Old Huang cold hum 1 He is not good at bickering with people. He likes to fight. He doesn’t like to say anything. He is wearing a white blouse, shorts and a drag board. This is the standard ordinary citizen’s dress for the elderly. He takes off his blouse, which is not skinny but not fat. He moves slightly, and his body makes a beep.

Malaysian monkey sneer at a "stripped to play with the old? Hum, I’m still afraid that you won’t succeed. Even if you get naked and happen to my younger brother, things won’t happen to me. In my opinion, you are brave and worthless. I’m like a boat, not to mention you. "
Haikui listened to the monkey say what he said, but he looked at Lao Huang with his heart and treated him like one.
Old Huang moved his arms slightly and then knocked like a horse stance just like a horse stance just look. His palms pushed forward slightly, and his body creaked and his flesh wriggled.
Haikui’s eyes shrank slightly, and he saw that Lao Huang was growing faster and faster, two meters, three meters, four meters and five meters, just like a tree.
The monkey took a step back, looked up at the taller and taller giant and said, "Even if you get bigger, you can’t beat it!"
As he spoke, a magic weapon appeared in the hands of the monkey, such as a stick two feet long. As soon as he threw out a number of sticks, he hit Lao Huang.
Old Huang stopped when his body rose three feet, and he looked tall and couldn’t be taller. Take a step forward and shake the earth! Open your mouth and yell at the big monkey old man ~ ~ ~ ~ The sky and the earth change color, and the stars change.
The monkey’s magic weapon turned into a number of sticks, and the shadow hit Lao Huang’s body. It was not even a ripple to tickle, as if it sounded ping-pong Lao Huang.
Old Huang’s image now has nothing to do with the old man, just like a statue of God of War in the star. He shakes his body and has a domineering power that can rival the king. generate came to Old Huang and didn’t speak, but Haikui felt a will.
That will is that I want you to live and I want you to die!
Haikui was a little excited when he clapped his hands. Yes, that’s the feeling. It’s so fucking exciting! Life and death are in my mind.
It turns out that this extreme of life and death is the will to live when you are born and to die when you are dead.
Now the old monkey man finally feels the pressure and keeps his mouth shut. He uses his stick to poke him, but he just can’t break the old Huang, which seems to be as big as a golden body.
Old Huang raised his hand and slapped him like a fly, and he was scampering around with the old monkey, who was instantly flattened and hung up with a move.
Lao Huang stepped back, his body gradually narrowed, and the awesome momentum gradually disappeared. He dressed again and went back behind Haikui. "This is my understanding of life and death."
"Uh-huh!" Haikui nodded and benefited a lot.
At this time, there are four people on the other side. It seems that the initial number of five people here has changed somewhat. The fact tells us that many people are not necessarily good enough to fight!
Li was completely shocked here. After a few blinks, the two men hung up a black-robed old man and said, "I didn’t expect them to be so powerful that we can’t take it lightly!" "
The old man in black robe said, "Get in line!"
"There were five of us before the fart formation, and now there are not enough people!"
"Set up a division and nephew to form an array!"
"How can two people be less than one teacher?"
The old man in black found that there were not enough people who wanted to form a formation, and that defeat was a foregone conclusion.
One of them, the old man in black robe, held a fist. "Martial nephew, my brother and younger brother are dead, and the three of us are low and low, but the younger brother is high and high, but the elder brother has a hard time today. Wait for the uncles to go back and move reinforcements, and then help the martial nephew to avenge the killing of the disciples. Of course, we will also avenge the killing of the brothers and younger brothers!"
Li Congenital’s eyes are full of tears. "Is Uncle Shi taller than you?"
The black-robed martial uncle just pondered, "It may not be for the time being, but there are people outside the mountain, and you can see that several Taoist friends across the street are too strong. The three of us will leave the castle peak for fear of burning firewood!"
Said the black-robed Martial Uncle, reaching out to the side, tearing down and disappearing. The other two black-robed elders also tore down and disappeared.
Li was born with a deep sigh, and his burly figure was a bit decadent. Compared with Hai Kui, he said, "I didn’t lose the challenge with Jiugui Xiandao. I didn’t expect to lose to a junior like you!"
Haikui laughed. "You’re not ashamed to lose. You’re not even a grandchild in front of these people."
Li looked at Lao Huang and several of them with fuels and asked, "Dare you ask if the seniors can’t see through the younger generation?"
Ling Yan chuckled quite a bit, and she felt that she was born with a sigh. "Needless to say, it must be that she can’t match her height. Just now, some arrogant people hope that several predecessors will forgive me!"
Haikui was shameless and said, "I won’t care about this with you if you have a good attitude of admitting mistakes!" "
Li congenital turned a supercilious look at Haikui. He didn’t want to apologize to Haikui.
Ling Yan giggled and looked very heart-warming. "Little doll sister has a good impression of you!"
Li congenital looked nai and said, "I’m not as good as others. I’m willing to kill you if I want to!"
Haikui Tuo thought for a moment and said, "I respect you as a Chinese. In fact, I didn’t like immortals very much since I was a child. I just like magic, but I dare to love, hate and kill someone I like. I can kill a city with a small reason. How many people yearn for it and dare not do it? Today, if you call yourself magic, I will let you go with an open hand!"
He has been fighting for tens of thousands of years. He is the soul of the fairy and the soul of the magic
Fortunately, the other three people are not too sure about the devil, but they are smiling.
Li was first stunned and didn’t salute Haikui. He said, "Thank you so much." He looked at Lao Huang with a bright eye. Haikui looked at him strangely and then at Lao Huang. "If you have something to say to Lao Huang, just say it. Don’t be so deep and love your eyes. I can’t stand it!"
Li congenital doesn’t care about Hai Kui poking fun at Lao Huang, saying, "I’ve been practicing for thousands of years, and I’ve been stuck in the bottle mouth for nearly 300 years. Just now this gentleman gave me a feeling that made me feel heartbroken!"
Chapter 492 ShiShu