At the same time, Qi Yun Tian’s body is out of control while this distracted moment of Qinchuan is flashing several feet away.

"Damn it!"
Dark scold a see JiYun day rush away, but fled all the way to the mountain.
Chapter 23 Re-entering Fuxi Mountain
"There you are."
Qinchuan light way 1 some angrily looked at qi yun to escape direction.
At this time, a white shadow galloped, and it was Guanyao who immediately went back to the sword shadow at Qinchuan’s foot. The side of Guanyao was suspended and broken into the sky, and finally it slowly flew to her hand.
That fake Qi Yun Tian was not able to repair the four images of reincarnation. Naturally, it would not be an official Yao opponent. Moreover, when Qinchuan came, he had already handed the information to the official Yao. Presumably, the official Yao could also understand that after quickly defeating each other, he hurried to catch up, but unexpectedly blocked a crisis for Qinchuan.
Guan Yao didn’t talk much, but looked at Qinchuan for advice.
Qinchuan should be one or two people’s body suddenly, but it is chasing after Fuxi Mountain. If Qi Yuntian escapes, the clue will be completely broken, and the number of the black man will never be found out.
And just change let qinchuan heart some unwilling.
At that time, I limited the movement of Qi Yuntian and suppressed the other side’s magic way. According to consistent experience, there will be no mistakes. The only mistake is that I ignored this Qi Yuntian and also had two repairs of fairy magic like myself.
Just Qi Yun Tian’s Xuan Bing sting is his own carelessness, which will not affect Tao Zhen Yuangen.
If it weren’t for when the official Yao arrived, I’m afraid I would be punished.
Thinking about Qinchuan can’t help but bite the teeth, whether because of Qi Yun Tian or because of his pride, he has decided not to spare this guy lightly.
The hot sun faded away in the afternoon.
At this time, Qinchuan Guanyao has gone deep into Fuxi Mountain, and the surrounding environment has become sinister. The vegetation in the dense forest is moving, and the insects and beasts are screaming. It is more likely that there will be dark masters lurking, so they can slow down a little.
Then officer Yao asked 1 somberly.
"Brother Xiao has changed?"
She walked in a hurry in Danta before and didn’t notice Jian Xiao’s relaxation. Before she came, she asked slightly, even though she was a door servant, she was also her own Fuxi master.
Guan Yao has always been interested in this.
Qinchuan should be some deep in a discourse.
I had expected that they would make moves against Jian Xiao before, but I didn’t expect that they would choose the timing of the meeting and gave a fake Qi Yun Tian to hide their eyes and ears. If they had chosen the elders in the child.leave door earlier, they might not have such a result.
It’s also because of my own concerns that I just killed Brother Xiao.
"I’ll make that guy pay for it."
Said suddenly qinchuan abdomen in the black magic blood crystal seems to be affected by their emotions strangely trembling.
Wen Yan Guan Yao has no words, and his eyes are also sharp and fleeting.
Suddenly, the handprint bears a moment, and the peak of the reincarnation of the four elephants is quite vigorous. The breath of the true yuan pours out from her meridians and quickly spreads around. Blink of an eye covers Fiona Fang’s hundred paces of true yuan and scattered true yuan induction to find traces of Qi Yuntian.
It is Guan Yao who is proficient in a secret method in the auxiliary method.
After a while, the two of them raced up again and didn’t care about the thorns. The real yuan spread out without reservation and was bound to find the sky.
At dusk, Fuxi Mountain is already like entering the night.
There seems to be a faint mountain fog in the dense forest, and the place where you see it is hazy. The unknown insects keep singing, but it shows that it is more and more dangerous.
"Look out!"
Qinchuan suddenly called a light, and then the blade of a sword flew out and cut a green snake that flew towards the imperial Yao in two pieces.
Guan Yao was dazed for a moment, and then he saw that the blood of the green snake was flying in the middle, and then his face floated a little evil. This time, he searched for the trace of Qi Yuntian because she had been doing it for a long time, so she didn’t have some fatigue, so the carelessness was just found by the insects and snakes in the forest.
After all, it is also my daughter’s family who still has some aversion to this snake, insect, mouse, cockroach and other things.
Look at the official Yao Qinchuan heart some sufferings, but there is no other way. If you are alone, you are not afraid of having no goal to find.
"I don’t think we should have a rest …"
Qinchuan was just about to say something, and suddenly a broken sentence sounded from the dense forest, and then he jumped into his brain with a strong and true strength and extreme oppression.
It was a silver dart!
"Taoism is too empty and extremely mixed!"
In an instant, when I read Qinchuan’s whole body, I condensed myself. At the end of the silver dart, a Tai Chi pattern flashed green.
Followed by a rapidly-changing turn and a slightly more intense Tao Fa Zhen Yuan immediately followed the guidance of the mind and flowed out endlessly and injected it into the Taiji diagram. Blink of an eye and it was already firmly protected in front of him.
There was a loud bang, and the silver dart broke suddenly. After a while, it was like a spent force, and then it fell off.
However, a wave of unrest has started again.
"Howl, howl …"
Suddenly, from the dense forest, more and more silver darts were shot out at the same time, and there were more than ten branches flying from different directions towards Qinchuan, and the rich magic magic magic was as overwhelming as evil spirits.
Seeing the official Yao’s hands print and his hands break the sky, he immediately flew into the half-green mountain and excited to differentiate into four illusory swords and shadows, and the Taoist breath suddenly filled out.
Seeing Qinchuan’s body, he quickly withdrew from Guanyao’s side, and the town was unsheathed and ready to go.
"extreme sword meaning turns into reality!"
Spell tactic read Bi Guanyao eyes a clot blink of an eye to see the four virtual swords rapidly spinning with true vitality imperceptible speed around the two of them.
There seems to be a halo gradually rising, as if forming a curtain around them, which seems to be something but feels unbreakable.