The words haven’t been finished yet. Nan Rong saw that Lan Yao’s face had changed. It was a little rosy and turned paler in an instant. It was the biggest and only scar in her heart that could never heal. Every time I think about it, it hurts, and every time I drop blood.

Nan Rong’s illusion tore the wound that had disappeared again.
Suddenly, the blue demon cut quickly and withdrew. She kept putting Yang Ye’s hand in the palm of her hand, shrinking a shoulder, and her face was instantly cold and indifferent again.
Deep scars sometimes make people sensitive, fragile and neurotic.
Yang Ye naturally knows what happened. Ma stretched out his hand and grabbed Lan Yao’s shoulder, but he still looked very surprised. He hesitated and asked, "That … he … is your big brother?"
"Yes! Xiu Shiva said … "Nan Rong Magic has noticed the facial change of Lan Yao’s beheading and realized the seriousness of his gagging. It’s too late to make up for it at the moment when he was depressed and excited.
Voice decline south rong magic expression suddenly became yi tooth grin-came up behind Yang Lao lady secretly stabbed him.
"What nonsense!" Mrs. Yang Lao scolded Nan Rong with a low voice and a gloomy face.
South glory illusion also knew that gaffes looked ugly and bowed their heads and said nothing.
Mrs. Yang Lao looked at the blue demon chop and looked at Yang night and then looked at Nan Rong Magic with a slight sigh and said, "Let’s go and talk as we walk."
Although the pace is urgent, the words are a little heavy and slow. After hesitating again, Mrs. Yang said in a low voice, "Well, the words have been said here and put out. The night attack should really be the night royal autumn brother and the blue demon beheaded … It is also a thing of the past."
Talking, Mrs. Yang Lao looked up at the blue demon and left. Finally, these people, Yang Ye, Nan Rong Magic and the scorching sun, all chased Mrs. Yang and looked at the blue demon and bowed their heads and said nothing.
"I know and am very familiar with Ye Yuqiu. At the beginning, the leaders of the bone clan domain were the three of us, Ye Yuqiu and Ye Kui, the bone clan." Mrs. Yang said that she deliberately slowed down her steps. "Later, the ghost clan and the evil clan fought in the war, and our bone clan participated in the war of Ye Yuqiu and died in the war. If I didn’t fall, I avoided some troubles and came to the main gate of the red domain to be a woman."
The talking party has entered the long dark passage and is about to walk out of this boulder.
"But there’s one thing I didn’t tell you at night, and I don’t know about the blue demon chop and the night attack." Mrs. Yang said that the foot channel has become light-people such as floating in front and fighting with flowers have already hit a boulder to lead to the sculpture outside.
A burst of bright light came in, and Mrs. Yang Lao and Nan Rong walked quickly outward in the magic sun, while Yang Ye was holding the blue demon’s hand tightly and listening to Mrs. Yang Lao’s words while following.
"I have to tell you a few things at night, and I hope you can forgive me. I … I’m sorry for you …" Talking, Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Yang Ye and others have already stepped out of the boulder and come to the sunny land outside, but with the footsteps, Mrs. Yang’s words have come to a screeching halt.
I’m sorry. Me? What’s wrong with me?
Follow the scorching sun and Nan Rong’s illusion out of the boulder, and keep your eyes wide open.
And Yang night took the blue demon to chop and walked out behind Mrs. Yang Lao. She suddenly stopped talking and did not move like a nail on the ground. She was curious and surprised. She wanted to open her mouth and ask questions, but she also froze in place when she took a boulder!
Before they went out, a few people, such as Fu Sheng, Hong Hua Dou Tai, Xiahou Chaojun, Guiling Ling, Mu Yangzheng, Kuang Sui and Baobao Long, all stared straight ahead, but their faces had changed from surprise and accident to cold and livid.
It’s as if they saw hell as soon as they came out.
Maybe it’s hell.
The cold wind blows over the waves like crying.
Yang night, where these people are at this moment, is the place where the white domain master lived for one thousand years.
This is a vast piece of Wang Yang that bulges out of the sea like a turtle shell. The land area is not large, but it is also flat, with no margin in sight.
