"Ha ha, how can Xiaoling’s lovely uncle abandon you? Uncle has promised to take you back to the mainland. How can you keep your word? Uncle has brought you a little friend. You play with him …" Brother Gan said, holding Hu Xiaoling, he came to Ah Kin’s side of the train, smiled and touched Ah Kin’s head and said, "Little guy plays with your sister Xiaoling …"

Ah Kin is obviously a little shy, but she still pretends to be a grownup in front of the girl. She sharply grabs Hu Xiaoling’s hand and limps Xiaoling to go there to play, while Ah Kin’s wife smiles and exhorts, "Have fun with your sister and don’t bully her …"
Brother Gan watched the two children play together in a short time, and two people were playing house. The two children were naive and evil, and they sighed in their hearts, Ah, it’s better to be a worried child. In that case, you won’t want so many messy things, but you can be happy. smile happily can cry and cry if you don’t want those things. You can laugh happily without hatred, killing, revenge and those messy things.
"Brother Jin’s second child has also been solved. What are your plans?" Dry elder brother looking back from two children asked with a smile.
"Ha ha, what are you going to do? I planned it long ago when I was fighting in the savage mountain Golden Triangle. This time, if I can come back alive with you, I don’t care about things here. I took their NianLia back to the mainland for a peaceful day to do some small business, but I didn’t expect to be tossed about by the second guy again. However, this toss also made me see more clearly what is the most important thing. Money, status and status are all empty. If you don’t pull a few things, you won’t bring death or take them away. Family members are the most important. Even if you spend a poor I think I’ll go back to the mainland with you this time and never come to this uninhabited place again, even if I’m given a golden mountain. I owe them too much for these nine years … "Ah Kin also smiled at his son and took a deep look at his wife.
"Ha ha, you think so. Most Jin Ge people have more or less regrets after living for a generation, but most of them have escaped from the regret of not having a good time with their families, and whether they have taken good care of their wives and educated their children. Therefore, we must take good care of our living conditions. The reason why people call home is because they are all twisted into one track-minded and are not afraid of anything or money! If you don’t have it, you can earn it again, but if you don’t have people, there will be nothing. If your family is gone, it will be too late for us to regret it! " After listening to Ah Kin’s words, Brother Gan nodded with relief and said that it is rare for Ah Kin to see through all this. If a person wants to see through all this, he will live in vain.
"Ha ha, now we don’t lack money, and it’s enough to live in peace for a generation. When we get there, we can do some small business with your sister-in-law to let the children study hard and be a good person. My son can’t be so fine as his father …" Ah kin replied with a smile, and then took out the suitcase from the trunk of the off-road vehicle. There are millions of them, all of which were saved by his wife and children in recent years, which can be taken away this time.
"This is your desperate efforts to make money. Of course, you have to take Jin Ge. If you are short of money in business, you can tell your brother directly that many brothers can’t help you, but I can still help you with small money …" Brother Gan said with a smile that this is a polite way to make a lot of money, but unless you want to buy ideal city as king, you can still afford it. Don’t say that Brother Gan has earned extra money in the past few years, and you can’t count how much.
"Ha ha thanks, brother. Don’t worry. I will definitely ask you for me when I really need it. I’m a life-saving brother. I won’t be polite any more, but I don’t want to be a boss for the time being. That is, I don’t want to do a little business to find something for myself. It’s not the main purpose to make money by not letting myself idle, or I won’t be wronged to death …" Ah Kin didn’t answer with a polite smile with dry elder brother this time.
"That’s good … Brother Jin, I’m busy now, but I haven’t eaten yet. Let’s go out for a bite to eat …" Brother Gan said with a smile that it’s past nine o’clock now, and they haven’t eaten tonight. They’re a few big men, but there are women and children!
"Yeah, yeah, you see, I’m happy to forget about it! Why don’t you go out to eat? Let your sister-in-law cook some dishes. Let’s have a good drink today. Thanks to you two brothers, otherwise I’m afraid Ah Jin is not sitting here but lying quietly. I have to propose a toast to the two brothers! " Ah Kin nodded at once and said, then he called his wife to cook. He usually lives in a warehouse when he runs alone, so it’s convenient to have all the cooking guys in it.
