I looked at her doubtfully and said, "What’s here?"

I looked around. It was quiet around me. I could hear the wind blowing the branches and rustling occasionally.
"Do you want to play tricks on me here? It seems that I didn’t shout my throat out. I’ll lie down and you will be gentle. "I said with a look of indifference to life and death.
"Come and help me" Aishi looked around and found a rectangular stone to dig up.
I went over and bowed my head and said to Ashe, who was squatting on the ground, "What are you doing? Buried bones here? "
Aishi looked up at me and said, "You are the dog! Cut the crap! Come and help me! "
I don’t know what Aishi is going to do, but I still found a stone like her and squatted on the ground with her to dig hard.
After a long time, Ashley and I seem to have touched a hard object, and it seems that we have really dug something!
"Wow, what is this? Did you bury a treasure here before? How much is it worth? Is it enough to support me? " I laughed
Ai Shixing gave me a hard look and said, "Be careful not to dig it."
Ashley and I carefully dug out the contents.
This thing is not the size of a lunch box sold outside. It is wrapped in a layer of chewing gum, and the tin foil is wrapped in a plastic bag. Inside the plastic bag, there is an iron box that looks quite old, just like buying that iron pencil case when I was a child.
"What is this?" I asked curiously.
Aishi crossed and held the box in her hand and said, "This is what I buried when I was 18 years old. I wrote my wishes in the box at that time, and then it seemed that there was still something I thought was the most precious at that time."
I listened and praised, "Yes! I can’t see that you are still so literary and artistic and have come up with such a thing. It’s been ten years. Do you remember where you buried it? "
Ai Shi disdained to look at me and got up and said, "What’s wrong with this? I don’t remember you looking at this camphor tree."
I followed Aishi’s eyes.
Aishi pointed to a trace on the surface of the camphor tree and said, "At that time, my things wrote my name on this tree and woke up where my things were buried."
I leaned over to see what the name was, but it was a little nicked. It should be that the tree has grown again after all these years.
However, this big camphor tree is conspicuous enough. It’s only a few tens of meters in Fiona Fang. It’s the largest tree and it’s just buried at the foot of the tree. Remember this method of lettering?
I smiled and shook my head and said to Aishi, "All right, just drag me here to see what you buried ten years ago?"
Ai Shi nodded and said, "Sort of. I was thinking about dismantling this year after ten years. I’m just ten years old. It’s the year after ten years. Then I’ll be nineteen years old. Today, you have nothing to do. Just call you over and play with me."
I laughed. "Well, I’m also curious about what your wish and the most precious thing was ten years ago. You didn’t spend much money when you were young, did you? What will be your most preciou thing? "
Ai Shi smiled and shook his head. "I don’t remember. I didn’t do it alone. I don’t know who took the lead. Everyone came to this mountain to bury things. I just followed the trend."
I laughed. "Well, try it."
I am close to Aishi, with my head down and my eyes unblinkingly looking at what Aishi has in his hand.
Ai Shi took a deep breath, slender fingers moved slowly and hit the box carefully.
Sure enough, there was a rolled-up note in the box, and then there was …
A plastic hairpin, a faded rubber bracelet and a white rabbit toffee wrapping paper.
"Just a few things?" I asked aishi.
Aishi just held the tin box and looked up at me and said, "Huh? I don’t know … I don’t seem to have put any of these things in my impression … maybe it’s been too long. It’s strange. "
"Then look at what’s written on your note." I’m more curious about what her previous wish was than what she put in these gadgets when she was a child.
"Oh," Aishi replied with a handful of that little note.
I took a closer look. These things are written in crooked letters. Aishi always likes Ai Ge.
Then I drew a smiling face next to it.
Aishi stuffed the note back into the box and was silent.
I laughed at the side. "You said not to be honest when you were a child. You have loved Ai Ge since you were a child!"
I said this with a smile, and somehow my heart suddenly felt a little bit.
It’s like you’re tired of eating and full, and it’s a pity to watch a piece of cake being eaten by others, even if you can’t eat it anymore.
"No," Aishi said.
"What’s the matter?" I looked at Aishi doubtfully.
"This is not I buried! This is buried by Ai Ge! " Ai Shi suddenly realized and said
"Then you didn’t make an own goal and dig people up." My heart suddenly got better again. Mom, the man was really mean and didn’t say anything wrong.
"That Ai Ge’s wish at this young age is that Ai Shi will always like Ai Ge’s spoony guy." I teased.
Aishi ignored me, and my face flushed. I packed the box and squatted down to put it back in place and buried it.
It’s quite simple to dig this thing out and bury it easily. Ashley will bury it in a moment and then don’t forget to step on her feet with her little boots.
"Ha ha, what a shame! Are those so-called things in Ai Ge something you wore when you were a child?" I asked aishi.
Aishi blushed and shook his head. "I don’t know!"
It seems that it must be a small hairpin, a small bracelet and a white rabbit toffee. It seems that Ashley has given Ai Ge a few things, and Ai Ge is also pitiful enough
"People are so infatuated with you that you don’t think about it? I suddenly found that I seem to have come to the wrong place today. He has such a good personality and temper. I should fix you up, "I said sincerely."
This sentence is from the bottom of my heart. The more I look at it, the more reliable it is in Ai Ge.