"Nine uncles, where have you been for two or three hours?" Qin Wei was smiling, especially when he saw Gu Jin Sunseeker and Qin Rui holding hands, he hated that he could not attract all the people in the whole temple.

Although most of the ladies and daughters have left the whole temple in succession, most of them are Qin Luan cronies and envoys who are cool in summer, but there are still a few who stay to watch the scene of bustle. At this moment, I see Gu Jin Sunseeker and Qin Rui know that Xiao Taihou doesn’t like Gu Jin Sunseeker, and suddenly Yang said, "The so-called men and women don’t kiss Miss Gu even if you are Rui Wang’s fiancee, but now you are too …"
Xiao Taihou face also some not very good-looking stared Qin Rui a eyes bottom with a somewhat deep and somewhat dark but soon face is with a disapproving expression "farce son you you …"
"Sunseeker was seriously injured and recovered. She was treated by Empress Lanfei and was tired. So the king took her to the Houdian to rest for a while. What do you think of Mrs. Qin Weiwei?" Qin Rui eyebrow tip shallow Yang corners of the mouth oblique hook with a somewhat evil spirit light smile and then fall Qin Luan face smile did not retreat "but since Mrs. Wei talked about the problem of upbringing, the king suddenly remembered today, but my place of Chu and Xia Liang made up again and again, and this Qin Wei repeatedly provoked the king to slander the sunseeker …" And he bowed his head and said that he was already somewhat Lengli "Even if it was a concubine, it was also my Qin royal princess who went out to represent my Qin royal face brother …
"oh? Is there such a thing? " Qin Luan smell speech immediately frowned slightly and looked a little ugly, especially when the concubines gave birth to two words. He was not Xiao Taihou’s own, but later his mother died young and remembered Xiao Taihou’s name.
Qin Weiwen’s face turned pale with a swish, his eyes wide open and his heart almost jumped out of his throat. He turned to look at Qin Luan. "No, father, isn’t that right? I didn’t. I really didn’t."
"No?" Qin Nian bowed his head and his pale face with a somewhat shallow smile. "So when I was in the Shaohua Temple, I accused Jin Xixi of letting the empress dowager empress take Jin Xixi into custody, and the retrial person was not Shisanbing."
"I, I …" Qin Wei suddenly felt her heart in her throat and turned to look at Qin Luan’s ugly face. She suddenly felt her mind in ashes and turned to look at Xiao Taihou. "Grandmother, please help me tell my father that I don’t have me …"
Yun-feng xia sat next to him and took a sip of his glass gently, setting Gu Jin’s eyes full of love, but when Qin Wei hung in the corner of his eyes, he unconsciously dyed three points of malicious crime. "The royal princess is so eloquent that the royal majesty is the country’s master looking at the family girl. Her eyes are clear and sincere, and she is a good boy."
Qin Luan didn’t look very good when he heard the news, and his face looked even more ugly. His eyes glared at Qin Wei with a somewhat cruel tone. "It seems that you still haven’t reflected clearly on the second grounding. Go back to the palace and then reflect on it. When will you reflect on it? When will you come out again? I won’t lose my Qin royal face!"
"Don’t father me …" Qin Wei smell speech suddenly feel physical strength if not behind the little maid-in-waiting load to help even the whole people have collapsed to the ground; There is still a deadline for the second grounding, and this time there is not even a deadline.
Hands clasping the lower abdomen dignified and noble Qin Ning looked at the bottom of his eyes with some disdain. It really deserves to be taught by Li Fei, who is exactly the same as her talkative personality. At the beginning, she was almost left in the cold, but she didn’t learn a lesson. It really deserved it.
Looking at Qin Wei’s pear flower with rain, she exclaimed that Qin Luan frowned and looked ugly to the extreme.
"What are you still staring at? Why don’t you arrange the carriage to send the thirteenth princess back to the palace when you don’t see that she is unwell?" Standing behind Qin Luan Du Changhai said quickly toward those Gonge light drink.
