Brady is a little worried. "The plan is good, but I don’t know if it will work. This man-eating flower king is not low or low, but it is also equivalent to the nine-story repair of the peaceful people. Besides, I don’t know if the orange circle boss can fix it."

Sammul He shook his head. "I hope I can escape successfully in section 113.
The purple golden bell brings out arcs like dancing and wandering elves, but wherever it goes, the man-eating flower king seems to be right behind it. This man-eating flower king may be interested in the purple golden bell, perhaps it is really a mother.
At this time, the remaining petals of the cannibal flower king trembled slightly and made a similar whimper.
Brady’s face changed. "It won’t be tired of chasing? Give us a warning or it will strike again? "
Purple pupil immediately light drink "Brady please shut your crow mouth! If it really attacks me, I will throw you out immediately! "
Brady covered his mouth and stopped talking.
He Tianzheng wanted to say something. The purple bell suddenly trembled violently, as if it had been violently attacked. All three people’s bodies were shaken by this huge impact, and the weakest Brady’s mouth was overflowing with blood.
"What’s the matter?" Purple pupil looks bad.
Sammul He supported his body and looked at the stolen dzi beads. His brow wrinkled tightly. "Brady was right. The cannibal king attacked us before one of its petals hit the purple bell."
Brady immediately shouted "What a coincidence! This can say that my observation is better than yours. I can’t say that I am a crow’s mouth! "
Purple pupil glared at Brady mercilessly and tried to throw Brady out with anger. "If you dare to talk nonsense again, I’ll throw you out!" And he looked at Sammul He "what shall we do now? If the petals of the king of cannibals touch us slightly, we will make such a big noise. If we attack one after another, even if the purple bell is not broken, we will be shocked to death. Why don’t I spell a handful of my essence blood to stimulate it? Although I may be weak for a few days after that, it’s like being swallowed by cannibals as the last bite of a toy. "
Sammul He shook his head. "I can’t come, I can’t come. Look at stealing dzi beads."
Purple pupil looked up and the pupil kept contracting.
At this time, petals of different colors appeared around Zijin Bell, like doors of different colors blocking the way around, and even the square was blocked by a petal. They seemed to be trapped in a well composed of petals, and the only way out was the sky above their heads.
And the day was blocked by the huge face of the cannibal king, who stared curiously at the trapped Zijin Bell and roared, and the cannibal king actually opened his ferocious mouth and swallowed it at Zijin Bell.
Everyone’s face has changed, and the roots around them have not escaped, and they have been sealed by petals. It is not a good thing to watch the purple golden bell of the cannibal dynasty devour it. Although the cannibal king may not be able to corrode the purple golden bell, it is not a good thing to enter the belly of the cannibal king.
Just when the giant mouth of the man-eating flower king was about to swallow the purple bell, a huge roar suddenly resounded through the whole earth, and it was unclear whether it would come or not. What happened when I heard the scream of the man-eating flower king, it seemed that the giant had been seriously attacked and finally revealed the blue sky.
"Purple pupil while now! Go! "
The flash of Sammul He’s eyes is the best time to escape.
Purple pupil nodded his head, and he didn’t need to wake up to bite his finger. A demon blood bead kept condensing with the blood bead, and his face turned pale. Although it was a drop of blood, it was the essence of blood, which was extremely serious for the body overdraft.
"Sit tight!"
Throw your finger a drop of blood and splash the purple bell, and the purple light will rise to the sky in an instant.
Zijin ringtone is like a heavenly sound.
In a moment, with a sharp break, I rushed out of the face surrounded by petals and quickly went away, and soon disappeared to the end.
At the same time, there was a huge noise in the forest. Looking back through stealing the dzi beads, a group of black flames appeared in the mouth of a crow and a phoenix creature. This huge explosion was caused by this seemingly insignificant flame.
In the violent blasting, the huge body of the cannibal flower was looming and kept screaming. It was wrapped in huge petals, and it resisted the huge blasting force. Then it broke with howls and howls, and several petals flashed cold light towards the sky, and the giant bird suddenly appeared.
"Had a narrow squeak. It’s like a crow and a phoenix creature. It must be a black burn. It’s finally drawn out. Otherwise, we must be the disgusting man-eating flower king now."
Purple bell purple pupil secretly relieved, but the whole person suddenly sat down to see the sample JingXie loss consumed him a lot.
"Can you still insist?" Sammul He frowned slightly.
Purple pupil nodded. "I can hold on for a while, but it won’t be long before I find a place to cultivate first."
Sammul He thought for a while and then said, "It’s relatively safe in the northwest, so let’s temporarily stop the purple bell somewhere there."
The purple pupil should be shaken by a purple bell and then stabilized. It should have fallen to the ground. The two powerful creatures have been fighting with them.
"When you hurry, there is no absolute security in restoring this forest." Sammul He said cross-legged to absorb the surrounding aura. Only by constantly improving his strength can he protect himself as much as possible from being swallowed up by wild animals
At that time, Zijinjingling was quiet, and Brady was idle and interesting. While reading the recipes, he muttered, "I don’t know if I can get out of this forest of death."
His words were naturally regarded by Sammul He.
Reiki quickly gathers and keeps pouring into Sammul He’s body. After a circle, Dantian gathers more.
At first, the increase of aura was quite stable, but as time passed, his aura actually throbbed, like excitement and trembling.
He Tianyi light yi reiki abnormal reaction made his heart wonder. This reaction is not the first time he met Bo Dong when he met underground. Now he has induction. Does it mean that this dead forest is as powerful as Bo Dong, the water god?
As soon as this idea came out, Sammul He frowned tightly. He didn’t know how strong Bo Dong was, but he Bai Bo Dong waved if he wanted to kill them even if it was a trace of the dead.
If the dead forest is that high, it is definitely a danger signal.