Only after Yao Mountain soldiers destroyed blade master’s dead body, they rushed to the four necromancers. When we saw it, we all jumped without arousing suspicion. At this time, all four necromancers were panting. Obviously, these cruel magic circles took a great part of their physical strength. When they saw us coming, they scolded, "Why didn’t he give instructions?" !”

The magic statue looked at the edge of the sky gloomy should way "hum! This time, I will wear his hand on the charge of losing the soldiers! "
At this time, Yao mountain soldiers have surrounded them again. Someone shouted, "You four evil spirits! Don’t die! ?”
Then someone immediately said, "Let’s launch a’ falling star array’! Mutually assured destruction with them! "
The three of us were suddenly shocked. We have never heard of this ghost array, let alone launched it. But obviously, this array is for everyone to gather strength and launch it, and it is said that mutual destruction will bring us legal damage after launching it.
"no!" When we were thinking about how to deal with it, four winged angels jumped in and stopped drinking together.
One of them said, "It takes a lot of elements to launch this array. If you rashly make it, you will die of exhaustion! Lord Gallo has already told me not to do it easily as a last resort! "
Yao Tianbing looked at each other and suddenly could not speak. Where did they not know that the harm of this attack was to see so many of their companions die before they sprouted the idea of mutual destruction from the bottom of their hearts.
The three of us breathed a sigh of relief, and it was difficult for someone to come out to help us, although it was not to help us.
The four necromancers were all surprised when they just heard’ The Star Array of the Next Year’. Obviously, they knew that this magic circle was terrible. Now they are relieved to hear someone come out and stop it.
"But! Even if we die, we will pull these four old thieves! Otherwise, we’ll be just like those brothers who died in battle! Death is too embarrassing! " A Yao Tianbing looks excited and is desperate.
Take the lead in an angel with two wings in white just wanted to hear a roar from the edge of the sky. "I’m a ghost warrior!" Retreat the way you came! !”
The happiest thing to hear this is that the four necromancers killed the magic statue and repeatedly shouted, "Ghost warriors! Retreat temporarily! Keep your strength and wait to annihilate the small family of the gods at any time! "
Fortunately, the soldiers in the underworld were all stunned and ignorant, but when the military orders came, they gritted their teeth and retreated to the unreal world like a flood.
The four necromancers also fled to Yaotian with a flash of their heads. When the soldiers saw it, they tried to catch up, but they were stopped by the two-winged angel who took the lead and shouted, "Be careful!"
A black light and shadow on the edge of the sky also disappeared like a disease, and the illusory blue light and shadow flashed for half and then stopped. Suddenly, it came to a vigorous roar. "I am a protoss soldier!" Don’t chase after the poor! "
The soldiers who came back to catch up with the gods hesitated and stopped. They were at a loss at the moment, so they saw the ghost clan slowly pouring out of the unreal world.
Light and shadow flash fighting angel Posey fell to our side, and the two-winged angel who spoke forward said, "You are responsible for commanding the soldiers in any rain, and we will also evacuate this illusory environment to prevent fraud."
That angels in white fuels and leads the life "Yes!"
Posey looked at the corpse, and there was a flash of extraordinary splendour in his eyes, waving four white wings and disappearing into the air.
Here in the underworld, Lucifer fell to stare at the four necromancers and snorted, "Who allowed you to launch the’ Blood Mountain Demon Array’? It’s a good thing that my soldiers in the underworld died a lot thanks to your blessing!"
The magic statue saw a trace of blood hanging on Lucifer’s mouth. "Children also obey your wishes and try to make things bigger and look better. You can’t turn your back on people like this, but how did you accidentally get hurt?"
Lucifer body mans flashing hand has been grabbed the magic neck cold way "don’t play these tricks with me you call that fighting angel is white? ! Hum even so, he may not feel well at this time. "
When the three of them saw that their eldest brother had been attacked, they suddenly and violently died …
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Action ()
"Stop it!" The magic statue was strangled by Lucifer. Instead of resisting, he stopped drinking and wanted to clear the three people before.
Lucifer let go with a cold hum. "I’ll go back and tell Lord Hades that you’ll be in charge here."
When he finished, he didn’t wait for the other party to respond. The black mountain flashed and waved its four wings like a meteor and passed away toward the ghost temple.
"Eldest brother, let’s make this small so arrogant!" Old four magic force a face of not’ said
The magic statue looked at the meteor’s ghosting eyes and flashed a strong sense of murder. "It’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years. What’s worse, we are not a gentleman. Lucifer, this menace, has to be eradicated sooner or later!"
Protoss side
After some sorting, the soldiers’ emotions have eased, but the sorrow still rings from time to time. The fighting angel Posey is sitting in the barracks and healing himself. After a while, he slowly closes his work and says to himself, "It’s worthy that Lucifer of Kayle The Judicator is not a hollow reputation."
A winged angel saw that Fan Yu replied before Posey recovered, "My Lord, our army suffered heavy casualties. There will be less than half of the 370 Yao gods left, and his soldiers are even more …" He said that he looked up at Posey’s face and didn’t say anything more …
Posey snorted. "That guy in Gallo is sarcastic. I have to go back to the gods."
He paused and looked at the rain. "You take good care of this guard. It is estimated that the ghost army has also been hit hard and will not attack for the time being, but you must not be a little slack?"
They clenched their fists and brought life. "Yes! Yes! "
And the three of us are staying in the soldiers’ barracks at this time. The soldiers are all silent, and it seems that they have not recovered from the previous tragic situation.
I was just thinking about how to deal with the sudden arrival of a Yao Tianbing coming up to me and asking, "Which branch does the pavilion belong to?" Seeing you before resisting the ghost army is really a great strength for Pei … "
I immediately Zheng looked at him and saw that he was looking at me with a face of "closeness"
"Yao Shen will be the 23rd branch". It’s a hot day to gather together and answer for me.
The man one leng mew mew way "23 branch? That’s under the jurisdiction of adults directly under Gallo Column. elite force was unexpectedly sent to this battlefield … "
These words have already been explained by Lucifer, saying that there is a secret force in the divine world, and it is better for the gods to make the 23 rd secret department a secret master and rarely make public appearances.
"We were sent because of the need of balance of power, but it didn’t mean anything," Yan Tian said with a smile.
Yao Tianbing Gherardini replied, "Zeng Caiyao God put the first branch under the jurisdiction of Lord Poseidon."