Baisha Island is not rich in land, and its population is less than Magong’s, but its natural landscape is beautiful.

The cottage houses scattered in the beautiful scenery will not destroy the natural scenery, but will add a little life to the natural scenery by warming the sun and drying the fishing nets and curling up the smoke.
Because it is a tourist area, villagers here have houses for rent. First, tourists can experience local life. Second, they can also bring some income to their families.
A fenced fisherman’s yard is surrounded by small and medium-sized fire pots, and the tea is full of fragrance.
This is a kind of Alishan local tea that locals like. It is fermented by oolong tea method, but the tea is rougher than oolong tea, but the tea tastes stronger, which is popular with local fishermen because of its low price.
A lean man in his forties is pouring tea, and the clay pot and pottery bowl are combined, and the tea is handed out by turning his hand. A simple tea pouring movement has a smooth rhythm.
Two young men, one tall and one thin, are taking the bowl from him to send tea to everyone.
Liangshan, Guo Tread and Zhang Boran sat around a stone table in the shade of a tree and took a sip of tea from a thin young man’s hand. "You coward, sit in the office every day and learn to make tea if you don’t do your job …"
Guo Tread Lu and Liangshan married in a bloody battle in Surabaya. Friendship with Zhang Boran and alumni naturally sat at a table.
Tea-pouring Han listened to his scolding but didn’t get annoyed. Instead, he grinned with a smile. "Liangshan, what do you know about Beowulf? Do you know that this is self-cultivation and self-cultivation … I told Uncle Shan that Avenue Jane is physically interlinked. What is the elder brother who still practices the law and plays the erhu to read" Ancient prose Guanzhi "… This is all a great accomplishment …"
"A pig is a pig again!" Liangshan to sip tea scold a way "afraid of a wife is afraid of a wife please your home LuDan please also pulled to cultivate one’s morality raises a gender … I bah you a great accomplishment! Are you ashamed? "
Instead of being annoyed, the sheep baby over there laughed more and more cheaply. "What are you afraid of? This is a clown who loves you and doesn’t understand … If you don’t believe it, go home and ask your coconut to see how she envies my family’s Ludan …"
The two men criticised each other, and the two young people who delivered the tea were able to hold back their laughter and refused to persuade them. Obviously, they were used to tit for tat. At this time, the other one was sitting next to him, holding a tea bowl and carefully looking at the number of ants. Finally, he said, "Come on, Brother Liang Shan and Brother Yang Wa, don’t show off your beautiful wife. There are two more children?"
Listen to Liangshan and Yangwa shouting "Shut your mouth, mule!"
That Han ha ha smiled a little simple and honest, but there was a sly flash in his eyes, but Liangshan and Yangwa stopped bickering. At this time, the mule said to the two young people, "Chen Hao and Li Dao, both of you are busy individually. It’s a courtesy for the younger generation to pass a cup of tea …"
It turned out that the two young people were Chen Lu and Li Daochen Lu, who accepted their younger brothers from Xiangshan when they sealed the seal. Last year, they allowed him to start his career and went to Kangshunfeng Company to help. Li Daoze, Kang Shunfeng’s younger brother, has been practicing kung fu all over the world with Kang Shunfeng since he was a child.
Kang Shunfeng came there with three people, the sheep, the mule and Li Dao, but it happened that Chen Hao came back from work and asked Kang Shunfeng to let him come and see the blood together.
Although he is a martial artist in a martial arts company, there are many competitions outside, but it is always some disciplined competitions instead of wars. There is always a passion for killing young people, so Kang Shunfeng promised.
I believe that it is not always necessary to arrange for one more person to thank the official.
In the next room, a 30-year-old Han is looking out of the window and can’t help but say to Xie Cun, "Xie Tou, these people are looking at a river and lake, can they accomplish anything?"
