Seeing that the magic array was destroyed, Lin Yu took advantage of the opportunity to drink a "one drum of gas to take Hongye City to kill all the magic people!"

"Kill all the magic people!" The war was immediately won, and the morale of the whole team was greatly encouraged and shouted loudly.
Lin Yu first rushed to the front of the team, and the whole army quickly followed him in the direction of Hongye City Wall. Chapter 3 Siege.
"The inferno Sirius magic star array who is broken? What a big movement and handwriting! " The householder of each family was surprised to see Ouyang Xiu’s large array of movements through the crystal screen that can be remotely monitored.
Even OuYangZhe that old guy didn’t expect to break the inferno this difficult large array would be his grandson.
"Lin Yu, the little thief, has his own master of law, but he wants me to send someone to help him in Ouyang’s house." Ouyang Zhe is very dissatisfied. "I want to see who the master of law is who is comparable to my family’s elite when I have the opportunity."
After a burst of surprise, the householders immediately turned their attention to the battlefield again.
Lin Yu and Magic Seven took the lead in the first round of confrontation, which made the owners who were not very optimistic about this Coalition force see a little hope.
Although they don’t think Lin Yu, a miscellaneous army, will win, if Lin Yu really wins, they won’t want Lin Yu to lose.
Lin Yu rode a horse and rushed to the front of the team. Yuan Lan and Zi Qingyun clung to him tightly, fearing that Lin Yu would not protect them because he rushed too fast.
Yan Ruoning, the fighting maniac, chased Lin Yu from the rear. "This head array belongs to our Yan family!"
The flaming horse is a third-order monster beast Su Yan horse, and its speed is naturally much faster than that of ordinary horses in Lin Yu.
"This woman" Lin Yu secretly lamented the inflammation in her heart and went with her if she coagulated a few words.
The wall magic seven less coldly looking at the army rushed to Hongye City slowly raised his hand "magic crystal gun preparation".
Click click click …
With a series of mecha sounded more than two hundred statue of inferno "specialty" magic crystal gun from the wall to move out of the hole in the dark muzzle aimed at the Lin Yu army.
"cannon!" See Lin Yu army entered the artillery attack range, the magic seven little high drink more than 200 statue of magic crystal gun fire at the same time!
Boom boom …
A whole row of red smoke took up more than 200 red shells across the sky, throwing a long fire shadow towards Qi Fei, Lin Yu’s 70 thousand army
When Ouyang Xiu saw the inferno cannon in the rear, he hurriedly shouted "Shield Array!"
With the movement of more than ten people and the change of formation pattern, the effect of starting formation has also changed.
A burst of purple light flashes, and a huge vitality shield emerges above the head of Lin Yu’s army, which covers them in a missing way.
Boom …
More than 200 red magic crystal shells hit the vitality shield, causing a series of shocks and shaking, but not a single shell fell into the army!
"damn it! Who the hell is that guy in the Lin Yu Army? " Magic seven little swearing "what strange array he put in the end!"
It is no wonder that Magic Seven is so depressed that he wants to vomit blood. The large array here in Lin Yu can not only crack the inferno Sirius Magic Star Array, but also defend such a multi-functional array. Don’t say that he has seen it and even heard of it!
"Haha, this universal formation is really good. If there is enough spar, my strength is poor!" Ouyang Xiu secretly secretly pleased that tough sister Yuan Lan gave herself such an ancient array, and finally achieved something after more than ten days of research and practice by his genius.
I am really a genius, haha!
He always dreamed of contributing to his family, but his grandfather looked down on himself and his father always looked down on himself. Now he finally has a chance to show his stage, so how can he not be happy?
"Work hard and help Lin Yu to win this battle!" Ouyang Xiu looked at the face in front and showed a very firm expression.
"Good job!" See each other magic crystal gun was blocked by Ouyang Xiu law Lin Yu in a good mood lang laugh.
I really don’t know why Lin Yu trusted that little boy so much.
Although the little lad has a little strength, after all, he has never been to the battlefield. Lin Yu handed it back to that little hand. In case that little one is careless and neglects, this army will be finished.
Fortunately, this little guy is really capable of doing so well on the first battlefield.
"Black veil poison arrow ready!" See the magic crystal gun didn’t have the proper effect magic seven little immediately let ChengTou inferno soldiers set up a crossbow aimed at more and more close to the Terran army.
"launch!" Magic seven little high command heard the whizzing arrows and crossbows flying at the edge of the city wall and shot at the Terran army like rain.
See poison arrow toward yourself to inflammation if coagulation quickly reins a le that SuYan horse front hoof high lift long HSS, immediately turned around and jumped back to the team.