Qin Wei doesn’t even have the strength to struggle at the moment. Her eyes are staring at Gu Jin Sunseeker, and she hates to eat her alive. Can Gu Jin Sunseeker be afraid? She has already died once, and she is not afraid of this little means.
"This country has laws and regulations, and Wei Er’s sexual pampering has been spoiled since childhood." Xiao Taihou’s face is somewhat unnatural and her smile is faint. "Who doesn’t have a few naughty children but speaks to your country? I don’t know what Xia Guozhu intends to do with Princess Rou?"
Since there is no reason to lose face, there is a place where Xiao Taihou bowed his head and quickly crossed the bottom of his eyes and sat in the temple. Whoever hears Xiao Taihou’s words is not white or not.
It’s just not clear
Yun-feng xia bowed their heads and his thin lips gently sipped and sipped his tea before he smiled.
"Cherish soft ah ….." He sighed deeply. "In those days, he was my father’s favorite princess, and she was sensible since childhood. She never won such a title, but who ever thought … that she would do such a thing?" He shook his head and sighed. The implication was very obvious. Our summer princess was cool, but she was weak and kind. How could she do such an extreme thing in your place? To put it bluntly, it takes two to make a sound. Everyone is at fault, and everyone is the same.
Qin Luan finally bowed his head, his thin lips and his eyes were slightly dark and deep. "What does the Lord of Na Xia mean?"
"Ha ha this man who all say not clearly" Yun-feng xia face smile shallow line of sight fall Gu Huai face is full of satisfaction "cherish soft what would do such a thing the Lord really don’t know why it is better to ask the Chu emperor to send someone to bring cherish soft to the Lord to talk to her face to face"
"… I’m afraid this is not very good?" Xiao Taihou looked ugly and stared at Yun-feng Xia as if he wanted to see something from his face.
"So it’s all right" Qin Luan also turned to coagulate Xia Yunfeng’s eyes for a moment. He turned to look at Du Changhai. "You immediately asked Ender to arrange someone to escort Xia Liang and Cherish Princess Mountain!"
Du Changhai heard it and immediately bowed his head. "It’s a handmaiden. I’ll arrange it."
"The Emperor of Chu is really a frank man. Here’s to you!" Yun-feng Xia’s smile on his face became more and more full, but the bottom of his eyes was somewhat dark and deep. No one saw him put the console table hand clenched into a fist.
"Xia Guo Lord please!" Qin Luan also raised his glass to Xia Yunfeng.
The whole main hall, with its strings playing, playing, singing and dancing, has been changed in batches, and the dancing posture is moving. No matter how you look at it, it is a picture of singing and dancing.
But Gu Jin sunseeker is slightly sipping his thin lips. It’s too dark outside. Mei Gu took Gonge to light all the street lamps in the courtyard. The whole Danqingshan clause was lit by candlelight, and her heart became more and more nervous.
"Ye!" With the passage of time, the original Gu Jin Sunseeker will tell the whole truth. Yang Fanning is like Gu Jin Sunseeker. Finally, I can’t help bending over Qin Rui’s side and lowering my voice. Only they can understand it.
Qin Rui eyes color condensation brow slightly frowning with somewhat confused look at john young made a go toward outside walk eyes; When I turned to look at Gu Jinxi, it was slowly spoiled and gentle enough to overflow the water. "You sit here now and I’ll be right back."
I’m fine’ Gu Jinxi took Qin Rui’s hand and smiled faintly; There are some things that she doesn’t want to tell Qin Rui, but Qin Rui is, after all, a member of Qin’s royal family. Gu Jinxi is worried that once he tells Qin Rui, he will eventually be hindered by the family’s sense of honor, and she will take the risk. Thinking of her holding Qin Rui’s hand tightly, "I will wait for you here."