Han looked at some essence, that is, the fierce knife. Wang Qiang, a group leader, has participated in Xie Cunguan’s command action more than once. He is very familiar with him because Zhang Fanjin and Luo Youcai were seriously injured. Now he is working with Chen Hu as Xie Cunguan’s personal bodyguard and was transferred to his team. But at present, the team commander has been borne by Wang Yibing.
Sitting at the window table, receiving information, Xie Cunguan turned to look out of the window and whispered, "Does it feel different from Chinese in your army?"
Wang Qiang nodded. "There is no organizational discipline …"
Xie Cunguan nodded and said, "It’s true that they have less military temperament than the members of Han Dao, but the discipline should be as good as ours … See that man sitting with Xiao Guo?" Xie Cunguan looked at the profile of Liangshan and said, "You were trained in Indonesia and knew our influence in the Chinese self-defense forces. It was that man who accompanied me with a knife to kill a few people in Chinatown when Surabaya became independent!"
When Xie Cunguan said this, he fell into remembrance, and everything in Surabaya was vivid in his mind.
When Indonesian thugs rushed to the Chinese Self-Defense Forces, when they wanted to rush to boost their morale, Liangshan was as brave as taking the head of a million troops with a knife. When the Chinese were compressed and retired in Chinatown Square, Liangshan gave his life to protect the door and the country. When the mob Liangshan finally beat back and pursued five Japanese samurai by himself, he finally returned to the loyalty of the enemy chieftain who fainted in the streets of Surabaya.
Thought of here, he smiled gently. "Don’t look at his humble appearance. This man will put it aside and take the lead." He just didn’t have a chance to join the army. If he does, it’s a tiger in your army … "
Wang Qiang stuck out his tongue and said, "So awesome!"
Xie Cunguan glanced at him and gently explained, "You don’t understand that you are polished from patriotism and discipline in the army, and that military temperament is actually this kind of polishing and leaving traces … but this person is patriotic but in his bones!"
Wang Qiang stopped talking and looked at the outside laughing and Jianghu people to be continued.
Chapter sixty-four Contradictions emerge in endlessly.
Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, where there are rivers and lakes, there is struggle, and there is wisdom.
When Shibata Hiroshi appeared in front of Tian Xiaoyi with a few middle-aged men with big arms and a round waist, the face of the proud and charming figure in the family was full of laughter, and he couldn’t wait to pull out the knife from his waist and hold the first Chinese hand. He said in stiff Chinese, Nice to meet you.
When I look back, a pair of eyes looking at Shibata Hiro will be a little cold. He naturally knows that he has been blinded by this old cunning! But he didn’t dare to expect anything, because in addition to playing a secret base, he also knew that Shibata Hiroshi attracted all these people from Taiwan Province extortionate Tiandao League.
He is not afraid of these people, but he knows that once there is an argument, the treasure in the base will definitely expose such a large amount of wealth. Once it is exposed, not to mention the complexity, even the Taiwan Province government will not sit back and watch, and then it will really become a marriage.
This time, it’s bad enough that Tian Jia and Shibata Hiroshi have paid money and people’s lives to fight two secret bases in a row, and all of them have gained.
Facing Tian Xiaoyi’s eyes, Chai Tian Hong’s face, Gujingbo, didn’t seem to feel bad in his eyes.
A few Taiwanese Daoists may not have heard of them now, but they were all famous figures in the past decade. They were a heavyweight figure who had long since faded from people’s sight in the Tiandao League.
This old man with restrained fangs lives in an obscure old villa on the outskirts of Taipei. However, people of all ages go to pay a New Year call to him every year, and he doesn’t even need to see someone in his room to make a gift at the door before he can leave.
This is a person who has long been regardless of the right and wrong in the Jianghu, but Shibata Hiroshi went to Taipei this time and somehow persuaded the old gentleman to send six people directly to donkey kong.
Behind these six people, a thin old man in a robe, a pair of old eyes dim and fragile, followed by two middle-aged people with gold-rimmed glasses with eyes that could not hide essence.
The first middle-aged man brought Tian Xiaoyi to the old man and said, "This is Uncle Jian, our housekeeper in Pengfu …"