At this time, it was dark in front of them, and the land in front of them was also endless.
And there are several figures floating in front of them in the floating life and Yang night, looking down at them with a sneer and a sinister look.
In the middle of the words, Mrs. Yang Lao choked back, and the scorching sun and Nan Rong illusion also stared at her eyes.
Yang Ye’s hand is still pulling Lan Yao to chop Lan Yao’s chop, and he has also lifted his head. The sad expression has long since disappeared, and he is cold and cautious in preparation for war. Yang Ye’s heart is very tight, and this dark crowd with no end in sight is definitely not a friend.
There are too many people to face, which is also the reason why Yang’s heart is tense at night-such a piece of land was filled with those people, at first glance, there are at least ten thousand people.
And those guys who are eyeing up all over the land are obviously not ordinary human beings. Although their expressions and expressions are not uniform and different, the aura and slight light they emit are similar, but one thing is the same: evil and violence in their eyes.
Yang Ye, Fu Sheng, Yang Laotai and Hong Hua Dou Tai, a few people here stood upright, and more than 10,000 people looked at each other coldly and didn’t make a move, while the other people who were floating on land or in China didn’t move or stared at this side.
"They are …" Yang night Yin eyes slightly asked in the previous step low.
Next to the hot sun helped Yang night shoulder a close to the body face gherardini said "mother! They are all monks of all races, "he said, pointing to a few guys with bald heads, big faces and white eyes." Look, that’s the ghost family. "Then he pointed to a few tiny guys." That’s crystal family and those there are the stone families. You can recognize them as the Yin family … Hehe, there are some small shrimps of all ethnic groups who have not been promoted, but this number is too much. The Lord really wants to kill us all. "
Talking, the scorching sun suddenly shook his head and smiled faintly. "But the Lord underestimated us and found a group of flies. Do you want to kill the eagle by the number?"
But in front of Mrs. Yang Lao, she suddenly leaned back and said, "Look at the big domain in the hot sun."
In the hot sun, the eyes are scanning the front, and it’s dark. When I hear Mrs. Yang’s words, I suddenly look up and my expression can’t help but become surprised!
Yang night also looked up at the top of the head that a few firmly floating a condescending guy.
Guess which is the big domain owner.
It’s strange that such an upward look should calm down at night. The tension and vague fear are on the contrary at this moment, and the familiar faint sadness emerges from the bottom of my heart a little bit, which makes his eyes dim, calm and deep from amazing brightness.
"That’s a big domain master." The scorching sun’s face disappeared with laughter, and his eyes became cold and fearful, slightly crooked, and his eyes motioned low near Yang night.
Yang Ye followed the scorching sun and looked at it. It was he who guessed that the guy was wearing a long reddish-brown curly hair and a long pink coat with an open chest. With a mocking smile, white face and rosy lips, it looks like a glass male model guy!
And there are six or seven ferocious people floating around the big domain master, with their eyes gathering and pursed their lips, but their eyes look down with disdain. However, the expressions of the faces are stiff and fixed after the change, as if … they are masks with faces!
Moreover, the eyes of these guys are also different from person to person. Seeing Yang Ye, Lan Yao’s beheading and Nan Rong’s illusion or the scorching sun, Mu Yangzheng and Bao Long’s flowing eyes are mocking and disdainful, as if a cat saw a mouse and intentionally threw herself into the floating life, Hong Hua Dou Tai He Ci Ren Gu, etc., when the horse became awed and frightened, as if a cat saw the abnormal devil who abused cats, Yang Ye tut tongue quickly.
Among the floating figures, Yang Ye and the scorching sun also saw a familiar figure, that is, the smoke family drifting in Hunan, timid but fierce, looking at the south glory illusion.
Nan Rong’s illusion also saw the floating Hunan horse tighten his face, his eyes were cold and angry, and his fist clenched involuntarily.
"Big domain master, hehe, don’t come ill?" The serious root of floating life didn’t respect the fact that it was dark in front of me, and the eyes of the clan, shrimp, soldiers and crabs were looking at the big domain owner and several other floating figures.