"Ha ha good that joon and I will try sister-in-law craft have been here for several days and haven’t eaten sister-in-law cooking! Don’t propose a toast. You’re older than me. How can we afford these small things? Let’s just have a good drink … "Brother Gan replied with a smile.
"All right, anyway, brother, what do you say? I’ll listen to you tonight. I’ll let you sit down and let your sister-in-law cook …" Ah kin said and took out a few bottles of white wine from a cupboard, while Ah kin’s wife was very virtuous. They smiled and went to the kitchen to cook, while Ah kin and Wang Jun sat at a small table and chatted without a word.
"Brother Jin, where are you going to develop when you return to the mainland? Why don’t you go to Dongshan with me? When you get there, there are brothers who want us to operate legally, and no one dares to bully us … "Brother Gan inquired that he could feel that Ah Kin was the kind of brother who could make friends and be brothers after contacting Brother Gan these days, so Brother Gan no longer concealed what was generous.
"Hehe, brother, I also want to go, but I can’t do it now. I owe your sister-in-law too much to my children. This time I will listen to them, and I will go wherever they want. It’s not a matter of two words. Your sister-in-law has the final say. She is a political commissar and I am a soldier!" Ah kin smiled and glanced at the busy cooking in the kitchen. His wife was full of affection and said
"Ha ha, brother Jin, listen to your words. You are a standard good man now! Good, good, listen to your daughter-in-law. Men don’t make mistakes. Men have to have political commissar in charge … "Brother Gan replied with a laugh.
"Hey hey, that’s after I ah kin’s family is a soldier. The commander’s wife is a political commissar. Everything has to be listened to by my political commissar. This family is her boss! I just care about execution … "Let dry elder brother such a kua Ah Kin scratched his head and looked at his wife’s happiness and said, Chapter 174: Don’t win the wedding.
Ah Kin and Wang Jun, the dry elder brother, were just talking about the political commissar. The political commissar’s wife came up with a plate of fried peanuts and smiled. When she came, Xianhui said to the dry elder brother, "Big brother, I’ll do it after you drink this plate of peanuts first …"
"Ha ha sister-in-law you this dish of peanuts good here but don’t pay attention to what peanut wine, that is, we mainland just pay attention to this peanut is a good dish … by the way, sister-in-law you don’t go first. Brother Jin just said that you are a political commissar at home and he listens to you about everything. Where are you going to command Brother Jin to go back to the mainland? Otherwise, listen to me and follow us to Dongshan Province! " Dry elder brother first smiled and praised it, and then smiled and asked
"Ha-ha, big brother, don’t listen to his nonsense about political commissar. He is the head of the family. Wherever he goes, we will listen to the head of the family. You can drink the food in my pot first …" Ah Kin’s wife smiled and said that she was the kind of woman who married the chicken and married the dog and followed the dog. She really didn’t adapt to it because there was a rule in her bones, that is, since ancient times, a head of the family was a master, and no woman was in charge! Ah Kin’s wife walked into the kitchen as she spoke.
"Ha ha Jin Ge saw it. You see how virtuous Sister-in-law is. Sister-in-law said that you are the head of the household. She and the children listen to you. You decide whether to come back to Dongshan with me or not this time?" Brother Gan laughed at Ah Kin after hearing his wife’s words and asked him.
"Ha ha, brother, don’t be hard on me. To tell you the truth, I really can’t go to Dongshan Province with you because your sister-in-law’s family is from Yunnan. She hasn’t been back to her family several times since she married me and came to this godforsaken place with me. A woman and a daughter don’t want to go home. That’s impossible. They haven’t been home for such a long time. I’ve never thought about what they said this time, and I have to think about what they said. I have long planned to go back to the mainland and then you. And handsome brothers back to Dongshan, I and your sister-in-law children go back to my father-in-law’s house to see their parents, otherwise I’m really not a thing … "Ah Kin took a sip of wine and looked at it, laughing and smiling, and replied that he had been guilty for so many years.
