Wife of shop-owner smile apologetically "not terrible, not terrible. Brother Hai, you are very kind."

The wave’s face sank again and said, "am I kind?" How to come out and mix with kindness! How can I mix if you are not afraid of me? "
Wife of shop-owner can’t figure out what the waves mean. Say yes, you can’t say no, you can’t stand there. How ugly your face and expression are.
The waves have had enough. The proprietress suddenly patted the boss on the shoulder and winked at her "naughty" and said with a low smile, "Get her to my room later."
Wife of shop-owner this just rest assured.
The waves eat
The proprietress said that she wouldn’t disturb Haige’s dinner, so she went to work on the bean sprouts.
The boss’s lunch prepared by the waves is really rich, and the waves throw their cheeks to help them eat and eat.
The room is just right.
The waves are now eating well and staying warm.
The so-called food and clothing, lust!
The waves are like this now!
He reclined in his room, put his foot on the table and shook a toothpick gently, picking his teeth and humming two popular songs from time to time. He was a rogue.
After a while, the door gently rang twice.
The waves don’t get up and say, "Who is it?"
There was silence outside for a while, and then a low, timid, gentle and sweet voice said, "I!" "
The waves smiled, revealing teeth as white as wolves, and asked, "Who are you?"? Sign up for my gun immortal celebrity. "
The timidly lower said, "I … I am … Xiaoya is the boss’s wife, Shi Yi, who asked me to come."
The waves laughed, "Oh, it’s a bud. Come in. The door is unlocked."
The door was gently pushed to reveal the cute and simple face of the small bean sprouts.
Seeing such a lovely and innocent face, the waves groaned in pain, "sin!"
The waves slept until noon the next day before getting up slowly.
Of course, he won’t stay in such a low-grade hostel when he has the money. He left the "Southland" hostel by motorcycle.
He went all the way to the "amorous feelings bath center", parked his motorcycle in front of the door, pushed the door and went in.
When the proprietress saw this evil spirit coming again, she quickly piled up a smiling face and ran over to greet "Oh, Brother Hai came so early!"
The waves glanced at the wife of shop-owner, and the wife of shop-owner made a sudden fright.
The waves said faintly, "It’s getting late. It’s lunchtime. I haven’t had lunch yet."
The proprietress ma let the waves go to a luxurious box and respectfully asked the waves to sit down and order lunch.
The sea wave big makin knife sat down, put its feet on the table and glanced at the proprietress. "Is business okay?"
The proprietress smiled apologetically. "It’s very good to entrust Haigefu."
The waves said, "No one came to make trouble after I left, right?"
The proprietress said, "Who doesn’t know who dares to make trouble in this street under the protection of Haige?"
The waves said, "That’s good."
Just then, a little girl brought a big lunch with a tray of waves.
The waves took one look at the little girl and suddenly she was stunned.
The little girl is only seventeen years old with black hair and a ponytail behind her head. Her skin is white and her cheeks are red. Her big dark eyes are shining with pure evil light, like a lotus flower that is pure, beautiful, feminine and charming.
The little girl felt two red clouds flying on her cheeks from the waves, and bowed her head shyly.
The waves suddenly thought of a famous poem, the most gentle bow is just like the water lotus is invincible, cool and shy!
The little girls are gone and gone, and the waves are still immersed in the girl’s feminine expression.
The proprietress smiled when she saw the sea waves, and said, "This little girl just came here today and said that it is better to be a clerk and not sit on the stage. If Hai Ge likes it, I’ll find a way to let her spend some time with you."