as garbage. Is this the only reason to stay quietly in Lan Chengye’s arms? What about the sweetness in your heart?
Chapter 90 The past
Lan Chengye carried the ice to the hospital.
"Ah," cried the ice pain a frown.
"Hold on a little longer," the nurse said softly, and then helped the ice to apply medicine. "Well, remember to have a good rest. If you get hurt again, you will be in trouble." Then she tilted her head and looked at Lan Chengye. "You come with me to get your girlfriend’s medicine."
"I don’t …" Bing just wanted to explain that the nurse had already left. Lan Chengye didn’t seem to mind taking medicine with the nurse at all.
Ice looked at LanChengYe figure smiled.
A woman pushes a little boy to a stop not far from the ice.
"You wait here for me to be good." I looked at the little boy in the wheelchair with spoil.
"Well, I know mom, you’re not worried about me." The boy gave her a friendly smile.