Zhang Shang faltered and stammered "No … No"

Tang Tiande silently bowed his head and said nothing. Xu Yan had a black face and learned that silence is golden.
Since Ouyang Jun envied helping Lin Yu pave the way, Lin Yu continued to take drastic measures.
"Ahem …" Cleared his throat. Lin Yuchao Zhang Shangdao "Since Zhang Shang’s books are fake, what are the real books?"
Zhang Shang’s face turned white. How did he know where it was?
Do you know where there can be such a drama?
If you really know …
He can’t sleep late. In his dreams, Mu Ninglang was carrying the truth books and found no scene!
"The real books must have been hidden by Jiang Tao! It is precisely because the real account books are clearly recorded that Jiang Tao did not dare to talk about keeping the account books after corruption. "
Zhang Shang finally pulled this lie to a circle, and Lin Yu knew how eager they were to find the real account book!
Copying the Chiang family with the banner of copying stolen money is to find Jiang Tao to take the real account book, chapter 188, and make a final decision! Lord Lin wins completely! 4 Geng
Or does Jiang Tao still have something that they are afraid of and urgently need?
"So since the real account book has not been found, Jiang Tao’s crime of corruption is legally committed today." Lin Yu returned to the court and sat in a daze to determine the result of the first instance.
"Statutory crime Lord Lin, do you want to delay?"
The only one who has not been attacked to the official department is Tang Tiande, who speaks directly and pokes Lin Yu’s key points.
"Tang is not yet an official. He wants to delay the case. At present, there is insufficient evidence. Jiang Tao’s account books are forged. The real account books don’t know where to go. Let the official be judged?" Lin Yu picked her sideburns and watched Tang Tiande’s aggressive face. The corners of her mouth were frivolous and she made a face of nai.
Reasonable people are afraid to meet unreasonable people, educated people are afraid to meet illiteracy!
Tang Tiande’s momentum and words can be used all over the court. What can people do when they meet an unreasonable Lin Yu?
Can’t help it?
If you have no choice, go back to your original position and sit down!
"The official of the Third Sovereign asked the official to find out the case ten days after the joint hearing of the Third Division. I wonder if the Sovereign can ask the emperor for permission?" Lin Yu see all the people didn’t say her own fart dian fart to MuJunZe asked.
This …
Mu Junze whispered, "Wang will ask your brother for you."
If it were you!
You said to ask, there would be no disapproval and no dare to stop people again!
Six books still say, "We are waiting for the Oracle."
So wait for the emperor to send an imperial edict or something
Six departments are still removed from Lin Yu. Before leaving, Tang Tiande kept aiming behind her as if to see Yu Shi.