"Brother Jin, you said earlier that you almost made my brother make a mistake. If I knew that you thought so, I wouldn’t let you go to Dongshan even if you killed me. For you, your sister-in-law and children are more important than anything else. You are now thinking about hiding there. Although it is said that the big men have tears, they must be immersed in love. If not, they will not be able to hold back their feelings!" After listening to Ah Chin’s words, Brother Gan blamed himself a little, saying that he almost did something bad with kindness just now. Isn’t that great?
"Ha ha, brother, I don’t blame you. I just want to surprise your sister-in-law. She’s been with me for almost ten years, and a good day hasn’t passed yet. His mother earned so much money and didn’t have a chance to spend it. It’s better to go back to the mainland and live an ordinary life. Although she can’t earn much money, she can live a peaceful life …" Ah Kin took another sip of wine and said to Brother Gan.
"It’s okay, brother Jin, you also don’t feel too guilty. You and your sister-in-law are still young in their thirties, and good days are yet to come! After treat sister-in-law and children well … "Dry elder brother also drink a mouthful of wine advised.
"Well, be sure to let their NianLia have a good life and not let them suffer with me again, otherwise I’m really not a man …" Ah Kin nodded and took a sip of wine after listening to Brother Gan’s words.
Brother Gan and Ah Chin are drinking wine here, but they don’t know that they are cooking in the kitchen. Ah Chin’s wife is in tears now. To tell the truth, she has been married to Ah Chin for almost ten years. She has never regretted following him since she married him, and she regrets that she is dead. But when she heard that Ah Chin had thought about it herself, the tears could not be suppressed, but it was tears of happiness because her face was smiling when she cried. She wiped her tears and greeted the cooked food with a smile. Brother and Wang Jun ate food, but her red eyes still didn’t deceive Ah Kingan and them, but the three men didn’t say anything, because it was no use trying to feel sincere at this time.
"Sister-in-law Jin is a good woman. It’s a blessing for you to get such a wife in your life. Treat your sister-in-law well or I won’t spare you as a brother!" Brother Gan looked at Ah Kin’s wife’s back and said to Ah Kin, putting a chopstick in his mouth as he spoke.
"Don’t worry, brother, I am not like that. Ah Kin married such a wife. If I’m not satisfied, it’s not a thing! Come on, brothers, don’t talk too much. Today, thanks to you and Jun, otherwise our family of three will be solved by the second idiot. On behalf of their mother and daughter, I, Ah Jin, thank you brothers! " As he spoke, Ah Kin took the glass and poured a full glass of wine to worship Brother Gan and Wang Jundao.
"Ha ha, brother Jin, sit down. Our brothers don’t have to be so polite. Besides, this is what we should do. It’s no big deal! I want you and your sister-in-law’s family to live a good life, be safe, be happy, be happy, be happy, be happy, and come to Jin Ge and do it better than anything else! " Dry elder brother said with Wang Jun also got up, three people finished a glass of wine and looked up into the throat.
This meal is very warm, and the wine is very enjoyable. Although there are no delicacies and seafood, they are all home-cooked dishes, Ah Kin’s wife’s cooking is not well-cooked. After eating this meal, Gan Ge and Wang Jun finally have a good sleep. It has been five or six days since they came to Myanmar, and they have hardly had a good sleep. They are either running around or fighting all day, and finally they can have a big sleep tonight.
After getting up the next day, the dry elder brother Wang Jun Hu Xiaoling A Jin’s family forgot to go back to the mainland. Actually, there was nothing to forget. Both dry elder brother Wang Jun and Wang Jun came to Hu Xiaoling without anything, and there was nothing to say about it. That is, A Jin’s family could pack some things, but the general furniture was thrown away. Anyway, if you have money, you can buy furniture everywhere. So A Jin’s wife packed two packages, and then several people crossed the border from Myanmar to Yunnan, the mainland.
When we arrived in Yunnan, it was time to break up, because Brother Gan and Wang Jun were going to take Hu Xiaoling to the harbor by plane, while Ah Jin was going to take his wife and children to his father-in-law’s house, so after several tearful farewells, Brother Gan took Wang Jun and Hu Xiaoling to the airport at three o’clock in the afternoon. Brother Gan took Hu Xiaoling and Wang Jun with him to pick up their Audi q7. Brother Gan first sent the two brothers from Wang Jun back to the special training base and then drove Hu Xiaoling to his home.