Although she can’t tell Qin Rui, she can’t watch Qin Rui die here. Even if he hates himself when he leaves, she will take him away. After today, she is not sure whether they can still be like this.
It seems that I feel the pain and entanglement in Gu Jinxi’s heart. Qin Rui raised my hand and gently rubbed Gu Jinxi’s hair. "Don’t think about it. I am a little thing and will be back soon."
"Well" Gu Jin sunseeker nodded his head.
A remote place outside the temple
Qin Rui’s eyes slightly narrowed and Yang Fanxu was in a good mood and even had a particularly good tone. "What’s up!"
"Ye!" John young’s thin lips sipped his brow slightly and considered for a long time. Finally, he decided to have a horizontal heart. While Qin Rui turned his head and flickered his hand, he fell behind Qin Rui with a hand knife.
Looking at Qin Rui fainting, he took Qin Rui tasikmalaya and picked him up. He took a deep look at the main hall of Gu Jin Sunseeker, and then he went directly to the outside of Danqingshan Royal clause with a tap of his toes. He didn’t look back. He knew his master’s character better than anyone else. He had secretly found out that the outside of Danqingshan Royal clause was really full of explosives. That point was to turn the whole Danqingshan clause into ashes.
How time flies! Looking at it, it’s time for Gu Jinxi to sit left and right. She can’t wait for Qin Rui to come back. She is frowning and utterly confused. It takes an hour to get to the top of Danqing Mountain from the clause of Danqing Mountain. What’s more, Qin Nian and Yun Yun are in poor health and can’t wait any longer. Thought of here, her eyes half narrowed and raised her hand and rubbed her temples.
"Miss, are you all right?" Pinellia ternata eagle-eyed to see Gu Jin sunseeker that frowned appearance can’t help some worry to say
Gu Jinxi shook his head. "I seem to be a little dizzy. I may have caught a cold. When I went out early today, I put a few pieces of ginger candy for my dad to drive away the cold. Go and call my dad and wait for you outside by the rockery in my garden."
"Yes" Pinellia nodded. Although there are some doubts about why my young lady won’t let the master give ginger candy to herself, doubts are still done according to Gu Jin’s instructions. Gu Jin’s sunseeker himself has been keeping a close eye on Qin Nian and Yun Yun. I just don’t know what Mammy Gui said to Yun Yun with her child in her arms. Yun Yun nodded and took the child. Mammy Gui seems to have some uneasy instructions. Then Xiao Taihou seems to have something and left directly.
Right now!
Gu Jinxi bowed his head and lowered his eyes without a trace, and went to the side where Qin Nian and Yun Yun talked and laughed and made a very boring appearance. Finally, he wanted to go out directly and took Yun Yun and Qin Nian out of the door.
"Sunseeker, what’s wrong with you?" Just saw it? "Just see Gu Jin sunseeker Gu Huai couldn’t help face to meet with concern to take Gu Jin sunseeker hand be caring and attentive.
Gu Jinxi shook his head. "Dad, I’m fine." He said and looked back at the still-lit, crowing main hall with his thin lips slightly sipping and pulling Qin Nian and Yun Yun. "You come with me and I have something to tell you."
"…" Three people you look at me, I look at your eyes are full of doubts, but because of the letter to Gu Jin Sunseeker, they didn’t ask what is behind Gu Jin Sunseeker. The more they go forward, the more quiet and remote they find. No one even cares about the flower beds around. It’s an abandoned courtyard. If Gu Jinxi didn’t bring them here, I’m afraid they would never know that there is such a abandoned courtyard in the Royal Garden of Dan Qingshan. Finally, Gu Jinxi stopped at a corner in a rockery.
"Sunseeker, who are you?" Gu Huai looked around and could see each other’s faces through the faint moonlight. Not only did he frown slightly, but he took out the flint in his arms and tried to ignite it, but he was pulled by Gu Jinxi. "No ignition!"